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I have an Ergo, and when a fellow mama I hike with showed me the "Santa Claus" swing around, I almost died with astonishment! You start with the Ergo already in place around your waist, with the carrier part draped over your hip. Place baby on your hip, bring the carrier up by both straps, put the straps together with both hands, and swing baby from your hip to your back like a sack of potatoes, or Santa with his bag of gifts! lol... Then you slip your first arm into one strap, then the other. It may sound weird, but it WORKS and is fool proof. Plus, no having to try and maneuver getting a squirming LO on your back with one hand, while getting the carrier situated.
My friend said there was a video on youtube, but I didn't find one.
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Originally Posted by momto4plus4 View Post
It's from Babyinmindcreations She sent me a YouTube link. I think I am putting the waist strap too high-around my waist instead of lower on my hips. I need to try it again. It actually has really long straps. It helped watching that specific video. I'll let you know when I try it again.

About my moby. I have the Moby-D. Would it be any better or is it still the stretchiness of the rest of the wrap?
Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FfPf5rML3Y You should be able to tie in front.

And the Moby D is the same material except the middle panel, so it wouldn't help any as far as a bag carry is concerned.
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Thanks for the link. It WORKED! I am SO excited!!! Once I moved the waist part down onto my hips, the padded bottom didn't ride up onto his butt. My dd helped but I wore him 4 times today-3 on my back and once on my front. He took a nap both times he was on my back and didn't fuss once on the front. It was Awesome! YEAH!!! I'm still getting used to tying him but I figure it'll get easier the more I do it and the older he gets. I'm glad I have dd to help. And a mirror-that made a big difference too.
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my suggestion would be trying to find a babywearing group near you so you can try on different carriers. My favorite ssc carriers for a back carry are my favorite the babyhawk oh snap or olives and applesauce. I'm not sure if you can use either at that age, but those are both amazing carriers.
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Awesome! I'm so glad you're having success with it!
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Thanks Nicole! I couldn't have done it without everyone's support on here!
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