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Midwives in Naperville

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Has anyone used the midwives at Naperville Womens Health Center? Heard anything?
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I have actually never heard of them before. Do they deliver out of Edwards? Not sure what kind of insurance you have or what kind of birth you desire, so that would make a difference too (one of the more medically-minded hospitals in the area).
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Yeah they deliver out of Edwards. They have no website though
I have a PPO. I am not interested in using the midwives at Copley.
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It looks like we're looking for care in the same general area. I can't use a midwife though (because I'm sure there aren't any who will do VBA3C's.) At this point I'm probably just looking for a reasonably non-invasive OB to help me with a repeat C/S. I have a couple of leads and info for other midwives somewhere too, so I'll find it and get it to you soon.
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I know of a few midwives out by LaSalle/Ottawa. I do not recall how far that is from Naperville (even though I work there, geesh!). There is another one not far from my house, probably 1.25 hours from Naperville? These are all lay midwives that do births in your home. I had waterbirths and I liked the ones in LaSalle. Let me know if you want more information! And if you find any other midwives in Naperville please post, that would be good information to know!

In peace & health,
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