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Please consider attending this very important meeting about your rights. This is good information in general but especially during the Childbearing Years. You will learn the difference between informed consent and implied consent. Everyone who attends will receive a 4 page brochure on The Rights of Childbearing Women.

Here is something to consider...and a topic we will explore during our September meeting: Implied consent is a form of consent which is not expressly granted by a person, but rather inferred from a person's actions and the facts and circumstances of a particular situation (or in some cases, by a person's silence or inaction).

September 16 from 7:00pm - 9:30pm

The Mental Fitness Center
425 Main Street Suite 201 (upstairs)
Rochester, MI

Hope to see you there!!

ETA: Just wanted to remind everyone to check out our facebook page for up to date info!!