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Midwifery in Idaho

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Ok, so I've UC'd twice and will be UC'ing again God-willing this December/January. I LOVE birth/pregnancy/breastfeeding/natural remedies/etc. I've definitely found my niche in this area, and it's obvious not only to me, but to pretty much anyone I talk to for more than five minutes. I had planned on NOT doing mw school for like 20 years because I know we aren't done adding to our family, but after talking to a friend (who is a doula in Utah and thinks about mw school too) and getting super inspired, dh and I think it's time now/soon. My problem is I'm somewhat confused about the laws here in Idaho...it would rock my socks off if anyone knew anything about them. I've emailed the board here in Idaho that oversees licensing, and I've also emailed Carla from AAMI because after all the reading I've done over the last few days about distance-learning schools, her ideals just sit really well with me. Does anyone know what it takes to actually get your CPM certification after completing AAMI's coursework and apprenticing? You HAVE to be licensed here in Idaho, I understand that much. I just don't want to have to take an entire other course after AAMI's, kwim?

Anyway, I'd love to hear what school you chose, and why-even if you don't know anything about Idaho's laws. I'd really like to be able to focus on coursework for the next year (probably wouldn't actually start until after the baby is born because we'd need some time to come up with the money), and then do the apprenticing once my baby is 12-18mo so she can handle some time without Mommy. I'm just 100% not comfortable being away from her before then.

Thanks soooo much!!
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Wow! How perfect that I stumbled across your post... I just found my midwive's business card with some info for getting my CML. Which (like you) I wasn't planning to do til kids are older- or at least I know I'm finished having them;) my memory is pretty foggy about Idaho's specific regulations but you could definitely call the Baby Place( my midwives) they have an abundant wealth of helpful information! You want to look up the PEP process through NARM. Blessings to you and yours on this journey!!!
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