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I like those steampunk googles. They are super nifty.

Mommajb, are you okay? Just want to give you a

Jo, I have a question for you. I was watching last night a (rather inflammatory) special on one of the networks about Islam. (note: I was not impressed by Diane Sawyer, her attitude, or the way they clearly edited comments). One of the interviewees is a Muslim American who may have converted, but has a Slavic sounding name (maybe Bosnian?). Anyway, she was wearing her hair covering in exactly the same style as I wear mine. Off the face, similar scarf (has silver/gold threads running through it), wrapped around her ponytail. Most of the other ladies wearing coverings were wearing theirs hijab-style. So my question is, is the Hijab style a culturally specific covering, or is it a religiously mandated style of covering? (i.e. if you cover, this is how you do it) I find this a very intriguing question for obvious reasons I only watched for a few minutes so I don't know if this was answered later on.
(I will say that the women interviewed came across as terrific, well-spoken, articulate, intelligent, and interesting women.)

Anyway. Went for a great 6 mile run this morning 'at pace.' Which is likely considerably faster than I'll be able to replicate in a full marathon but felt good nonetheless. Fall has come to Florida...which means the morning temps are nearly human (in the 70s) and the humidity is a lot less intense. The difference this makes is astounding, really. Being able to breathe is really excellent.

11 on tap for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have a spa day planned...going to get my haircut (very long time coming!) and also a wax and a pedicure. Go, me.
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Nic, this is a great illustration of how Islam isn't monolithic. I often cover my hair in the way you describe. Where I lived in Morocco, and among many of my ILs, this is how the women wear their scarves. It's not atypical in many, many groups throughout the world, esp in N Africa, E Europe, Eurasia...

OK. However.

The Quranic command is to take your veil (which points to the likelihood most women were wearing them at the time) and cover your "bosom" with it (which points to the possibility they were wearing decorative veils but displaying a lot of breast, plus wearing noisy jewelry to draw attention to themselves in public). Along with that, women are commanded not to "strike their feet" (which tinkles the jewelry and shakes the softer parts, kwim?) When I pray I'll throw a second scarf/veil around the whole lot. (You may see "prayer outfits" for sale that offer this functionality.)

We're instructed on what must be covered. There are Hadith that say everything but hands, face and feet. There are also questions about the validity of these Hadith. Several stories illustrate Muhammad (sws) telling people he won't answer their questions because when you respond to a command with a question, you're asking for greater restriction/limitations.

So, we know what to cover for modesty, and the "hijab" style has become something of the identifiable uniform. Personally, I can't wear that style daily because I need a lot of air/sun to prevent a massive fungal bloom on my neck that spread to chest and face. As we say, Allah knows best.

In other news, dd and I are spending the day, since ds was spirited away last night by a dear friend. So, We're going to the Y where I will work out while she plays in the play area, and then carrying out as much of our "tourist" plan as we can. Temps in the 50s which would be great for a run, but my knees and ankles are asking me to take this slowly. Should be a nice day.
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Thanks Jo!
That really goes far in answering my question. Interestingly, we have similar halachot (laws) that speak to the same issue in terms of what needs to be covered, how, etc. -- and these are also sometimes 'controversial' in the sense that different rabbis will interpret them in slightly different ways. In the same vein as 'be careful what you ask for' a direct question is often deflected in the sources and responded to with advice rather than a 'ruling.'

(And also interestingly there is a Talmudic passage about the women of First Temple times -- before 586 BCE -- trying to attract men by 'clicking their heels'. I guess some things are pretty common! -- this passage also mentions that women of the time sometimes put perfume/spices in their shoes so that this clicking didn't only jiggle their bodies but sent up a waft of scent to attract men.)

Okay, I'm trying to air out my house. we don't have many windows because the whole back side of the house has glass sliding doors in each area. No screens because they face the screened-in porch/lanai where the pool is. It's beautiful out and I need to get rid of the canned air and cycle in some fresh air. However i don't particularly want a family of lizards coming in to take up residence which is what happens when I leave the sliders open. Gah.
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It is kinda funny, isn't it, Nic? We need to just flippin' get over ourselves and get along already. I was reading last night before bed, and it's expressly written that we (Muslims) don't have the monopoly on goodness. Nor do we have a monopoly on sweet scarves.

Have a great day, Dingo-ladies!
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Can I just say, that for this mama living in suburban Nebraska, the dingos are *such* a welcome reminder that we live in a world bigger than suburban Nebraska? Y'all are a balm to me.

Am going to try a run today... I'd planned afternoon playdates, and morning cleaning plus run, but am ending up with one playdate starting at 9:30 and lasting until 2, and one starting at 1 and lasting until 4. Luckily dh is home and we'll trade off and on w. groceries, errands etc. and I can probably get a nice afternoon run in. Maybe I'll take dd with me on her bike.

So, yeah. The cleaning.
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Funny, 'cause I was going to say an aviator helmet to go with the steampunk goggles, but wasnt sure I had the goggles right. Thanks Geo

Oh my g-d my leg HURTS. I am so f&*^&*# sick of being injured. Its been nearly three years of one injury after another. I have spent months in PT, months sitting on my a** waiting, hour upon hour of pt exercises I have somehow, in that same time, developed an inner ear problem so that I cant swim anymore b/c the head-turning makes me want to hurl (uh, even thinking about it to write that, bleh), so swimming is out. Fine, I didnt swim all that much (even though I dreamed of doing a tri when after that last pregnancy). When I do my meditation every day, I do mind-body thinking ala louise hay. I mean, the thing I have cared the most about in my life, besides the obvious, is running and being physical. This is so not o.k. I have been depressed more than not about it for nearing 2 1/2 years, and its exhausting! SIGH. Now my leg is where it was two weeks ago. Im sitting here with ice ... again. So, what, I wait again for 6 more months!

ok, vent over

(can you tell dh is gone and I have no one to b**** to?)

...yes I realize that thinking about my leg while I meditate isnt exactly the point of meditation
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
Meanwhile, I have a spa day planned...going to get my haircut (very long time coming!) and also a wax and a pedicure. Go, me.
You go!

On that subject, can you talk to me about waxing ya'll. Ive never done it. Have thought about it. Pain? Ingrowns? Awkwardness with the aesthetitian? TMI; I had a hormone imbalance as a teen which led to more hair on my upper leg than most women that is not so heinous I dont go out in a bathing suit, but enough to make me self-conscious my whole life. Turns out I cant get it lasered b/c the follicle is too light despite the hairs themselves being dark brown (I am blond); double So, considering waxing, but scared...
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I too would like to hear about the waxing.

Sparkle~what does it mean that the follicle is "too light" for laser?? ALso VERY sorry about your injuries. I too have been struggling for year/s, so long I can't remember. Whenever it was that I did the Chicago Marathon, since then. It is maddening. Doing the hard core body weight work outs have really helped me though. FWIW.
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Back from the gym. I did the heavy weights like I did the other day, and then ran my 25 minute C25K, to complete week 7! It was a pretty good run, although my legs were pretty tired from the lifting, so I was running slower than have been. I figure it's good to have something that forces me into an easier run. It was still just a little slower than 10 minute pace, though, so I'm pretty pleased with that.

I would also like to hear about waxing. I'm a big baby when it comes to hair pulling pain, so have shied away from it for that reason.

Can I echo Penelope's sentiments about the bigger cultural world, and how the Dingos remind me how we should treat other cultures!
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
I too would like to hear about the waxing.

Sparkle~what does it mean that the follicle is "too light" for laser?? ALso VERY sorry about your injuries. I too have been struggling for year/s, so long I can't remember. Whenever it was that I did the Chicago Marathon, since then. It is maddening. Doing the hard core body weight work outs have really helped me though. FWIW.
I went to see a laser removal person (I actually got consults from several, but this one was a RN who has her own machine/business and also does electrolysis). She speculated that I wouldnt be a good candidate based on the lightness of the hair - even though many of the hairs are dark, some are light - b/c the follicle needs to have dark pigment so that the laser is attracted to it. So she electrolysized quite a few hairs from my legs, which removes the follicle, and looked at the pigment of the follicle. They were all light/blond (even the dark hairs). The other companies I consulted were larger and I suspect less interested in individual results. The thing w/ laser hair removal is that you sign a waiver acknowledging that results vary dramatically and for some people it doesnt work and it might not work for you and they dont know why. After seeing her I decided no to pursue it. So now, I could either get electrolysis, which is much more effective than lasers, but slower and more $, or just wax and hope it is true that in time the hairs grow back sparser and thinner

Thanks too. I do a lot of weights/strengthening to prevent injury, and it definitely helps me feel more stable and less twinge-y and have less pain, but its the "injuries" that happen from seemingly nothing. Prior to PT thurs. I felt great! I must have done something at PT to aggravate it, but something that wasnt noticeable at the time which is what I dont understand. How does a gentle stretch feel good at the time and then two hours later Im throbbing in pain? How do I rehab if I cant even predict what to do/not do? Thats the wheel Ive been on. So frustrating. Seems like it should be utterly straightforward.
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eksmom--honestly, I have no idea how the DSM criteria works, so I'll ask DH, who's out with R at the moment. We're planning to head to the mountains this afternoon, so it probably won't happen until Sunday night or so.

sparkle--I hope your leg feels better soon.

OK, time to eat a quick lunch and fit in a quick run to Jo-Ann's with J. I have a 50% off coupon and I think I'm going to make one of those fairy canopy thingies for R for Christmas. If I buy everything a part at a time with coupons, it should be super-cheap, right?
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sparkle ~ I am right there with you on the injury merry-go-round. It sucks, hard. Just when I thought my leg "might" be getting better, it's burning, aching and generally irritated today . Do you have an actual diagnosis for yours? On another note, with your DD in mind, we went to the climbing gym today and DS rocked it! He had so much fun and now wants to have his 9th birthday party there at the end of October !

I ran my 20 minutes straight yesterday. It felt great while running, but awful afterwards and since. Blugh.

DH is home for the weekend and all is well again. The house we are building now has windows and a fully shingled roof! They're moving fast! It's raining out, for the first time in over 70 days ! I never thought I'd be so happy for rain!
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ctber !

someone who is much more clever than I needs to start a new thread...
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Oy. I would attempt to start the new thread, but I'm so tired I'm pretty sure I would screw it up, so I'll just keep posting here.

On waxing...back when I had reason to, I was a regular waxer. I started out when we lived in NJ several years ago with a fairly modest waxing done just by pulling the undies aside a little. And then we moved to Colorado. And my new waxer was Eastern European. And let me tell ya, those Eastern European ladies...well, let's just say she was as familiar with me as my OBGYN is. It was kind of mortifying at first since I'm pretty modest (or used to be anyway!) but I got used to it. The pain never really bothered me. It hurts when they rip the wax off, but that goes away really quickly, and afterwards, I've never had more than a faint sting. A good waxer will usually apply something to help with the skin irritation afterward. I do tend to get some ingrowns, but much less than I do when I shave, and I don't get nearly as badly irritated as I do when I shave. I would love to do laser hair removal one day, but that's one of those things that's gonna have to wait until I have money again (hopefully)...

So, it's been an awesome few days, but I am completely and utterly wiped out. Drjen and I had a fantastic time at dinner and the symphony last night, and then I had to be up early this morning for a bday party. BF's DD turns 5 on Monday, and she booked the bouncy place for a party and apparently it's significantly cheaper if you do it before 10 am. Therefore, breakfast pajama party at 9 am. It was fun, the kids had a great time, she served donuts instead of cake, but mama is TIRED. I dropped DS back off at X's after the party, came home, got a quick run in, took a short nap, and then had to go back out for an Ironman celebration party for my friends who finished IM Wisconsin a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun, but I just haven't had much downtime and have had zero study time.

12 mile run with a friend on tap for the morning, and then I need to buckle down and get some stuff done. I still need to finish the cleaning I didn't get done on Thursday, and of course, two tests to study for...
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Also avoiding new thread responsibilities.

RR: got a nice 4.2m in last night... no significant knee/IT band pain, although I felt a little bit twinge-y. Going to rededicate myself to yoga and stretching, but I am so, so happy that a. I can run b. I know what to do to get myself back on track.

Now off to drive a vanful of students to my church for a field trip plus potluck. I'm positive it will inspire my kids to be... energetic ... to have a dozen students join us for church. Oy, vey...
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