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My youngest RF until he was almost three, when my old car started dying (a slow death) the A/C did not function well and RFing he was getting no air really. SO given that we were in Arizona at the time I turned him. If Britax's newest seat had come out last year I would of switched him back RF because he only JUST hit 40 lbs (at 4.5 years)

My oldest is turning 8 in a couple weeks and he was harnessed until last week he out grew his Britax frontier height wise. He still uses a booster though.
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My older 4 were turned forward facing at 12 months, 15 months, 18 months and 18 months.

With my youngest, our current goal is to rear-face until at least age 2. If his growth rate is anything like his sibs, he'd outgrow pretty much any seat rear facing by height long before he hits the max weight on it.
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Three Years

We turned each of our girls shortly before they turned three. I wasn't thrilled about it, but it was the minimum that I was comfortable with.

With each girl the switch to forward facing was due to space issues in our car. I'm committed to extended rear-facing, but not to the point of selling a small highly efficient car and buying an SUV or a minivan.

When we hit four kids we just went car free.
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First baby, so take it with a grain of salt, but my plan is to RF until there's a reason not to. DD (19 mos) is smallish and won't be outgrowing her seats (TrueFit and Blvd) any time soon.

Reasons that I could see turning her before 3 or so would include outgrowing the seat, seating arrangements re. other children (fat chance!), or if she starts getting horribly motion sick like I do. Fortunately, none of that has come up yet.
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not about the age it's about the size... have they outgrown the possible RF and is it completely impossible to get a higher weight seat.. then I would turn but not until then
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