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Hi, I've just started a wahm biz with my DDs. We are having so much fun making Waldorfy types of natural toys.

One of our toys is a ribbon twirler--you know, a stick with a 4 ft plus piece of satin ribbon on it. Well, we have our first craft show coming up and we're cranking out our toys... then my DH drops a doozy on me, and I'm stumped and concerned.

Here's where you knowledgeable mamas come in When I sell these, do I need to put some kind of disclaimer or msg about not leaving children alone with these toys as they could potentially pose a choking threat (or worse). (Debbie Downer Wah-waaah.) This stinks. I don't even know where to begin to look for this info, but I'm concerned that if the toys are misused someone could get hurt, and then the family could sue me. Am I being overly worried?

Any ideas about this? We are not a corporation, just literally trying to make money for our groceries, but I have a company name that I plan to register as a DBA.

Thanks to anyone who can steer me somewhere. We've been so excited about this, but now I'm bummed.