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@ Okimom: I have similar experiences. When I was little and sick, they would put tea out and some crackers, give me the remote and go to work. My parents never stayed at home when I was sick. Stomach flu, mumps, colds, I was always alone with the TV.
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My want to be a stay at home was largely influenced by the fact that my mom was a stay at home mom with me - I'm an only child. She was a housewife until I was 12. I loved it! She never missed a field trip. She volunteered at my school so I saw her often. I loved having her around. I wanted my children to have the same positive experience.
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My mom was a sahm and I loved it. When I became I mother I knew I wanted be at home with my kids too. It makes things a little tighter than it would be if I were working but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have 4 daughters and being a sahm is truly the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever done.
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My mom was at home when I was little, but I went to daycare from age 3 on.
My mother is not very supportive of me being a sahm, and is constantly asking me when I am getting a job.
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Sorta-- she wanted to be with us, so at first she kept up cooking for a fraternity in our town, then she began an at-home childcare. I guess like a lot of moms here, start with taking one kid. For years she's been highly certified with a large license center in the home. When we were little we could still do stuff like all go to the pool or cool field trips together. She definitely demonstrated the value of being with your kids, something I've come to find important, too. for our family, we ALL want to be together-- DH loves working from home and being able to take time to be with DD and make up time at night or whatnot.
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My mom was sort of a reluctant SAHM -- she did a lot of volunteer work, and went back to school once I was in school -- but she did usually make sure she was home when we were home from school (actually, she had to because she drove us to and from school until I was a senior, when I started driving myself). I sort of figured I'd be a working mom, but that's not the way things ended up.
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My mom was a SAHM 95% of the time. She sometimes did contract work as it would arise, but overall this was pretty rare. She also did a lot of volunteering, usually with us kids in tow.

Her staying home definitely influenced my own desire to stay home. I see a lot of value in what she did. Thinking about this has made me realize how extremely appreciative I am - I should tell her!!
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