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Water Birth anyone???

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Greetings...I have always wanted to do a water birth since I was a kid and watched some tv documentary about women giving birth in tubs, and newborns/infants swimming around. Just found out our birthing center will allow water births so I'm thrilled. My husband doesn't seem to have a strong feeling either way but I know he would be supportive.

Recently I've taken to watching some show on TLC that highlights birthing experiences. For the most part I've found it OK, most are "traditional" medicalized births with the woman rushing for the epidural, but last week I saw several episodes that highlighted homebirths and a few water births....VERY COOL!

The big question...who has had experience with a water birth, whether at home or in a birthing center and did you like it? If you had a "dry" birth the first time, did you think there was a difference laboring in the water versus out? Inquiring minds want to know! I can't wait for my due date to experience it all!!!

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Please--do tell!! We are also planning a waterbirth, and found a great website at http://waterbirthinfo.com/
I would love to hear about others' experiences!
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my labor (40 hours) was most managable in the double headed shower at
the hospital. It was fantastic for managing contrax. Early labor, about 6
hours of it, was spent in the tub. I would love to - if I have another - do it
in the water, it only makes sense.

My sil did it, at home, with a midwife, it was excellent. The midwife dropped
off a kiddie pool, inflatable, about 2 1/2 feet high once sil was term and it
worked wonders. And the baby (her third) was huge, 10.5 pounds, and
everything went so smoothly .

I have done lots of reading about this and it is a great thing, I only wish
more hospitals were more accommodating.
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We had a water birth with our son and are planning another one with #2 in February. I must admit, without the water, I may have been asking for drugs! It was incredibly soothing and the times when I was out of the water all I did was count the seconds until I was back in it! It was my first birth experience so I don't know how it compares, but I highly recommend it!
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I didn't actually give birth in the water, but I spent a couple of hours laboring in the bath tub, with an over flow thingy on the drain. It sure helped me. I was having a very intense time without much break between contractions. My midwife told me that if I went in the tub, it might slow things down a bit, but I said I didn't care. I needed a break! It definitely relaxed the intensity, which was what I wanted/needed at the time. (My labour was 7 hours from start to finish (first baby )
I began to push in there, unbeknownst to me, rather involuntarily, wasn't sure what the heck was going on, just watching my tummy stand up in a strange contorted fashion! It was all very quick.
I didn't feel comfortable with the leverage for my feet in the tub.
That is why I got out after I began to push. I gave birth on the bed sitting up against my husband. He sat up against the wall.
I would have like to have been in the water though. If there is a next time, I would probably rent a birthing pool so I could have more space and comfort.
But YES, water is the best!!!
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also planning waterbirth

i'm so glad to hear about everyone's positive experiences! i am due with my first in may and we are planning a water birth at a natural birthing center. i am planning on putting some lavender and rose essential oils in the tub....has anyone else used aromatherapy during waterbirth?
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For my second baby I also labored in water - at transition ds was still 'sky high' as the midwife said and we were trying to get him centered to come out. It helped almost immediately and the midwife was yelling for me to decide whether he was to be born in the water or out because there wasn't much time. I opted for out because she told me they won't deliver the placenta in the water so I would have to get out right after the birth. I liked the idea of being able to bf him right away and not to move for a while. Otherwise, the tub was very relaxing.
First birth experience wasn't great, so I wanted to make this one better. It was! The birthing center was excellent, midwife, doula, wonderful supportive women everywhere (along with dh). I was up and walking in 2 hours and back home 5 hours after the birth. The water definately helped, even though he wasn't actually born there.
I say go for it!

Best wishes,
mom to bella (7/99) and kole (9/01)
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My husband and I rented a tub when our son was born, but unfortunately I wasn't able to use it. The hospital where our midwife practices has now installed permanant birthing tubs, so I'm looking forward to using that tub when I have baby #2.
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I labored and deliverd in a tub at a hospital-based birth Center. IT WAS WONDERFUL. I had been stuck at 6 cm for most of the evening and as soon as I got into the tub I was able to relax. I went from 6 to 10 cm and delivered with 5 pushes all within an hour. But it does depend on your reaction to water. I think that if you used baths to relieve menstrual cramps it wil definately help. Our birth center also lets you deliver the placenta in the tub so there was no need to move.
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All stories sound great and reassuring...! I've always thought laboring in water made sense...I'm a big PISCES at heart (3/16 birthdate!!)

Don't stop sharing stories...I'd love to hear more!

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I do believe the water relaxed me for my horrendous 40 hour labor. I would
like to be able to say it helped me to progress, but the truth is, for the 4-5 hours
I was in there, I progressed very little. I don't think I progressed at all. And I
was able to relax and focus on opening up. This leads me to believe that somehow
my baby was stuck - asynclitic I think I have heard some midwives say. I wish
someone had been able to help me. In the tub at home I did progress, but
that was early on. It is hard to believe that I did not progress when I read
all these posts about how women were able to relax and progress and even
start pushing in the water.

My sil's ds was not born underwater, she did have to get up on one knee.
The midwife said the babe's shoulders were so big she had to fold him up
like a taco to get him out. But they settled back into the water and she sat
on the toilet to get the placenta out.
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ando2--I am surprised you were in the water so early, all my info says you shouldn't get in before 6cm b/c it could actually prolong your labor:
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We are planning our homebirth next month and the midwife will be giving us the pool at our next visit so we can play with it a bit. I don;t know if i will deliver in the water or not. I will just go with the flow of what is happening and see how I feel. All these stories are great though! I am so excited!
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Is this true?
" ando2--I am surprised you were in the water so early, all my info says you shouldn't get in before 6cm b/c it could actually prolong your labor "

All I've read is about how wonderful it is to labor in water, and that you feel the contractions something like 90% less than on land....

My plan has been to start the contractions and sit in the tub for the next few hours, before we drive the 6 blocks to the hospital for delivery....

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I totally wanted to birth in water at our homebirth but....my temp spiked and I had to get out...they were afraid I would faint. I went from 4cm to 9.5 in 2hours in the tub with absolutely no pain.....just sensations. I got out and everything changed. I used an inflatable kiddie pool with deep sides however next time, I am splurging and renting an aquadoula they are FABULOUS from what I hear!
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LOVE the water!

I had planned a water birth, but delivered dry b/c my midwife was pregnant and was having rouble reaching in. But I ended up laboring in tub for 3 hours. It was AMAZING and generally, I hate baths!

I dilated 5 or 6 cm in 3 hrs. I think the average is 1 cm per hour? And the pain was so much less. A friend of mine was watching the contractions on the monitor. Before the tub they were topping out at 40, and in the tub they started at 40- and maxed out at 110 -- but felt much less strong!!!

Of course, I had been induced with pitocin b/c of low fluid, so maybe that's why it went pretty quickly? But I've had friends who had pitocin and their labor went nowhere. It's so hard to tell. I credit the tub for NOT having to get any pain meds. It was great. Hope I can deliver in it next time!
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I used a tub (water trough) for the first time with my second birth. I got in about two hours before the baby was born, and there was no way I was getting out! It was lovely. The heat and bouyancy, but also the fact that I felt somewhat protected and unselfconscious about my nudity in the water. I birthed the baby in a squat, with my husband behind me supporting me. Wonderful!

My third birth, we had the same tub again and I didn't get in until about an hour and a half before the baby was born. I hadn't envisioned birthing in the water, though felt it was a possibility. Interestingly, when the contractions finally became just unbearable I thought to myself, "this isn't working," and I hopped out of that tub and knelt in front of the recliner, and she was born two pushes later!
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I had my baby underwater in a birthing tub. I definately reccomend it- for you and your baby. It eases a lot of the pressure by being somewhat weightless... and baby gets to come out of his/her watery, warm enviroment into a watery, warm enviroment! I had some bad back labor pains, so it really helped! The warmth was soothing. It doesn't take away all the pain (childbirth does hurt!) but it helps alleviate some of the pain.
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We did water birth at a clinic (the only decent one in Japan), and the staff were very helpful in teaching me how to deliver my own child.

#2 I built a big birth pool in the bathroom and we did it at home, and I delivered.

Both times, DW felt that it reduced the pain, no bright lights, music in the background, comfy positions, eat and drink as and when, cut the cord as late as poss, . . . and I could prepare the placenta for consumption in an organised fashion.

Just a word of information.

I saw a film (US 80s) of water birth, and it upset me. The baby was not assisted to the surface but allowed (left) to swim/move around under water.


This is definately not to be recomended!!!! and this anyone engaging in this practice should cease immediatelly.

Hope this helps

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We planned a waterbirth for our second child. We has the poll set up in the living room and everything. My labor went so quickly however, that I never got a chance to get into it.

I am really hoping to have one this time around. I can't wait for the experience!

A word of advice: If you are going to use a kid pool, buy one that is a small to medium size. We bouhgt one that was way to big because I want to float aroun. However, it never got fully filled up and the water got cold really fast!
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