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Bumpy bump

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I had a waterbirth w/ ds and loved it!! It felt so comforting and so natural. I planned it and once labor came on strong I craved that water!! I had back labor and it really helped w/ the pain. Ds was born very relaxed. My midwife said that is very common of waterborn babies. Just seems so natural to me! I will definately do it w/ #2- when that time comes!!
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I had back labor, too, and the water was wonderful. I went in at transition and stayed through to the end. We had rented a birthing pool w/a disposable liner. My dr. had warned me that if we went to the birthing center, the shared tubs sometimes harbor bacteria, etc. even after cleaning.: Whatever.

The tub was incredible. We hooked the water hose up to our tub and kept the water warm. The tub was heavy foam so very comfortable. And, yes, bring baby up and out as soon as s/he is born. NEver let them stay underwater afterbirth.

Good luck!!!
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With dd #1 we had a land birth in a hospital.. labor was quick and not too bad... dd#2 however was determined to be a bugger... i labored in water for about 2 hours.. realized i had a huge anterior lip.. got out to sit on birth ball leaning forward to help get rid of it <pain oh pain>... pain was the same except when i leaned forward which hurt more. Tried moving lip, didn't work.. got in tub after 1 cc sub. cut. pitocin.. got lip out of way and delivered her myself.. with two kids and mil in bathing suits waiting to deliver. it was great.. i was on my knees in a 2 ft deep pool.. then would flop to reclining with my bum floating... it was cool because in water i could keep my fingers on her head the whole time and feel everything come out... and the water allowed my hands to slide over her better too... and dd was very calm... wehad to encourage her to cry a bit to expel funk. and everyone got to hold her while i sat in the pool trying to gain energy to move.. middy noticed placenta detached so i pulled it out <don't do this ever ever ever> by the cord and midwife toted it off.. it was wonderful.. if youpoo or pee during delivery.. no one will notice... you're basically clean when you get out. did i mention we did this outside?
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Reading all of these stories are making me so excited about my new prospects!

I'm @30 wks right now, and all along I've been planning a fairly traditional hospital birth with a MW. However, a friend recently told me that at another hospital very near by, there is a MW clinic that operates a birthing center. They also have tubs for waterbirth in EVERY room! Well, I knew I just had to find out more, so I gave them a call and explained my situation. Turns out, it's basically one MW w/ an OB backup (which is what I have now) and yes, they do waterbirths on a regular basis and so therefore that would be a definite option for me. She also actually said this to me (and I can't believe I heard this from someone at a hospital!) "So, what you are looking for is a more hollistic approach to childbirth?" When I said "Yes!" she replied "Then you'll definitely want to meet with our Midwife"

Yeah! I might have actually found a place that will respect and work with my desires and choices w/ this birth! I meet with them on Monday and I'm so excited

I'm really hoping this works out because I would LOVE to have a waterbirth. Especially after reading all of your wonderful stories
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yes!! water is the best! I labored w/baby one in water and was "made" to get out for pushing. COntrax were much harder out of water. I was in the tub w/baby two trying to get water on me while hubbie tried to fill up the kiddie pool we used w/baby one. Baby was born before it was full so he was a semi-water birth ( I kicked the drain out trying to move my belly around the tub..so he dipped in !!! LOL )

water is wonderful!!
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Mary Ann - I used aromatherapy in the tub with baby #5. If I remember correctly, I used lavendar, rose geranium, and ylang ylang. I had a book that gave amounts. It smelled nice, but I now associate the smell of lavendar with labor pains!
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The "all included" thread is here

Hope this helps

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