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Adiana for permanent birth control?

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Due to personal reasons my husband and I have been considering some form of long term/permanent birth prevention. But since I object to chemicals as well as other "temporary" forms of BC (such as IUDs) I have not really given it much thought, beyond NFP. I have just learned about this new form of BC called Adiana.

I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or had it? Anyone have any information beyond what I can google up on the internet?

Thanks in advance!
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is it similar to essure?
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Like Essure, but Essure uses metal (nickle) coils where Adiana uses a tiny "sponge" thing (I think medical grade, implant, silicone stuff).

I don't nickle well and would not want little metal springs in me, but a small spongy thing (the size of a grain of rice) does not sound too bad.
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Bumping this thread since I came here to post for the very same reason! I want sterilization ideally but have been put off reading about tubal legation and essure. With tubals I understand that some women have hormonal issues afterward and *supposedly* that doesn't happen with adiana. I'd love to hear about some experiences as I haven't been able to find much. If both procedures block the tubes, wouldn't they have similar hormonal side effects? I'm just concerned because my hormones tend to have a very sensitive balance as it is!
To the op, have you discovered anything new in your research?
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OP here.

Being so new to the market, I am having a real tough time finding anyone that has actually had it done. I have not found anything else new beyond what a basic search shows. One thing I have noticed is that I can't seem to find any "bad" experiences with it.

When I search, I can find many, many bad reactions, complaints, and painful storied that accompany the Essure procedure. But only one single one from Adiana, but I can't remember exatly what it was, but it was not a horrible one.

As for the hormonal issues following a tubal, I think (if I understand it correctly) the hormonal issues stem from damaged ovaries, thus sending your body into sudden "menopause".

Let me see if I remember right, just over 50% of women have two supplies of blood to the ovaries. That means that just under 50% have only one blood supply to each ovary. Meaning that if you are in the percentage that has only one blood supply to the ovary, and that supply is cut during your tubal, your ovary will die. Thus, you get "menopause" conditions.

At least that is how I understand it. And it could easily account for the percentage of those that have hormonal issues after a tubal.

IF that is the main reason for hormal issues stemming from a tubal, the Adiana procedure would not affect it since it does not cut any blood flow at all.

Anyways, that is just conjecture on my part, as I can't seem to find any evidence either way. I was hoping to get some responses from anyone that has had the procedure done. So far, nothing.

On another board, the only personal experiences I read about were "placement failures" (the devices could not be placed for one reason or another) or "prevention failures" (thus pregnancies happened). And nearly every one of those were due to the person not getting the follow up testing, or not preventing pgcy during the first few months.

But, even with this, most people are interchanging Essure and Adiana (and mostly talking about the Essure), so it is not clear as to which failed.
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Kidzaplenty, You were in my ddc when I was pregnant with my son! How are you doing?

Yeah it looks like our research has led us to the same place. There's not much information out there. I've been surprised by the general lack of interest on the subject. It seems like a more promising option. I guess the word has just not gotten out yet considering, as you said, that women seem to post about adiana and essure interchangeably! Thank you for the explanation as to the hormonal reactions. I had not found anything about that. Interesting!
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I decided againt Adiana because it has the highest failure rate among all methods of permanent sterilization. Technically, it still is a low failure rate but not low enough for me. Also, some of the failures have been deemed true method failure and not from failure on the doctor's end or the patient end.

The studies that have been done on tubals have shown that is does not cause menopause symptoms or post tubal ligation syndrome. I know some people still disagree.

Most of the good research I found was from the New England Journal of Medicine. Try searching for "Adiana and New England Journal of Medicine". There's a really good study comparing Adiana and Essure and there are studies on tubals. I'll look for it later but I need to go pick up my son from preschool right now.
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Okay, here's the study regarding menstrual problems after a tubal ligation:


and here's the study on Essure and Adiana. I thought it was also from the New England Journal of Medicine, but it isn't. It is from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine posted on the National Institute of Health government website.


I have decided to have a postpartum tubal after a vaginal birth. In all the research I did, I came to the conclusion that there really is no perfect answer. You just have to make the decison that's best for you based on the benefits and risks of each procedure.
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Originally Posted by Blythe #1 View Post
The studies that have been done on tubals have shown that is does not cause menopause symptoms or post tubal ligation syndrome. I know some people still disagree.
I know that many studies may show that there are no menopausal symptoms, but the very fact that there are so very many women that say they have menopausal symptoms post tubal, I tend to believe that there really are.

As for the failure rate. I don't have a problem with the .6% difference between the Essure and Adiana. Nor do I mind the 6% failure rate as compaired to the 100% failure rate of no BC at all.
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if you are in Tulsa OK, Dr Lofgren and Dr Baldwin do this procedure among many others.  I highly recommend this product to any women.


Sara Tinsley

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i actually had the procedure done in december.  i had mine done at the hospital so i was put under for it. the worst part was waking up with a sore throat from the intubation tube. i also had some cramping, which they gave me percocet for it, but other than that everything went okay. i was sleepy from the anesthesia but by that evening, i felt like i hadnt even been in the hospital that day. i was scared about the hsg test because i read so many bad reviews about it, but it wasnt bad at all. well both my tubes are blocked and now i just got to hope and pray that i dont fall into that 2% category of people that get pregnant after the procedure. 

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I had the Adiana procedure in October 2010. Procedure was done in the doctor's office, everything went fine. Some minor cramping but the doc gave me some good stuff to take prior to going in. HSG went fine, I took a vicodin left from the procedure before I went in. Tubes "supposedly" were blocked. Having some issues called the doc, they told me to take home pregnancy test....positive....guess I fall in the 1.1%. I am freaking out. I go tomorrow for ultrasound..We will see if I am miscarrying or what. I am scared. This was not supposed to happen!!!

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Doesn't it take like 12 months for it to be completely blocked?  That is what I was thinking.  Maybe I am totally off.

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Sorry if I come across as insensitive!  I didn't mean it that way.  I was just curious about your dates and the length of time you had the procedure until you actuall got pg.  (If you don't mind sharing.)  Sorry you are going though this.  It is one of the reasons I am looking for all the info I can get.  Since I can't afford an "oops".

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No, I don't mind you asking, and I did not think it sounded insensitive. I think the procedure is still too new and although the procedure itself went fine for me and "if it had worked" would have recommended to everyone, but now I just don't know. Procedure was done in October on last year, I had my 12 week follow up in January on this year. According to the doctor and everything that I have read, you only need to use "other methods" during the 12 weeks after the procedure, as long as the HSG comes back okay, you are "supposed" to be good to go. I just got back from the doctor, still inconclusive. Ultrasound was neg. but pregnancy test they did was pos. They done bloodwork today and I have to go back in 48 hours for more bloodwork. If numbers go up, then I am prego, if they go down, I miscarried. Either way, she said that I am or was pregnant, the procedure failed me. She said that it was possible that when they done the HSG, when they shot the dye it, it could have made my tubes "throb" and it could have made it look like they were closed. She spoke to a rep of the product and this is what they told her. Needless to say, my deductible is paid for this year so if I am not pregnant, I will be having the surgery this time. She said I could have this procedure redone as it may just be one tube that failed, but I don't want to chance it again.

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OK.  Maybe this is where I missed it.  I thought the failure rate was like 4.6% the first six months (and even higher in the first 3 months), and then the 1.1% AFTER 12 months.  That is why I have been looking for 12 month options on BC.

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Honestly, who knows, I have seen many different things online. I am only going by what my doctor told me and gave me, we are supposed to be able to trust them...I am on the fence on that as well irked.gif So frustrating...I had the IUD for 8 years prior to this...LOVED IT!! No periods, it was great! I was on my second one as they are only good for 5 years. I had it removed at the request of my Thyroid doctor because we were having some trouble keeping it regulated, I have had hypothyroid since I was 15 years old, I am now 32. I told him I would only do it if I could get fixed and he said that was fine. So that is why I went this route, I too, thought it would be cheaper, turns out it has been more expensive than if I would have just had the surgery done because of insurance changes. I am very tempted to go back to the IUD, but don't know how the doc will feel about it. The procedure itself was cheap, then my insurance changed and the HSG cost me out the rear!

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Interesting articles, thanks Blythe #1 for posting! I'm 100% sure I want some form of permanent sterilization after #2 is born in Feb. Doing the research as to which type has my head spinning! I have been diagnosed with PMDD and was on Sarafem in the past. I've been able to correct almost all symptoms with cognitive therapy and meditation, but I'm very concerned about my hormone levels and my milk supply with the new baby. I don't want to take the risk of developing PTLS with a traditional tubal or clamp device. There's nothing concrete as to how often it occurs, I found anything from 5% - 35%. Does anyone know what the chances really are? So now I'm thinking that one of the implants (Adiana) would be a better option. The only thing is, I have a known allergy to contrast media and they use that during the confirmation test. I might be able to get away with it since it's not an anaphylactic reaction, and the dye isn't injected into my blood stream just my uterus (and maybe they can flush it out?) I have lots to discuss with my Dr, I can't wait for my first appointment next week!

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Good luck to you if you choose the Adiana. As in my previous post, mine failed even after my 12 week HSG test showed my tubes were blocked. Found out last week that I did indeed miscarry. So now I go back to the doctor Aug. 18th to schedule the tubal ligation surgery. As for the Adiana procedure and HSG procedure, I did not think they were bad. I had a doctor who made sure I had enough prescriptions that I felt no pain. It just failed for me in the long run.

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had my procedure April 2011. HSG two weeks ago still showed failure of blockage on both sides. I had tubal ligation surgery last week. We did ultrasound to prove to Adiana people that the inserts were placed correctly, but simply didn't work. My OB/GYN advised me another doctor he is friends with just delivered a post-Adiana procedure baby. Do this procedure at your own risk.....

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