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brand new to this website, and only stumbled upon it today after getting my HSG done. I had the Adiana done last November when my son was 7 weeks old.  We moved before the 90 day post insertion HSG was done, and the new OB I have here wouldn't run and HSG until I started my period again (BFing so it's been awhile).  Finally got AF back, and went in today for my HSG and found out only one tube is blocked.  I'm SUPER thankful we decided to stick with the pill until I got the test done!  Now I'm trying to figure out what course of action we're going to take since the first procedure didn't work

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Friends -

I am considering Adiana for reasons that some in this forum will find incredible.


After a second surgery in five years to remove fibroids, I had my tubes tied (cauterized, really). I had four months of regular periods then missed one but thought little of it except for "this is how menopause starts." My period did begin again with spotting... then bleeding... then a trip to the ER where I learned I'd been pregnant and was having a miscarriage. Yes, friends, even traditional sterilization via laparascope can fail for 5 of 1,000 people in the course of a year.


The Adiana website says tubal ligation contraindicates Adiana but my doc wants to check out my tubes to see if placement is possible. I fear its ineffectiveness. You can imagine that I am already frazzled by needing to address my fertility once again.



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I too am new to this website,  I was searching the web on what to do after an Adiana procedure failed. I got my procedure done in July, I got my test done to check and see if it took in Dec. It didn't take, only one side is blocked. GRRR so now, I don't know what to do. I actually scheduled to get a tubal ligation, but unfortunately the cost of the procedure is way to high and we can not afford it. What is my Dr.'s responsibility now that we know that the Adiana procedure has failed?

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I am considering the Adiana along with having an ablation once the HSG completed.


Does anyone have anyone have any advice regarding the performace of these 2 procedures together?

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I have done it, it's been almost 2 years & I loved it! It was painless, done in my doctors office! I was awake during procedure & watched the whole thing done in the monitor, it was the coolest thing! It only took about an hour & I never had to worry about getting pregnant again! The best part about it is no surgery! 

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I see you were considering this procedure a few months ago.  I had it done Nov. 30, 2010 and was very pleased with the outcome, virtually no pain after, took the prescribed pain meds through the day following my procedure and everything went off without a hitch. However,  I went to my doctor Feb 7, 2012 and discovered I am having a uterine pregnancy.  I have been with my OBGYN for over 10 years and he states that I am the 1st of his patients to have a permanent birth control done and it not have worked.  He did not perform the procedure himself, an outside group came into his office and did it.  I am about to turn 39 years old and did not anticipate this challenge at this point in my life.  I do not believe in abortion.  I guess I fall into the 1.6% chance of still getting pregnant.  I am not steering you against as it your decision, however after having this experience, a tubal litigation might be a more effective method. 

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I had this done in 2011 when my baby was a few months old. I nursed him for 15 months in which I had no periods. When I got my periods back they were horrible. Then suddenly I'm experiencing all sorts of PTLS, including what looks like early menopause.

I am way too young for this. I am having night sweats, missing periods, mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, rapid heart rate, insomnia, etc.

I specifically did not do a tubal so I could avoid this.  Later my doctor told me that the scaring can go beyond the tube, into the vein and still cause PTLS.


It's horrible. Don't do it.


Now they want to give me the pill for the sypmptoms, but why get fixed if you're just going to get on the pill any way?

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I had this procedure as well as the Nova Sure (endometrial ablation) done at the same time back in June 2010.  The procedure itself went fine. It was done in my doctor's office while I was under anesthesia. I had several hours of severe cramping afterwards, but once it went away, I was fine. I did not even feel like I had anything done.


The HSG test was way, way worse. It was extremely painful both during and afterwards. I was supposed to go right from the test to work, but was unable to do that. I had to lie down for a while first. And the end result was that only one tube was blocked. So, I was trying to get rid of painful periods and avoid having to take birth control until menopause and I have to still take them anyway. I was wondering if it was at all possible for the Adiana to still block my other tube, maybe it just took longer than 3 months to work? I'm not willing to go through that test again yet, though. 


Love, Love, Love the results of the Nova Sure procedure though. My periods are gone completely with the exception of once in a great while, I have a day or two of light spotting. 


Everyone reacts differently to things - I definitely recommend either procedure. With the Adiana, though, it seems like you just cross your fingers and hope for the best. 

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I had the Adiana procedure done back in early September 2011. The tubes "supposedly" block but my left tube never did. My OB doctor decides to re-do the left side since it didn't block. The procedure will perform on March 28th, 2012 at the doctor office. I should never have this done. Its totally messed up my hormones and everything else. I should have just do the old fashion way-taking the pills. I also notice, every times I go back in for follow-up, I am being charge with alot of things that's not even being done when I was there, $1390.40-every time. I am so tired of this and may God help me get through this!
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I had the Adiana done 9 months ago and have nothing but  horrible problems mine was inserted properly and formed the blockage I now suffer from a hormone in balances and am on a daily hormone I was bleeding for 15 days then stop for 10 then bleed for 15 again.  The hormone has controlled the bleeding but I still suffer from sever pain 10-15 days out of the month.  I am now on narcotic pain killers for my cramps.  I see my OB again on Monday I am having the Adiana cut out I have never suffered this much pain in my life.  Please proceed with caution all who are considering this procedure.

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I did choose to have the Adiana done. It was nearly painless. No problems sense either. I am very glad I did. No extra cramping. No hormonal shifts. Just normal periods.

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I had my adiana done October 2010, and the HSG which showed them 100% blocked and i was good to go!  My Dr stressed to me that this was  irreversible, and to be sure i wanted it... I was positive being that i lost my last child to myotomic myopythy (can spell right now, freaking out) and there is a 75% chance it will happen again... Myy husband at the time got fixed, however we divorced therefore i had this procedure done.  Which by the way was painful, took him 45min more than he anticipated and i cried the whole time...


Anyway, i skipped my period this month, super tired so i took a test yesterday... i'm pregnant!  I have been with my boyfriend for a couple months (luckily we have known eachother for 20+ years and had dated in high school), however i told him i'm totally safe, can't have kids and now i am faced with this... i called my dr, he is panicing to say the least, i had blood work done yesterday and have an ultrasound tonight so that they can see where the baby is... My boyfriend is coming with me and THANK GOD has told me that what ever happens and what ever we decide he is with me the whole way! 


OMG i don't even know what i am writing or looking for now, i guess i saw the other posts of those 2%'ers (which i was unaware of) and it is making it even more real that i am pregnant!  I guess i was still praying that they will say there is no baby tonight! :(  Thank you all for posting, becuase i was feeling so alone and cofused and as sad as this is, it's nice that i'm not alone!  I'm not a baby, however i could never go through loosing another baby like i did with my 15 month old! Oh and to make matters better, my Dr is on vacation, therefore i'm going to a lab tonight and will probably not know anything until tomorrow or the next day... ugh... sorry to vent just freaking out!

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You are in my prayers please keep posting

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We were unable to just remove the Adiana since it was placed properly.....last Friday I had a partial hysterectomy, on the happier note my pain is gone but I had to loss my lady parts at only 28 to do it.

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Hi everyone!  I did the Adiana in Dec.  Had depo in mid november, did Adiana in mid december.  The pain of the procedure was pretty bad during.  Lots of pressure and I could feel when they did the cauterization.  I was breathing like I was in labor.  I was fine right afterwards though.


In January I bled for 3 weeks but haven't had a period since.  I have developed a large painful cyst on my right ovary which sent me in for an US to confirm I wasn't having a tubal pregnancy.  Today I went for my HSG which was a painful nightmare.  I cannot believe my doctor only said to take a couple of motrin before hand.  PLEASE look up the HSG before you decide to do any tubal blockage procedure because it was 200% worse then the procedure itself.  To top that off, only my right tube is blocked.  SO not only do I now have to go back on BC which is what I didn't want to do but now I am dealing with terrible pain from this cyst.  I have another friend that did the Esure and she ALSO got a cyst on one side.


I would not recommend this procedure just because of the uncertainty of it's placement/permanence.  I would do the other side but it doesn't matter because I CANNOT go through another HSG



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I had the Adiana in Dec 2009. I went for my hsg X-ray and had confirmed blockage. I also had a repeat hsg a year later and had confirmed blockage and I also had a ultrasound where they used sterile water to check the blockage and it too confirms blockage. I had confirmation three times. . Fast forward to December 2011, two years later and surprise! I am pregnant! It is a normal pregnancy and in ultrasound we could see the devices still in the tube. I would encourage anyone interested in permanent birth control to get the traditional tubal ligation. I am very excited about the baby and feel blessed. Clearly God has bigger and better plans for me. smile.gif
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I had a tubal ligation (cauterized) back in spring of 06, and ended up having a miscarriage last November(2011), never missed a period.sometimes even have 2 a month.  both sides are open. Doc wants me to do both the Adiana and novasure. trying to find info on both.

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I had the Adian aprocedure done and it didnt work! I do not recommend it.

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Interestingly, Adiana was taken off the market within the past couple of months - stated reason was for financial considerations - but in the end I think it was an inferior product to Essure in terms of effectiveness and didn't provide a whole lot of other benefit except to those with the metal sensitivities or needing Novasure at the same time (Novasure labeling may actually be getting changed to allow Essure at the same time). 

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I'm new, and was reading up this thread, thanks for posting.  I just had my HSG after Adiana in March, and the Doc that did it mentioned that it had been taken off the market.  What do you think this might mean for us who have it in? I imagine it will not change things as no follow-up is required, but it just makes me nervous! Thanks for all your great posting kidzaplenty, you got me beat by 5 kids winky.gif!!

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