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Looking for Grass fed lamb for sale????

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Does anyone know of a source for grass fed lamb? I'm thinking about buying a half or whole lamb & I know the season is upon us. Does anyone know anybody who sells lamb?
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You may want to call the Natick Organic Farm and as if they sell them.
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Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton does lamb shares. I don't know if they have any left, but it's worth a phone call.
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Not super-local (they're in New York), but you can get various cuts/types of lamb from the Eight O'Clock Ranch at Good Health in Hanover and Quincy. They also have meat CSAs and various ordering options on their website, which I believe is www.eightoclockranch.com.

We've done their CSA before and it really is wonderful. I always forget to renew in time so we end up buying a lot of their stuff at Good Health. Eight O'Clock, Plato's Harvest (chicken, beef and sometimes pork) and Oake Knoll (beef and humanely-raised veal) are about the only places I buy meat.
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I get my meat from Chestnut Farms and their CSA- it is fantastic! Lamb is not in season now but soon!
You can also buy the meat at Farmers Markets in Newton, Dedham and Natick!
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Thanks for the replies.

I just checked Natick Farm. They don't do lamb.

We actually have a meat share from Chestnut Farms but we want more lamb so were thinking of getting a lamb share.

I"ll check the others out this weekend.
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this is the link for the nofa csa page, with info about availability & management practices

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I believe Pat's Pastured offers grass fed lamb:


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Colchester Farm in Plympton occasionally has grass-fed lamb available. It is usually a pre-order type deal. Probably wouldn't work for now, but maybe in the future.
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Tendercrop Farms in Newbury, Ma has it. I have the CSA at Green Meadows, Hiking Mommy! We must live close.
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were you ever able to find this?
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Yes, from a place that is in the Western part of the state. It's called Crescent Moon Farm.


They will have the lamb in a week or so.
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