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Does anyone make and sell ribbon twirlers

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Hi, Please please please, someone help guide me. I'm a WAHM trying to find out if it's ok to be making and selling ribbon twirlers at craft-type fairs in US. I posted in WAHM but haven't had a reply and I'm coming up on the sale this weekend. I used American wood, findings and swivels from China (no American equivalent), ribbon and watercolor from USA, and my own beeswax/oil type varnish. If so, can you either reply or PM me with details? I'm concerned about safety issues with the ribbon, and also the non- US made materials.
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I don't have any experience selling stuff, but if you wanted, could you include a note saying use at your own risk, or something like always supervise your child while using this?
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I think you would have to have some paperwork showing that it was lead free (the most concern would be on the swivel). The CPSIA has lots of new rules.
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Besides the "choking hazard" warnings, under CPSIA you need to be compliant with the materials you use. Currently untreated woods, dye(not paint or ink) and certain metals are exempt.

I looked into doing ribbon wands with silks but decided I didn't want to deal with sourcing the findings.
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POP! That was the sound of my bubble bursting...

Thanks for the replies. I ended up changing the way they are made and dropped the swivel and only use a solid brass screw hook. They still work, but get a little wound up, but kids still have fun with them.

For online sales I'll include the warning lingo, but for those sold in person, I've been handing out a little sheet of paper reminding parents to not let their kids play unattended with natural craft toys. GEEEE! Talk about bursting a bubble!

I'm really concerned about this. I recently started my family business making handmade toys, because we are really struggling for money and we SO enjoy making inexpensive things to share. But now I'm worried about all the legal stuff. All I want to do is make simple natural toys that kids can play with but it seems that there is a ton of legal stuff I need to contend with to make sure I don't get sued. What exactly CAN we make and not risk a lawsuit?

Does anyone have a good source for me to read up on legal side of a home-based craft business? I contacted CPSIA folks and haven't heard back yet, but they don't seem tp be tha helpful excepot to review my products. Also, does anyone have product liability insurance? I guess I'm naive. I'd be appreciative to hear your thoughts on any of this, or redirect me to the best forum to post this in.

Thanks so much!
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I haven't been there in a while, but etsy has forums and I bet someone there is on top of the legal side of hand made toys.

I hope you can get it figured out. I love hand made stuff and love to get it from other moms.
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Hi ma2Maya, I just revisited this post and wondered if you happen to know a source for untreated wood? I ask everywhere I go (craft stores, DIY stores) have searched online and come up empty handed. Other than going out in my woods and getting material, do you know where I can get some? I'm stumped! (pun intended)

Thanks for your help ... or anyone who can answer this for me.

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