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What sizes does your toddler wear?

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In clothes, in shoes? And at what age? I'm curious and I know there will be a million different answers .

I know clothes sizes can fluctuate so much but sheesh! My DS just turned 2 and these clothes sizes are ridiculous. He's in 3T pants and 4T shirts! He can wear a few 3T shirts but not many, the sleeves are just too short or it's too snug around the middle. His feet right now are an 8 1/2-9 but growing daily it seems.

FTR he is 35 1/2 inches tall and 33 lbs.
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My ds caden is 29 months old and wears 9-12/12-18 mth clothes and size 4 shoes ( though 4's are getting a bit snug so have just bought him a 5)
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DS is 31 mons he is 37 lbs and 37.5". He is currently in mostly size 3T pants (although he still wears some 24 mon shorts) he wears mostly 3T and 4T shirts and PJs (although has some 24 mons and 5T) he is just coming out of size 9.5 shoes and going into 10.
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DD is 3 years & a several months and wears mostly 4T, sometimes 3T, sometimes 4.
In shoes, she's all over the place... I guess we'll say 8 today..
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DS just turned three. Not much has changed size wise since he was 2.5. He wears 18 month or 2T bottoms (no diaper) and usually 2 or 3T shirts. He's a skinny little thing, lots of his shorts this summer were all the smaller size since length wasn't an issue.

Shoes are a 6 or 7.
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Your son is a bit tall. My children are:

16 months, 22 lbs, I don't know how tall, wearing 2T because that is the hand-me-down for this season , but probably fits 18-24 months and 24 months clothes. SIze 6 shoes.

4 in October, wears 5T. 4T is getting short, but they are still pretty loose though she's 60th % weight for height so go figure. She's 33 lbs and 38 or 39 inches I guess. Size 9 shoes fit her with a tiny bit of room left to grow.

Age sizing is all over the place. OshKosh runs true to age for kids in the 75th to 100th percentiles... if that even makes sense.
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There can be such a wide variety of builds for kiddos even if they're the same weight/ size.

DD is almost 3 (Oct) and wears 2T shirts/ pants but for brands that run a tad smaller (Circo, Old Navy) I get 3T but she can wear most 3T dresses, etc. For the Fall/ winter clothing I'm getting 3 & 4T shirts and 3T pants (so she'll have space to grow). She just moved into size 8 shoes. She's 35.5" and 30 lbs.

It just makes more sense to buy a tad bigger so they can wear them longer.
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DS is 28 months. He is average height (I think), but pretty slender. 36" 26lbs

Shorts - 6-9 month or 12 month (no diaper and 18/24 month fall down!)
Pants - 24/2T month for length, but need adjustable waist
Shirts - 18month-2T
Shoes - Size 6 or 7
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DD is almost 20 months and wears 2T-3T in both shirts/pants. She wears size 25 or probably 24W in European sizes (I'm not sure how that translates to American sizes).

Your son sounds like DD, she's a big girl, very tall for her age. It's hard because normally the bigger sizes make clothes longer instead of increasing the waist sizes because older kids tend to be a lot longer and leaner. Well, we found one thing that worked well is buying 5T capris when it comes to blue jeans. Normal play pants fit just fine in 2T/3T with a bit of a hem but blue jeans are just two tight!

FWIW, she's 34.5 inches and 29.5 lbs.
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ds2 (2 at the end of the month) is in size 2T up to some size 4s in shirts. i think he's fitting size 3 best now though. he's moving into a 9 in shoes (the size his brother wore when he started kindergarten-that's at age 4 here but he was a little over 3.5.) for pants 2T-3 (prob more the 3s but it's summer so not wearing a lot of pants-shorts fit longer!), i think. people comment on how tall he is all the time. i don't know what he weighs or how tall he is. i'm guessing 35 pounds? well over 34 inches tall b/c i believe that's about what he was when i measured him months ago.
ds1's size has always been whatever age he was. he starts to move into the next size about halfway through the year (age 4.5, in a size 4-5.) he cannot fit into anything with an X in it-maybe his brother will be able to wear those cute 3X pants i bought by accident!
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Ds is 22 mos. & wears, for the most part, 3T & is very solidly a size 8 shoe.
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Jack was 35 1/4 and 28lbs at 18 months ( bday 10/20) Not sure what he is right now but he is in 3Ts in most things wears a size 8xw shoe.
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Kiddo is 17.5 months and wearing 2T clothing... still fits in some 18 month clothing though. She is in size 6 shoes. 25 pounds and... 30? inches tall? maybe 33? you'd think I'd know something like that.
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DS just turned 14 months and wears a boys 18-24mo with a size 5.5 wide shoe. IME girl's clothes run quite a bit smaller than boys, so in girls he wears a 24mo-2T (although the pants are a bit long the rest fits). I have no idea about weight/height but if I were to guess I'd say 32 inches/25lbs.
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Ds just turned 3 . He wears mostly 5t and some 4t stuff he also has some size6 stuff. It really depends on the brand. He wears a 9 or 10 in shoes.
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My son is 17 months old, about 33 inches and 24 lbs, and fitting in 18-24 month stuff. He's definitely grown out of 12 month, and some 2T even fit him. But he's tall and skinny, so I have the problem of finding pants that are tight enough but also long enough. It really depends on the brand. Oh and he's wearing about a size 7 in shoes. His feet grow ridiculously fast, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was in an 8 by the time he needed snow boots!
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DD is 30 months and around 25lbs. Haven't measured height lately. She wears mostly 2T tops. Pants are a problem at the moment. She's just started wearing big gril panties rather than cloth diapers and none of her pants fit. She was wearing 18 months or 2T pants, but they fall down now. She has a few pairs of 12M shorts that fit, but none of her 12M pants are long enough anymore. I hope she gains some weight before it gets cold so some pants fit. Otherwise she's going to be wearing a lot of skirts and tights this fall and winter.
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DS1: 5.5 years, 46lbs, 44in. Size 5 or 6 pants and shirts. Size 11 shoe.

DS2: 3.5 years, 26lbs, 35in (he's my little guy). Size 2T everything. Size 5 shoe.

DS3: 11 months, 22lbs, 30in?? Size 12month everything, no shoes yet.
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DS is 30 months and a skinny minnie.

We are in the middle of diaper AND season transitions, so it's tough

In cloth diapers, he can wear 18-24 month sizes in shorts

In undies or sposies, he usually wears 12 months or 12-18 for shorts. Anything bigger slides off (even just the straight 18 months).

We have had to pull out some pants b/c we're in Chicago for the weeknd and the temps are in the 60s today. Anything with 18 months on the size tag is too short in the leg. But 24 months is to big in the waste... so I guess we're going to have to resign ourselves to nothing but adjustable waste pants.

shirts, he wears about an 18 months size.

shoes are size 6-7

For the record he weighs about 24 pounds and is somewhere in the range of 33" (I think, we haven't gotten a solid measure on his height in a while)
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DS is 19 months old, 32-33" tall, about 25lb

Shoes: currently a size 6

Clothes: bottoms are mostly 18-24 months, although he has a couple things from one particular brand in size 12-18 months that still fit, tops are 18 - 24 months as well

I find it funny that irl I always have people commenting on how big he is for his age (tall), yet, whenever I read things here on mdc it almost seems like he's actually small for his age.
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