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sid the science kid

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first let me say i do vax but i just thought you should know (also was offended for non vaxers) that i recently watched an episode of sid the science kid about the science behind vaccinations and how its good for you....so if you have any kids watching that show beware
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Yeah, I saw it a few months ago.
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I also saw it a few months ago and was offended. It is really irksome--to say the least--when children's media and groups with very different missions are coopted into promoting vaccine policy.
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yeah. it was lovely.
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Yeah, theres a couple sid's that are just awful... the vax one is one of them (I honestly can't remmeber what the other is, but I know theres at least 2 we avoid... I always check the 'info' before hand )
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yes stopped watching for good after that episode.
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we stopped watching it after that episode also. however, in the kindergarten they let kids watch Sid during their snack time. and this episode was on the very first day of school! and that's the only one my daughter seems to remember
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Yep, we saw that one and I was appalled! However, I used that as a way to educate my boys. For example, DS1 (now 4; 3 when he saw it first time) asked why the kids in Sid's class were getting shots. So, I explained that some people believe that those shots can help the kids, but that we eat healthy food, take our vitamins and get plenty of exercise to help us more than those shots would. I told him that we might still get sick sometimes and that's ok b/c it is just our body's way of getting stronger "fighters" for the germs the next time.

He thought that was cool. Now, when he sees anything about shots he says "those are not good. that's why we take our vitamins right mommy" He also likes to continue to explain it to his little brother (2yrs old)

So, I now try to avoid watching Sid and as a matter of fact, ds1 does not even really like to watch it anymore (after seeing the "shots" episode the second time).
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