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Can I just cry here?

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Ohh were do I start....

WIth DS1(3yrs) I was dumb and did not research anything and had fully vaccinated him....Luckily he is healthy and has had no side affects.
When I was pg with DS2(1yr) I actually researched a little and knew I did not want to go through watching my child be treated like a pin cushion for no reason.

I had a serious talk with our ped about wanting to select and delay and It seemed like a big relief came off his shoulders and he told me everything he possibly knew about vacc. and which ones are bad and how he feels about them.

Everything has been going great! At every visit we talk about whats coming up, whats in each vacc. and which ones would be best to avoid and which ones he might need.

Well I get a note last month that our ped. is moving to a diff. state and that sept.15 will be his last day

DS2 Appt was for sept.9 and he was due for "shots" but like I said he was very laid back easy going doc and I felt comfortable trusting in him..

I get a phone call two days ago that his last day would be the next day (yesterday) so he will no longer be seeing us on the 9th and if we want we can see a diff doc. that will be taking his place. I thought alright fine.

I get there and as soon as we walk into the room today I immediatly felt nervous. Posters all over her room about pro vaccinations.

She starts talking about how his last shots were not recorded and they may need to do them agian..... "um no thanks I know for sure he DID get one vacc. (dtap) and he wont be getting them agian."

Then she says "Well he really needs to start his serious of hep B.( Why?) and also MMR and Chickenpox vacc."

I said no I do not agree with the way they are being made and since there is not alot of info about the side affects still I will not be getting those vacc. for him.

Of course I get the whole " well there has been some measles cases"

Trying to scare me and make me feel awful for denying them..

Needless to say we got our Dtap and left. We Will not be continueing with her.
Also We were offered flouride supplements

Sorry I just feel lost now without our pedi we have had for 3.5 yrs that I had set up since 4 yrs ago and now starting over agian!!! I am very upset!
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So sorry to hear this, mama! Your children are so lucky to have you advocating for them. Best wishes for a better fit!
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oh that's so hard.

i had one doc really pressure me for chicken pox. i regret so much giving in but the rest of the providers i've seen have been so respectful.

best of luck finding someone new!!
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