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Hi, I have a 6 yo July girl. We've been at it for about 4 weeks now, I started her when her brother went back to school. Our curriculum are:

Math - RightStart B - just getting started with that.
History - the free Mosaic curriculum using SOTW with the prehistory option; we are just about done with prehistory - she loves the dinosaurs.
Science - bought BFSU, but am using the free Classic Science - Life science for now. Also have Ancient Science, which looks cool, but haven't tried yet.
Writing - using some workbooks from Vietnam for cursive
Vietnamese - reading from some books I bought last time we were there.
Language - she's interested in Chinese or Spanish.
Spelling - SRW - it's been tough to get started with that, I'm almost inclined to do Vietnamese phonics first since it's much more regular.

PE- Swimming, Karate and Aerial arts
Music- Somewhere between recorder, xylophone, keyboard and ukulele. Those are the instruments available in the house, and I'm learning the ukulele, so of course she wants to learn that.

We do 6 day weeks with Sat being a half day. Writing, Math every day. Mosaic is a 5 day curriculum, so we spread it out over the 6 days. Science is 3 days. The writing workbooks have pictures and words in Vietnamese, so she's getting practice reading too. I'm not so good at reading Vietnamese, so I need more work on that.

We started out with a math workbook from the local school system, which was good when we started because I wasn't really ready, but as we got further in the book I began to realize how bad it was. I had bought RS A last year, but realized we probably already needed B, so couldn't get into it. Finally got it about a week ago, and have been working on it.
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cloudswinger- Thanks for listing those free curriculums I hadn't seen those yet and they all look very interesting!
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Cloudswinger, that science curriculum looks interesting. I think I'll give it a try, see if I like it.

ETA: downloaded the life science book! It looks good. I can't wait to get to the "Food Webs" chapter!
I'm wondering, did you print the whole thing out, or just try to use it on your computer? I mean, I guess you need to print out the worksheets, unless you just have her doing them orally. I wonder how much it would cost to take it to Staples or someplace and have them print and cheaply bind it? I hate working with PDFs for some reason......
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Cloudswinger-thanks so much for the science curriculum! It looks awesome!
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cmoma I was in the same boat. DS is 6, in first grade and we tried a program that was more structured and formal/aggressive for about 2 weeks and he decided he HATED ANY school. It took a week or so of relaxing and backing off, doing fun stuff before he started to accept school again.

FOr reading comp, We do short passages with questions at the end. He has and is still learning proper sentence structure, pronunciation etc and we write sentences for a story summary, etc. I have a couple short booklets I found at the homeschool learning center that have very intersting ones. DS hates poetry and the typical "workbook" type stories that i had from this old curriculum so I just find interesting things, he reads, then I make up questions, print them out on handwritting paper and he likes that.

Science really helps comprehension because it is hands on and involved. He reads the directions, facts, etc, then if we do a little experiment or something he documents what is needed and it helps the comprehension, writting and reading skills. We like science magazines here a ton
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thanks for the suggestions lisamarie..

cloudswinger, I too downloaded the science curriculum, his blog looks pretty neat too with some fun experiments too.
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How's everyone's 1st grade year going?

I need some reassurance that I'm not crazy for not drilling my6 year old with countless dumb worksheets in order to have "proof." I'm really having a difficult time ignoring my mother's persistence and controlling nature.

I just ordered a chemistry 1 course from noeo science. We have been doing math mammoth but I think i need to use something else with it that is more applied/real life type math because the more worksheets DS has the more he doesn't like it
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Originally Posted by 425lisamarie View Post
How's everyone's 1st grade year going?

I need some reassurance that I'm not crazy for not drilling my 6 year old with countless dumb worksheets in order to have "proof." I'm really having a difficult time ignoring my mother's persistence and controlling nature.
My "baby" just turned 7yo the other day. We're already almost a third of the way through the curriculum (on week 12). Um, whoops. He's excited about it, so yeah. I'll add on extra read alouds at the end of the year or help him with reading (no, he doesn't read on his own yet) and do more science/math later on here since those have been lacking what with me not being able to keep anything easy to access and on hand (not entirely my fault anymore, but still).

I haven't done a single worksheet with him, but my MIL doesn't visit very often so I don't have to prove much of anything right now. He's decided he wants to watch the movie Volcano again apparently... Then we talk about the difference between real volcanoes and the pretend/movie ones and so on... little sponges.
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We hardly ever do worksheets here. Less than 5 in the year so far. Math is mostly games and orally w/ RSB. He does narration for other subjects. He has done a few notebook pages- ie he draw a pic of something and narrates to me about differences or his thoughts about something- we have used these in Science.
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Well DS reads VERY well, and writes well too so I'm not sure how that isn't "proof" to anyone. not that I need to prove ourselves I just really don't like being ridiculed. Both DH and I are on the same page with everything, but it's hard having a mother in such close proximity. I don't even think it's necessary to read and write on a 4th grade level at this age, but since mine does it's further justification. She a complete control freak so anyways.....

Both my kids are enjoying explode the code online. I love to have something they can do mostly independently.
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Our year is going great so far. We've had a nice balance of really schooly days with plenty of completely relaxed days mixed in. We just finished week 9. We have very supportive families; I don't think anyone has ever quizzed Nik on anything.

We try not to do too many worksheets, but I am a box-checker by nature so I'll admit to a desire for "proof" of progress for myself. It's awful, really, especially since I'm the one teaching him so I know what he knows! I don't know what I would do if family started looking for proof. I would probably tell them all to stuff it and keep their opinions to themselves if they expect to spend time with us anymore.
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I like checking boxes too! I have a schedule that I highlight everything we do

I say your happy and he is happy and learning that is all that matters. I don't base our success on his level but his progress. We are moving forward, I can tell his knowledge is building, well then that is success. All kids are individual.
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My DD is 6 and doing first grade as well We had homeschooled our older kids, and then 2 years ago put my daugher in preschool and then Kindergarten at a school of choice because of health issues that I had. We just pulled her and her brother (9) out of school a week ago, and are homeschooling again (much joy here!)
She is doing:
Math: Math-U-See - Alpha
History: Sonlight Core 3 along with older brother
Reading: Sonlight Intermediate 2
Science: Apologia Astronomy along with older brother
Spelling: Sequential Spelling book 1 along with older brother
Handwriting: Italic Handwriting book B

She LOVES to write! We had an awesome first week of homeschooling!
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We had a few set backs with our "schooling." We had such lousy weather here for so long that we take advantage of any nice days that come along. Workbooks and pages are set aside for a bit and we spend more time outdoors. Learning is still happening, less formally, of course; and I do have to remember to document what we do - more my problem than hers! Haha! That is what I love about homeschooling - being flexible.

We also had a rough week because my 19 yr old nephew died in a car accident so we had that and lots of family about to work around. Again, everything pretty much was put aside for awhile. You just make way for what I call "real life learning."

We visited a pumpkin patch farm and went through their corn maze. Anna had to find 6 scarecrows and collect their tokens to get a free pumpkin.

We do workbook pages, but not a lot. I like to use more meaningful real experiences for learning. It does take more planning and coordination on my part, following up with the documentation and evaluating what to do next. I use her conversations with her Dad and showing him what she knows as a "test" to see what she is comprehending (or with any family member/friend).

Sometimes I refer to the Michigan Dept. of Education Content Expectations for Kindergarten/First Grade just to see how we are doing, but I don't get too hung up on it. It also gives me ideas on where to go next in planning activities.

I don't have to prove anything to anybody - so far! Anybody who matters sees we are doing, she is learning, and most agree with the lousy state of affairs at our local public schools! We are lucky that way, I guess!
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Hi Lenore!
We're a little "below" you in northern Michigan. It's really nice seeing other Michiganians here. I hear you on the weather thing. I've been shoving the kids outside every day because who knows how long this is going to last!?!?
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Well, so much for the nice weather lasting!!! The sun is really making an effort but I don't think the clouds will let up!
Hi, Jennifer!
I am curious...
What does everybody spend the most time working on? Math, Reading, Science....
I do more intentional planning for reading and math. That is where some workbook pages come in. We use manipulatives with math, too. And, of course, the real life learning. I recently started using flashcards with vocabulary from The Little Red Hen. Anna enjoyed doing them! I wasn't expecting that. Then she shows her dad in the evening.
I would have to say math and reading for us. The other stuff - science, social studies, arts, etc. are more loosely planned and sprout from her interests. Then I take them a step further. I forget to document more of those!

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hi, things are going good with my first grader. he's actually doing much better than i would have expected. i was planning to hold off on AAS, WWE, and FLL but we've slowly integrated those in without issue whatsoever (and they each take just minutes a day).

as for the question, what do we spend most of our time studying? it is definitely the 3 r's. we do other things of course, but i'd say the 3 r's is the bulk of it. when i type out what all my son is actually doing, it seems like an awful lot! but it honestly only takes us about an hour or so to get through. it's very painless too & my son is soaring. yay!

what is everyone else up to? any changes/tweaking made in your curriculum choices??
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I have a 1st grader. She turned 6 in Sept. We're unschooly, so I don't have a lot of curriculums to list lol.
She is in dance and art classes right now. We've got all sorts of books, and do a variety of things each day. We're following the "better late than early" philosophy, so we aren't pushing academics yet. Lots of free play, discussions, storytimes, workbooks by choice, lots of electronic/computer games, and lots of real life living/experiental learning.
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I would say most of our time is on social studies right now. We're doing geography as our first unit, but will finish it this week. Most stuff ties into that--what DD is reading, writing about, etc. The next unit will be Science, which is nice because while some of this unit was science, not much really. I believe it's animal and plant communities/interdependence.

Reading and Math are plugging along and Mandarin has been a big hit for DD. We are going through Rosetta Stone Mandarin since DH and I don't speak it either. Anyone else doing Rosetta Stone, and how fast do you go through a unit or lesson? We have been working on Unit 1, Lesson 1 for about 3 weeks and just finished it with pretty good accuracy. I don't want to overwhelm DD, so 10 minutes a day seems good for her, but then I also think "it took 3 weeks to finish lesson 1?!" But she's 6, so I figured it would take longer. Just curious what others experiences have been.
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Most of our time is in our first block of the day- which is Lit(poetry/Shakespeare/fables/fairy tales), Religion(catechism/bible/Saints), Math(RS B), Writing(Handwriting w/out Tears), and Latin. Reading takes 20 min or so and is done later. History is once a week, as is Art, Nature Study is officially once a week although often we take a couple of nature walks a week.

I am considering dropping BFSU and just letting Nature Study be Science this year. I am adding in AAS probably in a week or two after I read it over and figure it out! History has switched and is just a Unit Study approach alongside Geography units. The problem is me thinking that I have to do all these things when I really want to do something else, never works out very well. I really love unit studies so doing that for Science and History seems natural to me and for the kids.
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