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could this be it?

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i haven't had too many ctx today, but the ones i did have were crampy with a lot of pressure in my lower stomach and back. during dinner i started having more ctx. while cleaning up after dinner and putting the kids to bed, they began to hurt. after putting the kids to bed, i found myself rather hungry and ate 2 snacks. the ctx kept coming every 20? min. not getting any closer together i think, just more intense. i now needed to breathe through them. at 10pm i went to bed, the ctx were not fun while laying down so i was definitely having to breathe through them. but managed to fall asleep anyway, but the ctx keep waking me up. at 11:20? one woke me up, after it was over i went to the bathroom, had another ctx, and decided i need to be up till these die down. they are definitely harder to bear laying down.

since getting up i've been sorta timing them and they seem to be every 5 minutes and about 30 seconds long. i'm making myself some RRL tea right now... could go either way, these may just keep me up for awhile and then go away or maybe this is really it and they'll intensify. trying not to get too excited...
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i think the ctx are getting a bit closer together. and i am having bloody show. looks like this may really be it!!!

i drank my pint of strong RRL about 12:30, i'm curious what effect that will have. i was trying to distract myself by watching tv, but it was too irritating during ctx. i am just enjoying the quiet now, and am handling the ctx better.
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Oh mama, I hope it's it for you! With having the bloody show along for the ride, I'd say it's it!

How funny, too...we were both "due" on the 26th, making us 41+2 today..and I woke up with insanely crampy cramps at 5:30. Just sitting here thinking that I think there might be a pattern to them.

My body has done this before, though..so I'm not crying labor just yet. No show or anything.

Thinking of you!
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Best wishes for both of you, I hope this is it!
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Good luck!
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Good luck to you both!
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I hope your labor picked up and you are holding your new little one
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