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possibly stupid question

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about stain removers.

How does the stain remover "know" the difference between a stain and dye?
I have always had this question but it has recently popped up again when i saw a commercial for a stain remover that says it targets different kinds of stains in different ways.. and it identifies a ketchup stain in the commercial as "carbohydrate stain". so how does it work??
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It doesn't always. That's why most of them say on the label that you should test them on a hidden area to make sure they don't change the color. However, most commercial clothes manufacturers seem to make some effort to use dyes that won't be taken out by stain removers. Most of the time I have the opposite problem though, where they leave the dye but also don't completely get the stain out.
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O.K. I'm going to get all "sciency". Well, not really, but it probably has to do with enzymes of some sort that work on different types of things i.e. ones that like to feast on proteins and others that are carb-o-holics. As for affecting dyes, that may just be a crap shoot depending on the type of dye and the base material.
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If that answer isn't correct, then I choose to change my answer to 42. I find 42 is a good catch-all answer
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