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Sawyer is here!!!

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Sawyer was born yesterday at 6:16pm. It was a fast, amazing homebirth with everyone happy and healthy in the end. <3

Sawyer was born at 6:16pm after 3hrs and 45. It was hard but definitely amazing. We are so happy with the way it went.

There are a lot of interesting tidbits of this birth that are very close to coopers. Coopers birthday is 3/9('08), sawyers is 9/3('10). I started labor with cooper at 2:45am and cooper was born at 6:15am. I started labor with sawyer at 2:30pm and sawyer was born at 6:16pm. Cooper was 6 days "early", Sawyer was 6 days "early"! And so far, they truly do appear to be complete opposites!!
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I love how similar their births are! Congratulations, mama! Welcome, Sawyer!
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Wow...that's funny! Congratulations on a great birth and welcome Sawyer
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That's so neat that the births were so similar! Congrats on your new boy!!
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world Sawyer!
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Amazing with the dates and times! Welcome Sawyer! Congratulations, Mama!
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Welcome Sawyer!
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Congrats mama and welcome Sawyer!!
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Congrats!! How crazy about the similarities!
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Welcome Sawyer. How interesting the similarities between both births.
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How cool!

Congrats!!! Welcome to the world, Sawyer!!!

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Congratulations Mama! That sounds fabulous. Enjoy your babymoon with your sweet new baby
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Congrats Mama and welcome baby Sawyer!

It's neat how similar your boys' births turned out

Enjoy your new little one!
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Congrats mama!!! Welcome Sawyer! Cuddle and rest!
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Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!
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Sawyer is a fabulous name too! Congratulations on a healthy baby and mama! Happy babymooning to you.
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Congratulations! Welcome baby
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Congratulations on a wonderful birth and welcome Sawyer!

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yay! congrats and welcome!
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