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pillow stuffing ideas

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Hi, I would like to make some soft fluffy pillows for the back of the sofa. I have the covers. I don't want to use polyester or bamboo stuffing. Wool would be fine, or cotton. I was reading that cotton batting has pesticide residues if it is not organic.(anyone know if this is true?) Can I buy wool or cotton batting and pull it apart to make stuffing? I can't seem to fine any affordable wool or organic cotton stuffing that is "in stock" One site I read said cut up wool sweaters, would this be fluffy? I know I just asked a bunch of questions. Help with any of them would be great. Other ideas for making my own stuffing or if you know where I can just buy stuffing would be so helpful. I need to make at least six good sized throw pillows to cover the back of the couch. Thanks.
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Yes, cotton does have pesticides on it. Actually, cotton has incredibly high amounts of pesticides and because cotton is not considered a food crop, the use of pesticides on it is not regulated. I read somewhere that cotton has more pesticides on it than any other crop and it does not have to be food safe because it is not intended for consumption. Blech!

I cut up wool sweaters to make little tiny children's toys, but no, it isn't fluffy and it would not be suitable for a throw pillow. It tends to be very lumpy.

There is a store here in town that ships out. It's called Dragon Mama and they have excellent prices on natural things. You can buy Kapok fiber (a bit like cottonwood fluff), wool, washable wool, organic cotton and sometimes other types of batting.

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Non-organic wool can also be fairly toxic - them chemicals used to keep it from felting easily are very toxic. Wool stuffing can often be found from doll making suppliers (wier dolls is one I have been happy with).
It is true that non-toxic stuffings tend to be more expensive. One way to save some money is to make a smaller "pillow" and fill it with a non-fluffy material such as cut up sweaters or t-shirts. Then wrap that with the stuffing you choose to use. It wouldn't be as completely scrunchy, but still soft. Of course, the bigger the pillow in the middle, the harder the overall pillow would be.
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