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Sewing for charity

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Does anyone sew for a good cause?

I want to make something to give away!

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1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

Little Dresses for Africa

Here are a variety of charities that are looking for sewn items:
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ConKerr Cancer has flyers in several local fabric shops here in Atlanta. Pillowcases are easy, and it's something kids can get involved with, too, if you want.

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there is something call the linus project. I've never been involved.
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There are a variety of quilting charities, if you are into that. Linus, Project Binky, Quilts for Kids, and more I can't remember. You could also inquire of your local CASA or CPS office about making quilts for the kids that come into foster care.

A quicker small project is fleece hats, which I've done and donated to the local food pantry/clothing closet. If there's a homeless shelter nearby, you could donate there. With winter coming on, those would be welcome, I'm sure.
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this website (scroll down to the bottom of the page) has several organizations/groups that accept items be it from sewing,knitting,etc and has their individual links to their pages

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Thanks for posting this list. I'd like to teach DD to sew and doing it to help others is a great way to get started.
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Check out Craft Hope: http://crafthope.com/
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Dolly Donations is another good one.
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