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ratgrl - Good luck today!! Fingers crossed for you!!! What time is your blood draw?

tear - The shot went fine! Pretty easy, I think I like the multi-dose syringes best, but I'll live!! That lupron kinda burns a little I thought. We will see what happens tonight. I actually pre-filled the syringe to the 20 units and then gave it to myself a little later, so i'm sure you could do the same while you are at school late that one night. You might have to stick it in your gonal-F pouch thing to protect it from light and accidentally bumping it and losing some of the meds. Just an idea. Good luck with your parent teacher conferences. I think if i was a teacher that would be the worst part of the job!!
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Hey guys, thank you for the well wishes and the thoughts today.

Looks like somebody (or somebodies) stuck! My redraw for doubling is Tuesday, but we're pregnant

I kind of knew actually.... I've been nauseous for days, and I've developed a bizarre food aversion (bacon... come on, who gets sick at the smell of bacon?!)
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Originally Posted by ratgrl View Post
Hey guys, thank you for the well wishes and the thoughts today.

Looks like somebody (or somebodies) stuck! My redraw for doubling is Tuesday, but we're pregnant

I kind of knew actually.... I've been nauseous for days, and I've developed a bizarre food aversion (bacon... come on, who gets sick at the smell of bacon?!)
Whoaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you ratgrl !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just sitting on the couch beside my husband and I read your post and yelled "YES" and threw my fist in the air and gave an air fist pump and my husband was like "what the heck"! LOL Keep us posted!!! Sure hope you don't disappear like all the other BFP's seem to have. Where did everyone go? I'm sure they went to the Due date thread, but we miss hearing the updates even though they have graduated. Plus, all these positives gives me more hope!!!! Yeah again, I'm so excited for you!!!
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YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!! RATGRL, YAHOOO! And yeah, stick around and keep us updated! Stick little one(s), stick!!!
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Oh believe me, I'm happier staying with you guys I feel like an impostor anywhere else on the boards! I promise not to leave!
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ratgrl- So happy for you, you have been through a lot & deserve this so much. Enjoy every minute of it.

blue-I'm still here hun. Always thinking of you. I'm on here stalking all the time & never joined the due date club because I always seemed like such an outcast from the others, much rather read about you guys. Just don't post a lot cause not sure how some people feel about it so I just stay quiet, I'm on complete bedrest for 5 weeks now due to a shortening cervix so just know that I am always here checking in.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!!
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Ratgrl Congratulations so happy for you
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A big congrats Ratgrl!! Looking forward to read about the BFPs from the rest of you!

I also am not really sure about how you all feel when I post but I read and send all of you good vibes!!!
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I for one love to hear from the pregnant graduates who went through this. I also feel pretty attached to the ladies who were around when things were "fresh" for us (under a year). Please post, and let us know how you're doing, and what you think about what we're going through!
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Congratulations ratgrl!!!!
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Tear - today is the big day right??? 1st shot?? Thinking about you cycle buddy and hoping it all goes well!!! What time do you have to take it? I forget if this is your parent teacher conf. day also, if so, good luck with that. Hopefully it will be "painless". LOL

Momtoalexis & KellyTTC - Good to hear from both of you guys too!! Glad you both seem to be doing good. You are always welcome in my book!!!!

AFM - My Lupron shots are going fine, but I'm starting to wonder if they are making me a bit emotional. Who knows! Wonder if anyone else found this or maybe it's just me. What a pain!!!
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Tear and Blueeyes sendiing all the good vibes that I can muster.

AFM we are finally done with DHs andrologist and the results are that we need to do IVF+ICSI+TESE with back up donor sperm the plan is that they'll do the TESE the day of the egg retrieval and examine the sperm if it's good enough proceed with DHs sperm if not use the donor, now we have to pick a donor, my IVF consult is tomorrow at 3 pm.. We briefly considered doing an IUI with donor sperm mostly because of money issues, but decided to just do whatever we have to do to use Dhs sperm, if for some reason it does not work then we'll do donor sperm.

I'm overwhelmed by everything going on but hopefully it will go by fast and we'll get a baby at the end of this.
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Keria - Thanks for the good vibes!! I think it sounds like your appt went pretty well and there is a good chance that your DH's swimmers will work, so that is a good thing. I think I'd be doing the same thing and jumping right to IVF instead of spending the money on IUI's at this point in time. We did a total of 6 IUI's and now that I think about it, that could have been a lot of extra $ to help with our up coming IVF. Oh well!! Take a deep breath!!! It will all work out for the best and I have a good feeling that DH's swimmers will work and if not, you always have a back up plan... it just takes one good one!!! Hope your appt tomorrow goes well! Keep us posted.
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Thanks blueyez I have a good feeling aboout TESE as well, hopefully DHs swimmers are fine but they just cant get out, I think the appointment went well too but I'm a little bit sad that we have to do TESE as well, I feel like when I finally had peace about needing to do IVF they told us that we needed ICSI and then when I was at peace about that now they tell us we need to do something else, I kind of go back to whining about why crack addicts get to have kids and not us, but anyways all in all I'm grateful that we have the technology to do all of this and that even though it will mean we'll have to live with my parents another year we can afford it and not go into debt.
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Keria - I know what ICSI is b/c we will also be doing that, but I'm not too familar with TESE? Can you explain a bit? Hope your appt. goes well today!!
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Sure I can try to explain, I'm not an expert though, It's testicular sperm extraction, basically they get the sperm right form the source , they make a small incision on the testicles and collect the sperm from there, it's done under local anesthesia in the doctor's office. It sounds painful but the doctor said it was not that bad. We really don't know.
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Keria - I see!! Oochhhh!!! Thanks for explaining. I'm sure it sounds worse than it actually is! You both will have some pain then... you with the retrieval and him with this!! My DH always thinks his "little" part in this whole thing (the white room, as he calls it) is the worst and I'm always saying "you don't even know" LOL !!! Now I can tell him he is lucky he doesn't have to have that procedure done and to stop his whining! Don't worry... he is just teasing me! He loves to tease me and I give it right back! "If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch"! LOL
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Lol When the doctor was explaining it he stopped for a second and said you are looking a little pale there Jason, he was like oh no I'm fine, trying to act manly.

Dh has complained about the dates with the cup as well, I bet now he wishes all he had to do was play with himself , anyways I promised to take him to the toy store (hardware store) after we both recover.

You guys sound like a fun couple, we also joke around all the time, lots of ball jokes have been said.
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Appointment went well, even though she kept asking if DH was ok with using donor sperm if the TESE didn't work out, apparently most guys she sees are not ok with it, anyways we are looking at starting suppression next cycle.
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Keria - Glad to hear that your appt. went well and that you get to start next cycle!!!

Tear - How is everything going?? I miss you!!! I know tonight is your parent teacher conferences today so I hope all is going well there. Fill us in when you get a chance and let us know how the shots are going. Hope you are doing well!!!

How's everyone else doing, even all you graduates??
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