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Maurine - Sending you more positive vibes and hugs. Praying for a miracle baby for you.


Tear - How are you feeling?


Blue - Sending you positive vibes for the next ultrasound!



AFM - Triggering tonight at 10 pm (west coast time)! Excited and nervous--so is DH. We are staying at a hotel tomorrow night near our clinic so that we don't have to deal with rush hour traffic. Went in this a.m. for u/s and bloodwork--had 19 follicles! 3 are too small to be contenders, but the rest are all in the running. There are a 3 x 12 mm that may or may not get big enough, but otherwise, looking good. We hope to have enough embryos to do PGD on day three. 


I'll check in with all of you after ER. Wish me luck!

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Song - Thanks for the positive vibes!!   Your numbers sound great!!  Good luck with your ER and I'm sending you positive/sticky vibes!!!!  Keep us posted!!!

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Good luck Song!

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songtothemoon, good luck tomorrow!  Go eggies, go!!!  And thanks for asking: I'm feeling pretty miserably nauseous since Friday, for which I'm officially thankful though it's really yucky.  It's worth it though.  Keep growing babies!


Love and hugs to all you ladies!!!


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Song - Oh, good luck!  :)


Blue - When are you getting your followup u/s?  I am hoping for your little bean!  Grow and be healthy!!

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Maurine, how are you doing?

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Sly, thanks for asking!  Sometimes I have a hard time writing an AFM update.  I am still very sad.  I am allowing myself only a very small ray of hope.  Maybe I have a late implanter?  Maybe my body will absorb the bleed?  I dunno.  I feel like I am losing my symptoms.  But I have no bleeding or spotting. 


I am now starting to feel scared about when the possible miscarriage might happen.  I sort of want to just opt for a D&C to move on, but our timing is terrible.  We're away for most of next week.  I'd hate to start naturally on the plane, or on Christmas morning, or something.  I have no idea what to expect, so I am getting a little scared.  Could I do a D&C and then fly in a plane that evening?  That's probably too much to think about now.

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Oh Maurine, what an awful time of year to deal with this. Are you visiting family? Do they know? I hope you're going somewhere where you'll be supported and won't have to fake holiday spirit if you're not feeling it.


Thinking of you and still hoping.

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Maurine, I replied on the bsl thread to you, but I don't know if you are there much.  I am so so sorry. I hope you can manage to spend some time doing whatever you need to do to recover emotionally, especially with xmas here. I spent a week in bed crying, and it really helped a lot.


To answer you question about the D&C, I think that you need a day (at least) to recover from a D&C. My appointment was early in the morning, and it took a long time (not the procedure - that was quick - but the waiting, filling out forms, more waiting, talking to doctors and the anesthesiologist, and stuff like that, took a long time. We did not get out of there until 3-ish. It was the anesthesia that was hard to recover from, for me - not the procedure itself. I went home and fell asleep and didn't get up until the morning. The next day I felt fine.

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Originally Posted by Maurine View Post

Song - Oh, good luck!  :)


Blue - When are you getting your followup u/s?  I am hoping for your little bean!  Grow and be healthy!!

Maurine - I've been thinking of you often!!!hug2.gif  You asked when my U/S was... it's tomorrow morning at 11:30am.  I'm a little nervous b/c I really don't feel any different than I did last week.  I know with my first pregnancy I felt like I had done a ton of sit up and was sore in the uterus area and I'm not feeling that at all, so I'm a little scared, but trying to keep hope. 

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Maurine, I'm thinking about you tons too.  I'm so sorry you're having to think about this.  I would also recommend taking it easy if you have to do a D&C.  If you want to know more about my experience, I'm happy to share.  I just want to keep focusing on positive thoughts for your little bean.  goodvibes.gifhug2.gif


blue, good luck tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tear - thanks for luck!!!  When is your next U/S?  I don't think you ever told us???? 

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It was originally today, but they asked to reschedule for Wednesday afternoon at 3:30.  Keep growing, all our little ones!!!

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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

It was originally today, but they asked to reschedule for Wednesday afternoon at 3:30.  Keep growing, all our little ones!!!

Tear - good luck Wednesday!


Okay.... so me tomorrow (Tues), You Wed and Maurine on Thurs.  Wow, lots of praying to be done for all our little beans!!! Grow little ones, grow!!!


Song - good luck tomorrow.


Ratgrl & Slylives - how are you both doing?  Haven't seen you around much???


Missme & Kewpie - where are you both at in your process?

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Song how did it go thinking of you.


Blue, I've been thinking about your bean I have  a feeling that you will see a strong heartbeat tomorrow.


Maurine thinking of your little sweetie as well, when is your u/s?


Tear yay for morning sickness, can't wait ot hear about your twins  or tiplets.

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Blue - Good luck tomorrow with your u/s!


Tear - Can't wait to hear about your u/s on Wednesday!


Maurine - You're in my prayers and I'll be thinking about you for your u/s on Thursday.


Keria - Thank you for your support. How are you doing?



AFM - ER was this morning at 10 a.m. I slept pretty much all afternoon and am now enjoying a nice dose of reality TV, lentil soup, and lots of fluids! My DH is absolutely wonderful!

Drumroll, please, for the egg count.......21 eggs retrieved! DH and I are elated. The doctor said there were a few extra follicles hiding out. Now, we wait till tomorrow for the fertilization report. We really hope that we have enough embryos to go to a 5 day transfer and have PGD (genetic testing) on Day 3. 


Quick story about this a.m.:

DH and I stayed at a hotel 2 minutes from the clinic to avoid L.A. Monday morning rush hour traffic stress. DH made his "deposit" at the hotel before we left--much nicer than at the clinic. Anyway, as we were walking down the hall to the elevators to check out, I was carrying DH's little plastic container in a paper bag (he carried heavy bags). DH said to me, "Do you realize you're carrying our future family in your hands--the eggs inside of you and the sperm in the brown paper bag?

We both laughed! Also, his parents were married at this hotel soon after it opened in the 1950s. We're keeping our IVF private for right now, but (hopefully) it will be neat to tell them that our family started where they got married (and at the clinic nearby).

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Ratgrl & Slylives - how are you both doing?  Haven't seen you around much???


I am siiiiiick. I somehow managed to get colitis a week ago and have been down for the count. I can't eat anything at all without it making me almost immediately sick. This is far worse than my morning sickness ever was. I am exhausted and weak because of it. The only good thing to come out of it is that my OB was worried enough about me last week that he ordered an ultrasound, so I got to see critter again. Now we wait for the level 2 scan at 18 weeks. Both DH and I were born with birth defects and critter runs the risk of having similar ones. If they're detected it will alter where we give birth (not our little community hospital but the bigger city hospital that's attached to the Children's hospital).

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song, holy cow!!!  Nice egg count!!!  And I love the story about the hotel.  Keep us posted about fertilization!  goodvibes.gif


ratgrl, sorry to hear you've been feeling so sick, but I'm glad you little one is doing well.


blue, thinking of you today like crazy!!!  praying.gif

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Sorry I have been so absent after asking to be included! It looked like we were going to skip this cycle because my husband's grandmother died. But conveniently AF decided to wait till today, which put us doing the FET in January, which felt okay.


Soooooo, I am on CD 1 now and I start my estrogen patches on Thursday. We are looking at a FET date of around January 3rd, and I am sooooo excited. 


Songtothemoon - Wowzer, that is great! Fingers crossed for an excellent fertilization report!


Blue - thinking about you! Waiting for good news!


Maurine - Huge hugs, hope that your bean is just a late implanter - hoping hoping hoping for you.


I hope to be keeping up better - forgive me redface.gif


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Sarah - Good to hear from you! Glad to hear that AF showed up and you can get going for your FET.


Kewpie - Thanks for the good wishes. How are you doing?


Blue - Sending you good, sticky, growing-baby vibes for your u/s today!


Maurine - Thinking positive for you and keeping you in my prayers, too. I'm still holding out hope for a miracle baby, though. Big hugs to you.

You're right--travel would be awful w/a possible m/c on the way.

On the topic of D&C, I've had two, and I agree w/ a PP about taking at least a day or two before travel. First of all, the anesthesia made me feel pretty icky/groggy. Second, I was very, very crampy--way worse than menstrual cramps--and took vicodin for a day or two. Third, it was very challenging emotionally, as my hormones were all over the place right after the procedure. 

Holding out hope for a positive outcome.


Tear - You're up tomorrow!


AFM - Lazing around w/my dog and laptop, just hanging out today. I feel much better--no cramping today at all. I've got my cell phone and home phone by my side, ready for the fertilization report. I hope that my 40 year old eggs are going to be up to snuff! 

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