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A bad day.

The embryologist called. The embryos are developing a little more slowly than expected - they are about one day "behind schedule". At Day 3 they expect 6-8 cells and there were 4 in each embryo. Today there are 6-8. Day 5 transfer is supposed to be tomorrow, but unless the babies develop quickly over the next 24 hours, they won't do the transfer but will push it out to Sunday (day 6). From my quick research, day 6 transfers are unusual and the success rates are lower.

My Doctor said that he is not "terribly thrilled" with the results so far and although pregnancy is not impossible, he thinks the slow development of the embryos is "not ideal." He also said that (bearing in mind we are doing the shared risk program so we have two more goes) that there is a lot to gain from the cycle, and if it's unsuccessful we can look at the protocol and see what needs to be changed for next time.
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Slylives, so sorry for the sucky news, I'm still hoping one or two or three little embies decide to grow and you can transfer them and have a succesful pregnancy.
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slylives, I'm so sorry for the disappointing news. Please remember that nothing in nature works exactly at the same pace (this is the teacher in me talking, too), and nothing in science truly completely understands nature. Those little ones could be your future kiddo. Keep us posted!
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Can't type a ton b/c i've only got one hand right now, but wanted to check in on the thread!!!!

Tear - glad to hear your appt went well!!! Keep us posted!

Slylives -keep your head up girl!!! You just never know!!! Fingers crossed for you still!!!

Keria- Glad 2 hear your HSG went well!!! I also have hypothyroid (high fsh) and am on a really low dose of synthroid. Hope they get your DHs labs figured out easily!!

AFM- surgery went fine, i guess! I did have a torn tendon in my elbow and they had to move the nerve so i'm in some pain ,but living!!! I don't like to take pain meds, so it is partly my fault!! This past tue i started spotting (CD 24) and still get it once or twice a day even today, so i don't know what is up with that? AF is due on Sun so i guess if she doesn't come i'll call the REs office on Mon. Suppose to start Lupron on CD 21 this month so we will see!!!
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oh hey, wow, blueyezz, we're going to be cycle buddies through this! AF would usually come for me around Sunday, too, and I'LL be starting Lupron on cd21 too! Cool.

I'm glad your surgery went well! I'm not a big fan of the pain killers either, and I'm sorry you're in pain. Feel better soon!
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So they're doing a day 5 transfer after all (in about 90 minutes!) I don't know if that means that one of the embryos suddenly speeded up, or what (I had a dream last night that one of them did.)

Wish me luck.
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Oh wow, good luck!
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My dream came true. Long story short - we went to the clinic today and they told me that of the embryos, 3 were either not developing at the correct rate - or had arrested - and 1 was going strong. (Yes, that means 4, not 3).

The other one had apparently decided that it wants to be a baby after all, and has decided to transform itself into a blastocyst!!! So the doctor hands me a picture of a blasto and says "well, there's the little guy, let's get started."

When I said that I thought it was game over, he agreed that 2 days earlier things looked "bleak" but that now our chances were as good as anyone's.

So I have 1 blastocyst hopefully making itself comfortable. Bed rest for 48 hours. I feel as though my prayers have been answered.

Thanks again for the wonderfully supportive messages!
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Slylives, what wonderful news!!! Rest up, and snuggle with your little baby in there.

ps - when's your test date?
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Slylives - Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
That is so awesome!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and I have a really good feeling!!!! Just trust and know it is out of your hands!!!!!!! Take care of yourself and that little bean in there!!!!! Keep us posted!!! You just made my night!!

Tear - Yeah!!!! I love having a cycle buddy!!! When is AF due for you?

AFM- I'm still lightly spotting, but no AF yet!!!! I know I'm not prego bc before my surgery they make you take a test even before you put the gown on! Wonder what they do if AF doesn't show up???
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blueyezz, AF is due probably today for me. I assume if she doesn't show up for you, you could ask for an ultrasound appointment and bloodwork tomorrow. It's possible you implanted after the surgery. It's also possible the surgery threw your body off a bit and that's the reason for no AF yet. Here's hoping for clarity soon, for both of us (especially the bfp kind).
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
blueyezz, AF is due probably today for me.
AF, AF, go away. Don't come back for many days...
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Originally Posted by Carlyle View Post
AF, AF, go away. Don't come back for many days...
lol, you're cute.
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Originally Posted by Carlyle View Post
AF, AF, go away. Don't come back for many days...
Thanks for the chant, but it didn't work!! AF knocked on my door this morning!!! CD 1 today so 20 days to go before the first injection!! Let the count down begin!!!!!
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Where is everyone???? I'm bored and stuck at home so I need to know how everyone is doing???

Slylives how are you feeling? Did you survive the bedrest??? Any symptoms yet? I know it's early, just thinking of you!!!

Tear -AF show up? Are we on for being cycle buddies??

Keria - how's are things?

And everyones???????????????????????????????????
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Hi everyone! Sorry for the very delayed response . . . We have been out of town for the last couple of weeks and things have been pretty busy. Good news! We are pregnant! The first ultrasound is Oct. 11. We are extremely excited, but still nervous. It seems like it's always a waiting game. Lol! Hopefully, relief will come after week 12. I truly appreciate all of you guys being so supportive. I am still catching up with everyone's posts from the last week or so. I hope all is well for everyone!
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Blueeyyez: I am sorry to hear that you had to undergo surgery. I hope you are recovering well. Which IF treatment are you going through?

Sylvies: I am very excited for you! When is your first beta test? When I was on bed rest I ate fresh pineapple (eat the core-it contains the most nutrients) and drank pineapple juice. They say that pineapple helps with implantation. Also, my acupuncturist recommended eating lamb and beef. I did all of these things and so far so good! I'm 6 weeks pregnant! Enjoy rest and listen to your body. I ended up doing 4 days of bed rest. I didn't feel like my body was ready to go back to the normal routine after only 48 hrs, but everyone is different. I am thinking positive happy thoughts for you during this time. The 2ww is a little tough. Keep yourself distracted as much as possible.
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Samkris123 -
That is so awesome!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! When you did your transfer did you transfer both embryos or just one? Can't wait to hear how many are in there after your first U/S. What are your hcg numbers at?? Yeah!!!!!!!

Oh... to answer your question... we will be starting Lupron on CD 21 (Oct 16th) for our first IVF!!! Excited and now even more after hearing about your BFP!!!
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AF is finally here, at 16dpo. STOP messing with me, lady! Anyway, so blueyezz, the countdown starts TODAY for me. So we're close to cycle buddies.

samkris, WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm so glad for you! I'm going to go change the first page. Oh, and I heard about the pineapple thing, too!

slylives, did I see correctly somewhere that your test date is Monday?

afm, I have to admit getting to 15dpo and having no bleeding got me hoping. sigh...even after all this time. So now I need to remember to put my eyes forward and focus on our IVF. I think I was hoping not to have to...tomorrow I'm sure I'll be back to just about it.
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Tear- so sorry to hear AF showed up!! She did that to me last month and I thought "this would just be my luck, I've paid for the IVF and then to get a BFP (don't get me wrong, I'd be soo happy if it actually would have been true), but it didn't work." I'm glad we can be cycle buddies! I'll just be 2 days ahead of you!!!! Do you have your meds yet? I'm going to wait one more week to get them b/c we are going away at the end of the week and I don't want them sitting here while we are gone. I have a feeling that day will be a little overwhelming getting all of those meds in the mail!!!
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