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I am fine - stayed an extra 12 hours on bedrest, but now I am up and about. Trying not to think about Monday - that's when I have my beta. Despite all the stories about negative HPTs turning into positive betas, I am going to test myself on Sunday or Monday morning. If it's negative, I need to be somewhere I can curl up and die for a while. (I was actually in the middle of the queue at a gas station when I got news of my last Clomid BFN. Not fun.)

Other than that, feeling OK. The occasional "stretchy" feeling in my abdomen, but frankly that could just be gas!!
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Woohoo Samkris our first fall BFP Awesome.

Sylvies I have my fingers crossed for you.

Tear and blueyezz the ball is already rolling for you guys how exciting!!!

AFM, We had DHs appointment today with another andrologist/urologist and it went well, he wants to do a couple of more test but he said that we should start thinking of doing IVF/ICSI, way ahead of you doctor, he said he can recommend one of the IVF specialists so we can go for a consult.
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Congratulations samkris! How exciting for you!

slylives, I hope this is the one for you.. the waiting is so, so hard.

Blue and Tear, it's nice to have someone as a cycle buddy, a little extra support

I head in tomorrow for an ultrasound and more bloodwork. One week from today is my transfer. I'm up to taking a pill every 8 hours + an injection at night... my cell phone is riddled with alarms for meds I'll have them draw on my progesterone targets tomorrow, since I start prog. on Sunday and won't see them again before then. It feels much less real this time than it did before... you're at such a distance from the cycle. Only two ultrasounds, blood twice a week... other than that you're on your own. There's no progression like there is with a fresh cycle. It's very confusing.
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Totally thread crashing to say....

Hi Tear... I lurked and located you. And I am so, so, so happy and excited to see that you and DH are moving on to IVF. I know it will be a long hard road, but I hope with every bit of hope that you will be as successful as two other BSLs (Kelly & Nanette)... and end up with healthy and sticky twins!

Sending you lots of Lady.

And wow... Hi Court!!!!
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Well, I've been doing HPTs for the last few days to see if the trigger shot has got out of my system. I tested BFN on Wednesday.

Today I tested and got a BFP. I am trying not to get too excited - I have my beta on Monday at my doctor's office, and will see what the numbers are. But I am hopeful. And very cautious. I know that false negatives are reasonably common - can the same be said for false positives?
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False positives are far, far rarer than false negatives. Got my fingers crossed for you!!
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Slylives so freaking happy I knew it/
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SLYLIVES!!! That's WONDERFUL! Can I put it on the first page, or do you want me to wait for the beta?

Be back for a more detailed update/personals when I have more time.
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ok, I'm back:

blueyezz, we have some of our meds, but we have a ton left to order. We're going to wait until my next period, since the pharmacy is really quick. And yes...I think I need a new refrigerator just for meds, it's ridiculous. Happy cycle buddying!

slylives, another and "stretchy feelings?"

Keria, I'm so glad your appointment went well and you're headed for your consult soon! Yay!

ratgrl, that does sound confusing and strange, to be so distanced. And yeah, I'm starting to have a hard time fitting in all my meds in too. We're here for you to help you get ready for the transfer next week!

lisko Thanks for saying hi! I hope Caleb is doing well. I miss you!

And yeah, Court, how are you doing quiet (aka good role model) lady?
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Slylives - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you!!! Fingers crossed my friend for a very sticky one or two!!!! So how many days did it take to get the trigger shot out of your system? I know everyone is different. I know with my IUI's it would take i think 5 days but for the IVF I have heard the trigger is more potent!!

ratgirl - a pill every 8?? What pill are you taking every 8 hrs? Never heard of that??

Tear - How the heck do you hide all those meds if someone comes over that you don't really want to know like your MIL???? We will see. I guess worse comes to worse i'll move them to the garage fridge or hide them in the crisper drawer!!! LOL I'm actually excited to get this ball rolling. I'm going to order my meds to come on Monday the 11th!!! Are you tell everyone or a select amount of people??
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blueyezz, lol...yeah, I don't have people over that much. As for who knows...let's see: my sister, my parents, my in-laws...well everybody in my family knows that we had a m/c so they must know we're struggling still (though they don't know we're in for an IVF), plus I told a couple people at work including my principal who, GET THIS, says "I went through that too, it's one of the hardest things you go through in your whole life." I'm just starting to feel like, SCREW YOU world, I'm not keeping this a secret anymore for your comfort. It's stressful for me to hide it from everybody. I'm not telling people who I think will give me an annoying response. Just the necessary people I guess. I'm thinking of telling my work colleagues because they're going to guess something is up when I'm late/missing all the time all of a sudden in about a month. I dunno. What about you?
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Tear - That is great that you were able to tell your principle and that she can understand what you are going through!! I kinda feel like you, about how it is so hard to hide from everyone and I also feel like I'm kinda being antisocial at times b/c it is the BIG thing that is going on in my life right now and at times I feel like I have to hide it. I guess I kinda have mixed feelings about the whole thing and sometimes I want to let everyone know and others times I think about how "taboo" it is, or society has kinda made it, for even someone who doesn't have IF to tell that they are even TTC in general. It is so hard especially after all that we have been through w/ TTC for over 4 yrs & our loss last June to tell too many people. Who knows about our upcoming IVF process...well, my parents, my aunt, two of my SIL's and some of my closest friends, I think that is it. I'm not the type of person that likes to be the center of attention and I don't want people watching my every move just wondering if we are pregnant yet or what-not, so I kinda stay private about the whole thing to an extent. My DH has joked (i think he is joking and it is good that we can now joke) that the next time we get prego we won't be able to tell anyone until we hit the 23 wk point since we only made it to 22.5wks last time. I don't think that will be the case and after going through what we did, I know how important it is to have friends and family there to support you in rough times like that. I'm sure you understand. It is such a hard thing to know what to do (tell or not tell) and where to draw the line, but I think everyone just has to do what they are comfortable with and hope, wish and pray for the best. That is what I do, at least!!! Good luck to you and to all the other!!!
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blueyezz4 I tested 11 days after the trigger and it was gone (although that was the first time I tested, so it may have left my system before then.) I tested positive 2 days later - so 6 days post my 5-day transfer (6dp5dt to the initiated!)

And I completely understand the need to keep things to yourself. I haven't even told my parents that we're doing IVF. Honestly, I don't need the "how are you?" questions. We fly back to the UK for Christmas this year - hopefully I will be safely in the second trimester and they will see from my bump!
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Hi All,
Joining the IVF Gang here! I've been lurking for a week or so...
Tear, I remember you from the other TTC boards. I've had one m/c and one chemical and just turned 40, so DH and I decided to get more aggressive. We did HcG/progesterone/Lovenox for a few months without success. We've been pregnant twice in 17 months, but don't want to waste anymore time. Anyway, we started a cycle of IUI and are converting to IVF. ER will be sometime later this week. I'm trying to stay relaxed and positive. It's kind of nice that we just jumped right in without too much time to obsess--I think that's why I'm feeling relaxed.

I'm happy to be here to support each other after spending time on the TTC and TTC after loss boards.

slylives--keeping my fingers crossed for you! a positive HPT is a VERY good sign!!!

tear and blueyezz4--I can totally relate to the tell/not tell dilemma. We haven't told our parents either and plan on waiting until the end of the 1st tri. The first loss was awful; we told everyone right away for the 2nd (thinking it can't happen twice)--then it was a chemical.
We've told my sister, DH's brother (who's just gone through IVF w/donor egg w/same RE), and I've told my boss/colleagues (because I'll miss work soon). I, too, have the feeling of "hiding" this huge part of my life from people and being antisocial--I can't help it. It's just too painful to get others' hopes up, keep people up to date, etc. I think a smaller circle of confidantes is the best way to go for me...
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songtothemoon - Welcome!!! I sure hope your stay here is short!!! Fingers crossed for you and your ET later this week!! Keep us posted!! So sorry to hear about your losses!!
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I'm pregnant!

Dr. just called to confirm my BFP. Beta is 148, what he called a "strong, healthy number." I need to go back for another beta on Wednesday and an ultrasound in two weeks.

Praying that this little one sticks. Going to have a good cry now.

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Just wanted to pop in to see how you ladies are doing!

Congrats to you ladies on the BFPs!!! What an exciting time! I wish you all the best!

ratgrl: glad to read that you're doing a FET. It has been a long process for you and you've been through the wringer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I know how difficult this can be and truly hope all of you successful cycles

Tear: always sending you lots of good vibes
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slylives, WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Cry it out girl, you've earned it! And stick, little one, stick!

Kelly, it's SO good to hear from you! You are my trailblazer success story that I hang on to, and I love seeing that you're doing well! Thank you for checking on me!

songtothemoon, welcome! I remember you, too. It must be exciting to be gearing up to an IVF on sudden notice, but overwhelming too. I'm glad you're here! Please let us know when you have a more solid retrieval date so we can send you good vibes.

blueyezz, I totally hear you on feeling antisocial over this: I feel like I can't contribute to the major topic people talk about. Not only that, but I get all tense and weird and blinky when they talk about it. ugh. I definitely don't welcome comments, and people checking up on me, and that's why I don't want too many people to know about it, but I think it might help to communicate what we're going through and to say that this is a topic I don't want to discuss, just want them to know why I'm out so much... Does that make sense? I feel like, with all the appointments coming up, they'll be talking about me regardless anyway. sigh...I agree, everybody needs to decide what they feel comfortable with.

ratgrl, two days!!! How are things going?

afm - ok, I wasn't so sure about taking the herbs my acupuncturist recommended, but I did, and MAN, am I glad!!! She said my pulse sounded really strong and balanced today. And then I went to check on my FSH level from Friday (it's been elevated for months and months, and it was 16 last cycle. Under 11 is "normal.") Anyway...it was 9.5!!!!!! It's NEVER been that low! I thank the herbs and acupuncture, honestly. Seriously, good stuff.
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slylives, congrats. I really hope this is it for you!

Transfer is set for 11am Wednesday. I feel good about it. My butt is already sore from the progesterone... forgot how big the needles were! Last pre-transfer bloodwork is tomorrow. My beta is in 13 days.
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Slylives - Congrats!!!! So glad to hear it is official!!! What day is you U/S??? So excited for you!!!

Kelly - Looks like you are 32 wks pregnant w/ twins.... Is that right? Do you know what you are having? Are you an IVF sucess story??? Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!!!

Tear - so what herbs are you on? I know that my Drs office told me to stop taking all herbal supplements once we start on IVF meds. Are you going to keep taking them or no? I'm always torn b/c i really think that stuff is good but I also don't want to do think that they don't agree with. so hard!!!

Everytime I tell someone that we are going to be going through the IVF process I always say to keep it to yourself and that we really aren't telling too many people so that way they know not to say anything.

ratgrl - fingers crossed for you tomorrow! Let us know how it goes!!!! When did you start progesterone? I don't think I start it until after my transfer but i'm sure all offices are different. Have you heard any updates on how your follies are doing?? How many are you putting back in???? Good luck!!!!
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