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Knit maternity pants.

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Don't judge me.

But with two babies in there, I am rapidly outgrowing all my maternity bottoms. Tops are OK, but the bottoms aren't working for me. The only two things that don't make me want to strip and run naked down the street-- and trust me, NO ONE wants that-- are a couple skirts I have with "yoga bands" at the waist and these horrible ugly knit pants with elastic waistbands that I have had since my first pregnancy 11 years ago. Unfortunately, I only have a few pair of these. One black pair has a giant runner down the butt and is no longer suitable to wear outside and another pair are actually capris. Anyone know where I can get some more? I can't find them anywhere.
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Oh, and I'm also looking for a couple pair of cheap maternity leggings. I have a couple dresses, but my belly juts out so much that I really need to wear something under them.
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I purchased my pants from Target although they are plus sized rather than strictly maternity but I'm not sure they are the same "knit" as what you had. I'll see if I can find a link for you...

I don't know these are exactly the same...I think mine are "merona" but they are similar


I like that the waist band can roll down or come up to my armpits for more comfort. Also, I noticed at the bottom of the description, free shipping on $50, and 20% off if you spend $75.

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I think I saw some online at Old Navy.

Do you want belly coverage too, or could you buy regular womens pants that sit really low, below baby bump?

Target does have some nice pants on their clearance racks right now, around here, at least.

I'm not nearly as blooming pregnant as you, and I'm quite fond of my knit pants. They're the only ones that stay put and are comfortable.
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Things that sit below my belly really really bother me for some reason. I like being able to pull the pants up under my boobs.
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Our "Value Village", which is similar to Goodwill has an amazing selection of maternity clothes. I've noticed that the Pea in the Pod brand has the kind of belly that goes up and over. The only thing is the material of that bit is kind of scratchy, imo. I'd try that brand and check out your second hand stores. Maternity is has by far the best condition clothing in our shop. Good luck!
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Hmm. Have you looked on eBay yet?

Old Navy has velour pants and it looks like one type of leggings on their website. They are also having a sale right now.
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QVC has this line called Denim & Company and they have really attractive boot cut leggings that are stretchy and soft. I used them through my previous pregnancy. I don't know whether they'll accommodate twins, but I think they would. They also have lot of "big" tops that were perfect for maternity wear. And the price point was excellent. The leggings also come in talls and petites.

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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Things that sit below my belly really really bother me for some reason. I like being able to pull the pants up under my boobs.

I do, too. It's taken me 2 pregnancies to figure out why, lol. It's more secure, holds everything in better. After 5 pregnancies, I need more support. I'm sure with twins you probably feel the same.

As for ebay... don't look there, seriously. The clothes ALL suck or are overpriced. Many of the things I saw (that weren't xs.. there's lots of cute mat clothes in xs, but who fits in those??) were very outdated.

I love my yoga pants with the roll down waistband, they fit before/during/after! I got mine at Wal*Mart for $10/pr but that was before this pregnancy. Not sure if they still sell them or not. My last pregnancy the two pairs of yoga pants I had lasted me longer than the expensive maternity clothes I bought.
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No help here. The kind of pants your are talking about I found while thrifting. I lurve them. And now, at 37 weeks, they are the only comfy things I can wear. Seems like all my other 'maternity' pants are going more and more southward, while my shirts are migrating northward, leaving me with a tres sexah lower belly bump exposure or, the even more sexah popping out belly button peak.

But the two that I have are very similar to yoga pants, like Demeter mentioned. Very stretchy, soft light jersey material. I think mine are from old navy. And they really do work nicely post partum too.

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I believe I saw some maternity leggings on clearance at Target.com.

With my first pregnancy, I had issues with my maternity shirts becoming too short towards the end and I only had one bub in there!
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Clearance at Target is my kind of purchase, LOL! I'll have to check it out. I did check out Ebay, but you're right, they're selection kind of sucks. And I check out thrift stores when I can, but I'm just not really up to all day thrift-a-thons like I used to be. I looked online but everything seemed ridiculously expensive for what I want. I just want preggo fat pants, you know? Nice, comfy, elastic-waisted pants.
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my sister had twins last year and carried to 37 weeks. Clothes were a big problem for her and she could only find a couple outfits that were comfy by the end. I think she splurged on Pea in the Pod leggings and paired them with shirts every day. After watching her daily dilemma, i think someone should make twin maternity clothes! Especially with ladies carrying to full term more often.
good luck to you!
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i just bought some from old navy maternity which are actually pretty comfortable. but i love gap maternity best. they are one of the only companies that makes smaller sizes which actually fit.
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Originally Posted by hawthornehill View Post
i just bought some from old navy maternity which are actually pretty comfortable. but i love gap maternity best. they are one of the only companies that makes smaller sizes which actually fit.
Yeah, smaller sizes aren't exactly my issue.
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I bought my maternity pants and shirts online from formultiples.com.  They are specially designed for mom's with multiples.  They were perfect.  They were all I wore during my recent twin pregnancy.


Hope this helps. 

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My mom picked up a pair of black knit pants for me on Clearance at Macy's. They are motherhood brand. They are so comfortable! I'm in them all the time at home. Don't wear them much out because they are a magnet for the cat's and dog's hair. Uuuughhhh the things we wear to feel comfortable!
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