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Husband has no interest to meet other parents..

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I'm a SAHM so naturally interacting with others on the weekend to include my husband is desired -for a break and time with adults. My husband has no interest. I get it since I was once in corporate and had back to back meetings but I do think it's important to get to know your child's friends' parents, especially for drop off playdates. It is so hard to motivate my husband. I don't set up "couple or family dates" often but now that my husband has met everyone once he has no interest in meeting them again. How do I politely bow out or motivate him? I give the usual (truthful) excuse to other people but being a New Yorker, I feel like just saying- he's not into it- tell it like it is. I've been successful dodging but heck, an occassional outing isn't a bad thing. My hubby is all work. If it weren't for the kids he'd just work- I of course need more interaction and don't want to always talk about the kids or his work.
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I usually get out & about as much as I can during the week (moms groups etc.) & just accept that DH would rather stay home on the weekends. But I have found there are a few things that DH will get really excited about -- concerts in the park or visiting a local farm, for example, are things he loves -- so then I invite other friends to those kind of outings. I guess I'm saying, can you try to shift the focus from meeting other parents to doing family activities (with other parents) that he would enjoy?
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This post is way outdated now, but given the low activity at the Dad's forum, bumping doesn't seem like such an egregious sin.


I'm just like the OP's husband. I have trouble wanting to get out and do groupy social things. I was an only child and my own parents didn't play with me much (parents sometimes "give up" on boys after awhile and leave them alone, while giving more attention to girls and their feelings--it's a socialization thing), so I spent a lot of time doing things by myself and when the weekend rolls along I need time away from people in general. It's not social anxiety, I don't become ill talking with others and I am a good conversationalist, but I usually prefer some "me" time on the weekends.


Anyone else like this? I would guess that there are more Dad's like this than not, though there are many social extrovert dad's out there. 



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