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natural shampoos and other stuff

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I'm thinking about switching to more natural products this time around.. anyone have any favorite products or ideas about how to find safer alternatives?

Here's the stuff that I use. Some is expendable, but I'd like to find replacements for most..

Hair product
Shaving cream
Hand soap
Bar soap

Thanks everyone - and hopefully this topic is of interest to others!
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Okay a few suggestions for a few of them!

Shampoo -- I use Trader Joes brand....I am not even sure the name! But I like it!

Toothpaste- We LOVE Spry! We get it at our local health food store!
Mouthwash - Tom's is decent. I'm sure if you go to a HFS you could find a replacement to try!

Moisturizer - Trader joe's again

Hand soap - I make my own with Dr. Bronners and water in a pump style soap bottle! It is SO cheap as we go through a lot of soap....DD loves to play with it! We love it. It comes in different flavors and we have NEVER gone through a whole bottle yet!
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you will probably find this website useful:


-I really like Earth Mama Angel Baby products, and California Baby is also good.
-I like Jason for mouthwash and toothpaste.
-For shaving I discovered a great shaving cream by Kiss My Face, it comes in a plastic bottle with a pump and lasts for ages. I get the unscented version which to me smells ever so lightly of coconut (as most unscented natural products do for some reason). I tried a lavender scented and a vanilla scented ones and hated them both.
-For foundation: My favorite right now is a tinted moisturizer from Tarte (at Sephora)-so lightweight that you dont see it on the skin, yet it evens out skintone.

Also, see this post i made recently:


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I love Dessert Essences brand for shampoo, face wash and moisturizer. I use Dr. Bronners as a body wash. Tom's of Maine is a good toothpaste as well.
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Shampoo- Nature's Gate Awapuhi Shampoo and conditioner
Toothpaste- I make it myself. let me know if you want a recipe
Mouthwash- Toms? I dont use it.
Deodorant- I use Arm & Hammer natural...not the best but it keeps the smell away!
Moisturizer- coconut oil!
Foundation- Physician's Formula Organic wear
Hair product- no natural alternative found yet.
Shaving cream- bar soap!
Hand soap- Method is pretty good
Bar soap- Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar soap
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Thank you all for all of the recommendations - this is really fantastic!

I LOVE http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ and have been there before (I also use their reviews for sunscreen), but have two gripes with it:

1. There are sooo many brands! This is really a good thing, but I wish that they had a star or something indicating popular brands that you're likely to find in a store. I guess I should write down the good-looking brands that I see in the store first, come home and look them up, and then go back and make my picks? Or is there an easier way? I don't shop much online since UPS doesn't deliver here and we have to drive a long way for packages.

2. The "data gap" score. Many of the things rated as safe have a very high "data gap" score, indicating that the particular ingredient hasn't been evaluated for safety. I wish you could sort for products that were safe and had a low data gap. Oh well, maybe I'm being too picky!
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MrsBone - what kind of coconut oil do you use for moisturizer? I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin but am willing to give it a try. I'd also love to see your recipe for toothpaste. Thanks!

BTW just noticed that our first kids are only 1 day apart
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I'm also interested in the homemade toothpaste recipe. Does anyone make their own cleaners as well? I use vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle, with baking soda as an abrasive when necessary.

I use a crystal deodorant stone, handmade soap [made by a friend}, and have been using up the last of my shampoo/conditioner before I buy natural products. I'm also planning to buy some cocoa butter to use for lotion.
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Shampoo - dr bronners castile soap. prefer peppermint
Conditioner - nothing, just the dr bronners for my hair
Toothpaste - I'm finishing up a crap tube currently, but I also use dr bronners peppermint too. It tastes awful but doing the full 2 minutes on teeth and tongue and my mouth feels dentist clean.
Mouthwash - don't use it
Deodorant - currently have kiss my face unscented, but I want to try a crystal
Moisturizer - coconut oil
Foundation - I don't use it
Hair product - I don't use it
Shaving cream - I don't use it, just shave with water
Hand soap - using up some method naked but then I'll probably mix dr bronners with water in a foam pump.
Bar soap - don't use it... I wash with dr bronners. yeah, I like using just one product... makes it easy just buying a big bottle haha
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Shampoo I use Bar soap shampoo from CV
Conditioner havent used that in years, sorry Shampoo bars saved me, BUT when I do need something like that...EVOO, coconut oil, jojoba and herbs does the trick, sometimes shea if its really dry
Toothpaste JASON and TOMS and Himilaya
Mouthwash JASON
Deodorant TOMS
Moisturizer One with nature
Bar soap also CV soaps

I avoid shaving...and makeup....
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Originally Posted by sillysmile View Post
I'm thinking about switching to more natural products this time around.. anyone have any favorite products or ideas about how to find safer alternatives?

Here's the stuff that I use. Some is expendable, but I'd like to find replacements for most..

Shampoo- Biolage and Bumble & Bumble. Tried organic and can't do it. I have weird hair type.

Conditioner- Bumble & Bumble, again, tried organic and it doesn't work with my hair.

Toothpaste- Spry

Mouthwash- don't use but have used the Spry mouth rinse and liked it

Deodorant- Secret

Moisturizer- trying to find a new organic one. I have my eye on Juice Organics

Foundation- Mary Kay (my sister in law sells it) I don't use it very often

Hair product- Bumble & Bumble gel

Shaving cream- Don't use. I just use my bar of soap that I wash with

Hand soap- Dial with grapeseed oil in the bathroom and a all natural one at the kitchen sink, can't think of the name. Found it at Target.

Bar soap- Don't remember the name but is all natural. Have bought in the past from Blue House Soaps and have been very happy. I also get goats milk soap from a local gal about once a year and love it!

Thanks everyone - and hopefully this topic is of interest to others!
Hope this helps!
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Everyone in my family has super sensitive skin so we have to be pretty picky about the products we use.

Shampoo: I personally love to no-poo (mix baking soda and honey together, slather in hair rinse then rinse with apple cider vinegar), my husband loves Nature's Gate Henna shampoo, and my children use Burt's Bees Grapefruit.

Conditioner: We don't use it

Toothpaste: We like Tom's Mint Gel, the kids use Silly Strawberry without Flouride

Mouthwash: Spry Xylitol (we order it from Vitacost.com)

Deodorant: I use baking soda mixed with coconut oil (this is all I've found that works at all on me. . .although I do want to try Pit Putty someday) My husband uses a crystal salt type and swears by it

Moisturizer: I slather my body with olive oil or coconut oil everytime I shower. I also make my own face cream when I have time.

Foundation: Don't use it, but I do use powder.

Hair product: Don't use it, when I do my dd's hair for some special occasion I use Biolage (which isn't natural at all)

Shaving cream: We buy a natural shaving soap

Hand soap: We buy one of those crappy foamy soaps, use it up, then refill with dr Bronners mixed with water

Bar soap: Dr Bronner's Lavender or Baby mild. Or I buy from a soapmaker. I'm hoping to start making soap soon. . .wish me luck
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Here's my list:

Shampoo - My fave is Nature's Gate Chamomile. (I think it is labeled for color-treated hair or something. My hair is not treated in any way, but this stuff is awesome!) It smells heavenly and works beautifully on my very fine, curly hair that gets weighed down super easily. I have a ton of hair!

Conditioner - My fave is Sonoma brand. The Nature's Gate is too heavy, but the Sonoma is the perfect blend of conditioning without weighing my curls down.

Toothpaste - We use Herbodent and a homeopathic toothpaste (both ordered online).

Mouthwash - I gargle with saltwater after oil-pulling, which is part of my oral health regimen.

Deodorant - I use a crystal rock (most cost-effective by far), but I also like the crystal roll-on formula. I like the Naturally Fresh brand better than Kiss My Face. The KMF is sticky-feeling to me and when I got a scented one, WHOA!!! Way too strong.

Moisturizer - I use a homemade blend of oils around my eyes and then a dab of virgin coconut oil over most of my face, neck, and décolletage. (I skip my nose and chin.) The trick to using oils is making sure the skin is damp before applying the oils. The oils themselves are not moisturizing; they simply do the best job of sealing in moisture. I use Heritage rosewater, which is moisturizing AND damp, all over my face, neck, and decolletage morning and night. That's my moisturizer most of the time (along with my eye oil blend) and I only do the VCO when needed (usually at night).

Foundation - I rarely use it, so I haven't switched to healthier formulas. I have Origins in liquid and a dept store brand in powder foundation (maybe Lancome?).

Hair product - I don't use it, but I have read about many people making a flax seed gel.

Shaving cream - I love the Sonoma brand, but I often just use my body wash.

Hand soap - I like Nature's Gate Organics.

Bar soap - DH uses whatever bar soap we have. DD & I prefer body wash. DH is using the healthier stuff by far. DD & I are working our way through the stash of "popular" stuff we already own before buying the healthier versions. Honestly, stuff we wash immediately off our bodies is lower down my priority list.
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Where do you find coconut oil? I can't find it anywhere!!!
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I purchased my last batch from Amazon at an amazing price. Time before I ponied up some serious cash (even though it was on sale) at the hfs.

I have seen it at Wal-mart! It is with the vitamins, though, which was really odd!
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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
I purchased my last batch from Amazon at an amazing price. Time before I ponied up some serious cash (even though it was on sale) at the hfs.

I have seen it at Wal-mart! It is with the vitamins, though, which was really odd!
hey thank you for the suggestion... I will check wally world because they seem to have some rare stuff you can't find in the grocery store!
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Originally Posted by Amy0417 View Post
Where do you find coconut oil? I can't find it anywhere!!!
I have bought it from mountain rose herbs and from vitacost. I like both, but the mountain rose unrefined is my favorite.
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Shampoo-- water. I don't use shampoo. every few months, I'll use a naturalish conditioner sitting around the house to shampoo my hair (we moved into dads and since sis is aware about cosmetic safety but moved to college recently, there are a lot (like 6) bottles of various brands of natural conditioner sitting around. I read the ingrediants and see if I feel comfy with it. Before, I used the last bits of my EO conditioner. again, that's only every few months. there can be a knarly transition period to water only hair care, but it's soooo easy now, and my hair loves it. (and does not smell at all, or look dirty, grimy, gross or oily).
Conditioner-oil. I have a lot of different ways I use it. My fave is a deep hot olive oil treatment. I take a bunch of olive oil (maybe a 1/4 to a 1/2 c.? I don't measure) heat it up (used to be I heated it in microwave til pretty warm but not boiling), and use my hand to spread it through wet hair, till all the hair was coated. Then I wore my hair up and in a scarf for two days. By 24 hours, my hair looked damp but not oily. 36-48 hours later, it looks soft, perfect curls, just beautiful, and not a trace of oilyness left. (though I do have dry hair anyways.) I also do lighter treatments, taking a fingerful or two of coconut oil, about the size of a peanut or two (shelled) (just the same stuff I use in the kitchen), and rub it through my hair, wet or dry, particularly on the ends. It's not as deep a treatment though it helps. I deep oil treat maybe every 6-8 months though I'd like to do it every other month or so, and light oil every other month, and would rather shoot for every other week or every week.
Toothpaste-- we were using baking soda and salt and spices and a drop of tea tree essential oil, but we felt it was wearing our teeth and gums down, so we now use weleda, something or other. I like it. it's some weird herb/tree that starts with an r is the name of the specific kind I got.
Mouthwash no need. if my breath smells, I brush my teeth.
I need help here. I definitely haven't figured this out. of course.... remembering where I put the deodorant and remembering to put it on might help more than a new brand... I have toms and a crystal one floating around somewhere. can't find them since my camping trip.
Moisturizer- coconut oil, olive oil, natural lotions I'm gifted (I read the ingrediants first.) (mom likes to give me things like lotions for easter even though I don't celebrate it, but she's good about getting fairly natural stuff. or at least... usually decent stuff and sometimes greenwashed stuff.)
Foundation ummmmm... whats that? I've never worn foundation except for plays in my life.
Hair product none, but I really want to try using the gel from flaxseeds to help hold my curls from frizzing for some fancy occasion though. it's supposed to be pretty good. also, the coconut oil helps keep the frizz down.
Shaving cream soap
Hand soap Dr. Bronners diluted. leftover method.
Bar soap various artisan castille soaps mostly. other artisan "true" (or not detergent) by lye and fat soaps. Last year I asked my mom (since I knew she would be making a stocking for me since she always does) to give me a years worth of nice fancy castille soaps instead of do-dads that would clutter my house in my stocking. She did, in the most splendid fashion, four bars of delicious healthy soap. I still have 1.5 left and it's almost oct. This year, we are hopefully going to make our own soaps. (hopefully tallow though maybe a few castille as gifts for veggies in the fam. I think I've got some good prices on tallow availible.

(and to the pp, yeah, I use vinegar and baking soda as my cleaning products too. I have a spray bottle with diluted (or sometimes full strength) vinegar (that currently has a smidge of tea tree oil in it as well, which is great), and use baking soda and soap pretty much exclusively to clean. and lots of bac-out)
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Here is what I use.

Shampoo - I'm on day 7 of no poo and am liking what I see so far.
Conditioner - None
Toothpaste - Green healing clay
Mouthwash - None
Deodorant - None
Moisturizer - Homemade ointment made with coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, honey and infused herbs
Foundation - None
Hair product - None
Shaving cream - Soap for my armpits. I use an epilator on my legs and bikini area.
Hand soap - Dr. Bronner baby mild bar soap
Bar soap - Same as above
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i use toms deoderant the lavender one and i love it
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