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Babywearing twins: Hit me with your best recs

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What I have:
an old school Ergo that I found for $5 at a thrift store
a Maya wrap that really shouldn't be used anymore-- I have used it for 3 kids and the fabric is starting to slip at the rings
a Moby wrap

So, what do I need to babywear twins?
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Two things worked for me. Although I will admit that I didn't wear them as much as I wore my singleton babes.

When they were really young (newborn to about 4-5 months) I would wear them both in a moby wrap. They spent many an hour snuggled up together in there. But eventually, I found them just too big and heavy.

After 5 months when I needed to carry both of them at the same time I would use an Ergo for a back carry and a mei tei for a front carry. You could probably use the moby wrap for the front and the Ergo for the back. I just found the mei tei easier to tie on than the moby once I already had someone on my back.
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Thanks! I've never used the Moby, but there are two mamas in our homeschool co-op who know how, so I will have to get them to show me.
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The moby for sure, while they're little, and since you have used a rs, you can wear 2 rs to put one on each hip.
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make sure you go to the moby website, they have great info on how to use their wrap. My cousin who has 4 month old twins wears them in her Moby all the time.
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I didn't have twins, but I did in-home daycare for a baby the same age as my son & we lived on the 3rd floor so any time I took them out of the house, I had to be wearing both for safety, and if I wanted to be able to carry a single other thing. My experience is from roughly 6-15 months

I used the ergo/mei tai combo for a while (I think I did mei tai on the back, clip ergo on the front though) but eventually switched to 2 ergos front and back. I was pretty comfy like that for a few hours a day until they hit 45lbs combined.

I did have multiple pouch slings for hip carries but I never found that amazingly useful -- too much baby bulk to get much done, and too much weight directly on my hips to walk much of a distance. I mostly just use them single when one was having a rough time during the day.
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thebabywearer.com has a forum on Wearing More Than One, where you can find more help, and pics.
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