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~~September 5th Weekly Chat~~

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Have a great week, guys!
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haha, I ALMOST wasn't a thread killer this week, but I had to say thanks for the sympathetic ear and did!

Who made the lemon bars from the mothering newsletter last week? How were they? What are you eating? For dinner tonight we had greens and Gnocchi with cream sauce topped with bacon bits.
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I gotta say that the fact that this thread's title starts with the word SEPTEMBER is freaking me out a bit. Perhaps I should start acting like I need to make room for a 3rd child
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It's my son's 2nd b-day today. Anyone else have kids close in age like this ? I'm a little worried how he will react to his new baby brothers.
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Happy birthday to your little boy Chula. My youngest will turn three next month and she is regressing already. She's always been WAAAY ahead of the curve trying to keep up with her big sister (who is 5) but now she is changing into the baby now that there is so much talk of baby. It's just part of it, I think her sister went back to being herself somewhere around the first half of her first year.
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Thanks echo for the birthdays wishes here and on my blog. I appreciate the insight on the sibling thing as well, this is all new territory for me as my oldest and youngest are 8 yrs apart.
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My two year old has started saying she's a baby now. Same thing, I think all the talk about the baby in Momma's tummy. Still putting off thinking about how we're gonna handle a third little one....
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i have just posted a few times, but i am going to try to jump back in....

happy birthday to your little one chula! i think that 2 1/2 years apart is a really good distance apart- it is the same with my two older daughters. my dd1 was more wonderful with dd2 than i could have hoped for. no regression or jealousy, it was very smooth. but, now, with this pregnancy (she is five) she is excited, but acting out (and acting "down" like a baby) quite a lot. i feel like she knows what it is going to be like and she is preparing. maybe it is good if she goes through it now....

my youngest will be three at the end of nov. and, like you said, echospirit warrior, is way ahead of everything trying to keep up with her big sister. i wonder how that will turn out for her/us. she is also pretending that she is pregnant which is especially funny b/c she does have such a big belly and now she is extra-extra proud of it.

also ecospiritwarrior, i read your old post and i hope you are feeling a little better. it is really a lot to take in and to try to plan for. i hope that you can find a good helper or two.

"september" is scaring me too. for the first time ever, both of my girls are at preschool and my dh is at work. i feel lonely and like i should use my time better, but i am a little lost. and i need to think more about the baby too, so i figure this is a good place for me to be spending my time!
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echospiritwarrior, I'm sorry that things are so stressful right now.

Happy Birthday!

September isn't scaring me, but the approaching 20 week mark is scaring the pants off of me!

We survived the hurricane and didn't even lose power, though it seems we were lucky that way, some people were out for more than 24 hours.

Hopefully this week we'll finish getting the kids room sorted out. My dad is coming to take my sewing table away and we'll assemble the crib. My step-mom is going to help me fix up DS's dresser for the new baby and his clothes will move to the drawers under his bed.
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Sarah- the 20 week mark is taking me by surprise too! I'm 17wks now and I can't believe we're almost halfway through! A couple nights ago it kind of sunk in that soon we are actually going to have a baby, that I'm not just going to be pregnant from now on I've been waiting until ds goes back to school this week to get any real organizing going on.

My dh has restarted working on our bathroom reno this week- we ripped it apart a year ago (!) when I had the intention of recaulking the tub. When I did, I realized how gross the rest of the washroom was, well at least the tub area- there was a 60 yr old steel tub that was yellowing and the finish was coming off, there was a nasty old plastic tub surround that was yellowing and gross, so down it came and out came the tub (via sledgehammer), to find out that there were gross old ceramic tiles CEMENTED to the studs. So basically, half the washroom was gutted We got a new tub in, dh did the plumbing & got some of the cement board put up. Then spring & summer came & we got too busy to do any more work. This wknd he finished the cement board and we bought tiles so he's gonna start the tiling My goal is to have a bath in our nice new deep tub before the baby comes!

My ds starts school tomorrow This is his second year, he's going in to Senior Kindergarten, he's starting a new school though as he's going into French Immersion. He's a bit anxious about the language & not knowing anyone but I know he'll do fine. I'm a bit anxious for him but trying not to show it. We've been talking a lot about it & preparing him for as best we can. Last night he got a bit sad, saying he was going to miss me. He's only in afternoons though so it's just a couple hours each day. I told him he will have lots of fun, he can introduce himself and make new friends. He said "YA! I can tell them I'm Trent, I'm really fast and smart and I have the greatest Mom in the world!`

Chula- my kids are 29 months apart and I love the age gap. Ds was really into helping out with her, now they play together. They fight and bicker all the time too, but they love each other and are growing up well together.

My 3 yr old dd is pretending to be a baby too. I indulge her for now, it`s like a game to her, she just says `I`m a baby, say I`m cute!` and that`s about it

I`m feeling a lot more movement now, which is great and reassuring. I have my next midwife appt tomorrow & we are taking the kids, which they are very excited about. Then I get to find out when I can go for my next ultrasound
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Thank you both mcs and Sarah I really do think it was mainly an initial freak out due to not really expecting the news. Now I'm thrilled to be able to have a week together and am just reminding myself each day to take things one day at a time... I just can't process it thinking of the big picture. I'm also going to pray about finding a couple hours of child care each Wed. night so that I can sign up for a prenatal yoga series a few blocks from here- I think that will help me stay a little more grounded and focused!

After reading what mcs had to say I have to add that now I wouldn't even be thinking of adding another to our family if it weren't for how wonderfully close my two girls are, of course there are some troubles too, but much more joy than trouble!

My almost three year old is also pretending to have a baby! The older one gets upset and tells her she can't because mommy is going to have a baby! I crack up each time they have that conversation!

Twinkle I'm glad you were able to come out of the hurricane fine. 24 hours loss of power right now would just wipe me out. I can't imagine having to start over will all groceries etc. It sounds like you're getting things a put together for the LO! I'm still refusing to unpack baby clothes etc. because I really am not 100% about having this baby here. I'm also not sure how plausible thinking of selling and buying a house is right now by myself!

It is a little freaky thinking that the half way point is just around the corner!

One day at a time, one day at a time....
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Chula, happy b'day to your little one yesterday!

And just thinking about being about halfway through is a little crazy. But in a good way. I was 18 weeks yesterday, and have my 18 weeks scan tomorrow. And I'm a little freaked out about it (as in scared anything is wrong). It's in the morning, luckily, 9.45 am., so less than 18 hours away. We'll see about the sex too.
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happy labor day mamas! how am i? i'm not sure. i'm growing, so baby must be growing...and that's really exciting! i've felt some definite, i feel someone in there movement, but i've got to say, i'll be really excited when it's less subtle!

i definitely need to do some shopping soon. i've run out of pants! if it's not pressing on the belly, then the butt and thighs are too tight! i think i'll take myself out celebratory thrift shopping after we have our 16 week appointment on wednesday! btw, i also ordered the kangaroo korner adjustable pouch that i had been afraid i wasn't going to be able to find because their website was down, but i found a new one through another website! very cool!

somehow, i still feel very, "are we really going to have a baby?" maybe it's more unreal because of past losses, but it sometimes feels like we're just doing pregnancy. i don't know if that makes sense...maybe it will feel more baby when we feel lots of big movement. not sure, or maybe i just feel it's still so far away.

anyways, i love growing with baby, even with stuffy noses, a few nosebleeds, still a bit of nausea and a daily nap! i love growing with baby! what an incredible miracle nature and creation is...i'm so glad to be a part of it.
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Chula, my oldest 2 are 30 months apart and the spacing was fine. They really love each other, and have always been close even though at 10 and 7.5 (and for years now, lol) they fuss and bicker like all get out.
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Originally Posted by ashleybrook View Post
somehow, i still feel very, "are we really going to have a baby?" maybe it's more unreal because of past losses, but it sometimes feels like we're just doing pregnancy. i don't know if that makes sense...maybe it will feel more baby when we feel lots of big movement. not sure, or maybe i just feel it's still so far away.
I know how you feel, ashleybrook. I had a loss before this one and between midwife appts it still feels a little unreal. I told an acquaintance the other night and walked away thinking, 'Why am I still so nervous about telling people, like I'm going to jinx it?'

Maybe it's because I'm nearly halfway done (18 weeks) and don't want to think about all the preparations for our first baby! We had been meticulously planning this pregnancy around a big solo exhibition next year (I'm an artist). It was scheduled for December 2011, so I thought a birth in February would give me a nice cushion of time before the next big event. A month after I found out I was pregnant, they called to move my show up 6 months to June. The best laid plans...

Aaaaah, so much to do. I thought I'd accomplish a lot this summer, but I spent most of my "studio" time on the couch sleeping or trying not to puke. Now I've got to plow through the fall on a work and baby-preparation rampage! How do you all keep your energy up?
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My kids are spaced as follows:
20 months between 1 & 2
3 1/2 yrs between 2 & 3
21 months between 3 & 4 and 4 & 5
and 5 & 6 will be 2 years 3 months

I wouldn't change how close in age they are for anything. Sometimes it's hard, but they end up very close.

School starts Wednesday!
Can you tell I'm excited?
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Originally Posted by Chula13 View Post
It's my son's 2nd b-day today. Anyone else have kids close in age like this ? I'm a little worried how he will react to his new baby brothers.
I hope your son had a good day. My children are close together, and this LO is following the trend... right up to when s/he will be born. DD and DS are 24 months apart. There is only 2 weeks between their birthdays. And this baby is going to be born just before (if God is merciful) they turn 4 and 2. I always wanted my kids 2 years apart though, so it works out.

DH is already planning a vasectomy for after this baby apparently.... He said so to his sister last night. I kinda figured he'd want to... But I don't. And he hadn't told me he'd decided to. I figured M was our last baby anyway. But I am very NFP and it disappoints me. I'd like a 4th baby (yes, I'm crazy considering I have yet to make it to term and DH says my stitches feel like I have razor wire guarding my cervix)... I don't know. I should just quietly accept it, I think. We don't have the space or money for another after this one. And this one was such a surprise, we don't have the space for him/her yet either!

I can't believe we're nearing the halfway point! It's an odd combination of feelings for me, since this was halfway for baby 2, and 2/3s of the way for baby #1... and I get to be pregnant for 30 more weeks at least if the cerclage is 100% successful.

ETA: I have an u/s of my cervix tomorrow... I wonder if they'll be able to tell DH what the baby is...
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Not to hi-jack the thread... But anyone else already sick of the BH? I find them decidedly uncomfortable if I'm not getting enough water, and I can't seem to force myself to drink the gallon a day it would apparently take me to get that clear pee my OB and MW keep telling me to aim for.
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Mrs Music- I am so with you on that. Two days in a row I had bad sharp low pains that only went away after tons of water.
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Chula- My first two are a little less than 22 months apart. They adore each other for the most part. There are days i want to pull out my hair but I figure that would be with any age gap. If I have this one near his/her due date my girls will be 4 and 2.

Anyone else still really tired all the time? The only productive thing Ive done today is grochery shopping and I cheated by leaving the girls with DH while I went.I dread Thursday, DH is leaving until the end of the month so it will be me and the girls only.
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