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Running in early pregnancy

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I took a 3 month hiatus from running over the summer. I started back up mid-August (running 4 times a week). Nothing crazy...I walk for 5 min, run to 20 min straight and cooldown for 5 min. I get in about 2.2mi. Is this ok? I'm 4 weeks pregnant today. I've had no issues of loss in the past and have had pretty uneventful pregnancies (though I didn't really exercise didn't either one). *knock on wood*

What are the "rules" for running/exercising while pregnant? What about body temp? Should I stop running?
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A lot of people run during pregnancy. I did the first month or so after I found out, but was too ehausted to keep up with it after that. I think the guidelines can easily be found with a google search, but last I heard it's just to go at light/medium intensity, keep hydrated, and watch out for danger signs.
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I kept up 3 miles/day until I delivered my daughter. The key is to not increase distance or intensity- maintaining what you're already doing is fine. Make sure to eat well, stay hydrated, and listen to your body.

Enjoy- I found running to be great stress relief, and part of staying "normal" during pregnancy.
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this book is excellent for answering questions about exercise safety during pregnancy, including running:


additionally, spending some time on the woman's board of Runnersworld.com will be very helpful. many of the posters and posts are geared toward pregnant runner mamas.

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I spoke with my MW about this same thing. I, too, am four weeks pregnant. She basically said as long I wasn't introducing anything new, I could continue what I was doing since my body was already used to it. HTH.
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Last I read the goal was to keep the heart rate under 180. I always checked my pulse with DD. This time I'm just staying hydrated, following how my body feels and not getting too hot and sweaty. If I feel anything pelvic at all, I stop and walk.
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I am 15 weeks 4 days and have been running 2-5 miles a few times a week. I feel fine and push myself but can feel I can't push myself like I did before I was pregnant, if that makes sense. Sometimes I have to slow down and stretch my pelvis area but then I get back to running at a decent pace again.
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I kept up jogging until about seven months with my first, and then I stopped because the sidewalks were getting icy and the neighbors were getting nervous. As long as you feel well, you should be fine. Listen to your body, stop if you're not feeling good, and make sure that you drink enough water.
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Thanks everyone! I feel better now with keeping it up!
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I was marathon training until I found out about this pregnancy. I found that running helped with the early nausea quite a bit. I switched to a high-risk doctor after I found out about the twins at 9 wks and even they were supportive of moderate jogging. It turned out that I started to feel very tired and easily winded (rapid change in blood volume, I guess) soon after that... so I switched to walking. I think your routine sounds good!
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(I'm an ACE-certified fitness instructor & personal trainer.) IMX, there's as much misinformation out there on exercising in pregnancy as there is on birth in general. (Riiight, eating & drinking in labor is so dangerous. Uh, huh! ) Know what I mean?

So I wouldn't put too much stock in what you find on mainstream websites.

Glad to see someone already suggested the book "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy" by Dr. Clapp! He is the expert. If you have any real doubts, definitely read the book & you'll be reassured that not only is exercise in pregnancy NOT dangerous at all, but it's beneficial to both baby & mama!

There is no need to limit intensity. Period.

Actually the women in Dr. Clapp's studies exercised at "moderate to high intensity." I continued anaerobic exercise my whole pregnancy (high-intensity, when you can only maintain for about a minute.) I did strength training (maxing out how much you can lift in 8-12 reps) as well as boxing (hitting & kicking heavy bags is seriously intense, anaerobic work!) Was super healthy, healthy baby, fast great birth, super healthy 2 YO DS now.

I honestly even doubt the whole "don't do new stuff" rule. I can see how people say it to "err on the side of caution" but if you know your body, if you are fit, and if you personally feel comfortable, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Again, there's nothing evidence-based to support the recommendation to not try new modes (i.e. "types") of exercise in pregnancy.

Again, obviously listen to your body, stop if you feel bad, be cautious with stretching in the 3rd trimester (since the hormone relaxin loosens your joints & you need to be careful not to over-stretch.) Make sure you eat enough & you may be more likely to need a glucose-replenishment drink throughout your workout.

& be careful about getting overheated. I've always worked out primarily indoors- boxing, teaching aerobics, weight lifting, so I never had to worry about that. Overheating CAN be a big problem in the 1st tri, although I think it's less of an issue 2nd tri- but I'm not sure about that.

Originally Posted by shellnurse View Post
Last I read the goal was to keep the heart rate under 180.
No, I'm pretty sure even ACOG abolished their heart rate restriction in 1994 (& I think we all know how they're not too-on-the-ball with evidence-based recommendations. VBAC & eating in labor anyone? )

As a matter of fact, as Dr. Clapp's book outlines, in the 1st trimester, you actually don't want to really pay attention to HR because the cardiovascular underfill problem actually elevates your HR beyond what your rating-of-perceived exertion would have you believe. (I can expand if anyone's interested in what that means.)

Again, in anaerobic exercise, it's expected to get HR very high & it is not a problem.
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