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help a newbie out!

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My 7 week old son has a few tiny fart-poops through the day and then saves a HUGE amount of runny poop for one big blast. Our small size prefolds + covers are simply not adequate to contain the blast and i'm getting tired of washing yellow poop out of everything. Any suggestions? Where do I start? We use a diapering service so AIOs are not really a good option. I'd hate to give up on CDing so early.

We're doing the angel wing fold and occasionally experimenting with bikini twist & jelly roll. His pee also seems to leak often. We are really careful with making the legs tight but no matter what his kicking & squirming make the seal fail.

For what it's worth, the poop also leaks out of seventh generation sposies. And EC is not really an option for us for various reasons.

On a separate note, he REALLY hates being diapered. He always knows when he's wet, even after a tiny little pee, and he screams until we've taken the diaper off and then is totally happy until a new diaper goes on. He then gets really angry as soon as he feels us putting the snappi on.

Any suggestions welcome!
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Maybe a different type of cover would help. One that sort of folds in on his backside and gets a better gusset grip on the thighs. We've always used fitteds and covers for the itty bitties (Bummis covers mostly) and have had great success.

My twins saved their poops for 3+ days! So you can imagine what kind of diapers those were. And the Kissaluvs with Bummis covers really did the trick. With a good backside fit our FuzziBunz contained them as well.

Just so you know, cloth is going to contain a big poopy mess far better than a sposie no matter what process you're using. I've always said that BM in a sposie is like pooping in a plastic bag. There's simply nothing to catch it. While in cloth, it's like a terry cloth towel. Sick, I know, but the difference becomes apparent pretty quickly.

And, in case you didn't know, yellow stains nearly disappear when allowed to sit in the sunshine. I know you're prefer not to have them at all (none of us really want them). But all of my CDs are white thanks to Mr. Sun!
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My little guy always blows out of angel wing and bikini twist. So far, jelly roll is the only one that he doesn't, and even then its probably 50/50.

Does he poo consistently at the same time of day? A special diaper for that period might work. I would honestly recommend a Rumparoo, which is a pocket that has internal gussets, and catches virtually everything. Pockets are much easier to wash than AIOs, and if you can get away with one a day, you could potentially handwash it every day.

But if hes peeing through the pf, its time to either size up or add a doubler. My guy is excellent at peeing through even the thickest diaper, so i know how frustrating that can be. Hemp is great at catching those power pees.

What type of cover are you using? You might need a different brand, because it sounds like you're not getting a good fit. I've always liked gussets on my covers because until about 10 mos, my DS had skinny sticks for legs. With both the dipe and the cover, you have to make sure that it is snug against his leg, or its a guaranteed leak.

With the pf, that means i always snappi twice. With the jelly roll, i lay him on the pf, roll, pu up betwern his legs and make sure the rolls land tight against his crotch, in that crease between crotch and thigh. Pull it snug across the tummy and reach behind and grab the back side, pulling tight across the back. S snappi one side then the other, then back to the first side, and again to the second. Efore doing the crotch part. It sounds complicated, but once you've done it a few times, its pretty quick. The hardest part is getting him to hold still while i roll the sides.
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Yes - to the jelly roll fold working the best for runny, big nb poo's. If you have/can get some larger sized pf's from your diaper service (to use around the time you're anticipating the big one) you might want to consider that - the extra fabric can help absorb it and possibly block some of what's leaking out.

And another yes to using covers with gussets - I'll add that I have 1 or 2 covers that work 'best' for poos, and we tend to wear them most of the day until it's happened (and then switch to another cover).
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