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screaming while diapering?

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I have many many questions, as I haven't posted since i gave birth 7/16, but i'll start with the one that's bugging me the most: (cross posted in diapering forum):

Why does my son REALLY hate being diapered? He always knows when he's wet, even after a tiny little pee, and he screams until we've taken the diaper off and then is totally happy until a new prefold goes on. He then gets really angry as soon as he feels us putting the snappi on. He gets even angrier when we put the cover on. We're using imse vimse wool covers and a bummi superbrite. We have to make the seal tight because we're having a lot of trouble with leaks, but i don't think we're making it so tight that it's bothering him. He has no visible rash. We're giving him plenty of nakey time but there's a limit, you know? He pees a LOT. (i mean, often. not a large amount.)

I am going to order some fleece liners to see if that makes him feel drier and therefore less cranky when wet, but any other suggestions about making him less anti-diaper would be great.

EC is unfortunately not an option for us as I'm back to work soon.

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My son was like that.

He got over it by the time he was three or four months.
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Same here. DS really despised his diapers and would be really unhappy with just the littlest amount of pee. He got better around 5 months. We have EC'd from the get go and that helped incredibly. We found the Fuzzi Bunz worked the best to keep him dry. Not too excited about the fleece, but they work. DS is super narrow and they seemed to fit him best.
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