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Clomid or Femara?

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If you were to give one suggestion to a someone considering using meds, which choice, and why (Ok, so this is me, looking for opinions, suggestions, and thoughts... not just a generic poll, but... FWIW, DH and I have been TTC for >2 years-ish - counts our "whatever" phase, where I was charting and noticing that "whatevering" was clearly not going to work, since I wasn't ovulating......)?

I would suggest against allopathic meds
Other (explain)
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It all depends on what your body needs. Because clomid works for some people and doesn't work for others. Me, for example....I didn't get ANY results from Clomid...so I was refered to my RE who started me on Femara...and with Femara (5 days during the cycle) and Menopur Injections (15 days during my cycle) I was able to get pregnant with my little baby girl who's due December 14th this year...after me and DH tried for 30 months!!! SO long story short lol I would go with Femara...it is a bit stronger than Clomid...and an RE will be able to monitor you with u/s to make sure that you are taking the correct amount of the medication. G/L!!!!!!
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I think Femara is supposed to be better. It has a shorter half-life so it clears your system sooner, allowing your estrogen to start flowing again. That thickens your lining and makes for better CM. Results with Femara (or Letrozole, same thing) are better for pregancy. If you research it, note that there are studies that link it to birth defects if you use it while pregnant. But since it clears your system so fast before ovulation, almost all doctors consider it safe.
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Thanks for the opinions, ladies!
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Hi! Subscribing....My son was conceived 7 years ago on my first cycle of Clomid. This time around my doc is starting me on Femara. I've never heard of it so have been researching too. I'm taking progesterone for 7 days to start a period, then Femara on days 1-4 (1 pill/cd1, 2pills/cd2, 3 pills/cd3 & 4 pills/cd4) and then go in for an ultrasound on cd12 to see how many eggs were released. Since I have not ovulated in a long time (pcos) they are worried about hyperstimulation.

So from what I've read on the birth defects, it happens when you take Femara without knowing you just barely pregnant. I think I'm going to make sure my Dr does a blood pregnancy test between cycles just to be 100% sure.
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Clomid and 13 mature follicles

Hi all may name is Amlie , me and my husband having been TTC for almost 1 and half yr now, with no luck, referred to a fertility specialist, she suggested Clomid and IUI after one month of tests and blood work... which was normal, so we have unexplained infertility...
I took 100 mg of clomid and landed up with 13 mature eggs , which developed into cysts and they cancelled my IUI cycle, put me on BC and then i got my period... after that i dint get my period for almost 47 days, bcoz of 9 cysts , they induced my period using provera... now i just have one big 3cm cyst...
My doc suggested a natural cycle with HCG shot and IUI. PLease advice.
Has anyone had similar experience, please advice..

THank u
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Just wanted to update that I got two good eggs with the Femara, I don't think we conceived this cycle though. It's CD 26 and BFN. I have had a lot of cramping since ovulation, not sure if it's the Femara or the Hcg shot side effects. What did you decide on Rainy?
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Sweet Tea - I think I'll go with Femara... although, I recently switched jobs... and insurance... and not sure if new insurance will even pay for the visit where I happen to ask for an Rx for either :-/ I'm trying to be patient while planning and hoping... :-)

Fingers crossed for a late BFP for you!!!

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Thank you! My insurance doesn't cover Femara, but I found this coupon (after I spent $135 at Walgreens on it of course!)

Maybe it will help you. I'm gonna try it next month and see if they will take it

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I just used this coupon yesterday and it works! 30 pills equals 3 cycles!

I conceived my 6 year old with Femara. Clomid never worked for me, even up to 150 mgs.
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