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11 weeks tomorrow and I've gained 2lbs. I am actually a little surprised since my m/s has caused me to cut out all sugary foods and in aggregate I think I've been eating less that pre-pregnancy.
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I'm 8 weeks and I've gained 10lbs already.... I think that's the more than anyone else who has posted! I'm not worried about it though, I started this pregnancy at a healthy weight. Last two pregnancies I gained about 50lbs which sounds like a lot but I think it's what I needed to gain as I ate pretty well.

I think my weight gain is related to having to eat so frequently to keep the m/s in check. I eat a small meal every 2-3 hrs and if I don't I start feeling really sick. So I think it's okay (hopefully!).
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My problem is that in the past I've used pregnancy to indulge too much and be lazy. Then I gain too much weight, feel miserable and start having blood sugar issues. So I'm sticking to trying to gain a healthy amount this time. For some people that involves just listening to your body. For me it involved being active and very careful with what I eat. I'm not starving myself at all but I'm being very careful!
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My official weigh prepregnancy was 154 which is normal range for my height. So far I've gained about 1 lb, i'm about 7 1/2- 8 weeks. I have only vomitted 1 time, and i'm still eating, just not what i normally eat. I am eating lots of white carbs, milk/dairy a little fruit and veggies and occasional meat, but very little sweets, which i normally love to eat, but i don't like them right now in pregnancy. With ds I started out about 165 and gained 5 lbs before i found out i was preggo and didn't gain anymore until around 5 months along, then i went on to gain 42lbs for a total of 47, I was 1 1/2 weeks late though. But this time around I eat out less, and i don't like sweets so I am hoping for less weight gain this time as the last 20lbs were very difficult to lose with my 1st pregnancy. So hoping to gain about 30lbs this time around.

ETA: with my healthier eating habits i am hoping to gain less (hoping those will pick up more regularly again after the first tri and m/s, but as of right now i am doing like a pp and eating 5-6 smaller meals a day b/c of m/s, i normally have eaten 3 times, breakfast and 2 snacks at lunch time, but my sleeping pattern has also been affected by pregnancy as i am waking earlier and sleeping earlier which has resulted in me eating most my calories before dinner time wheras i used to eat more from afternoon to past dinner.
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I've lost 10+ lbs. But I'm starting out overweight. I always lose in the beginning and gain the most in the last couple of months. With my DDs I gained around 20 lbs, and that's what I'd like to gain this time.
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I don't weigh myself during pregnancy (I asked to be weighed backwards in the past and my last midwife said she could look at me and tell I was healthy)I am afraid to start dieting behaviors since my weight will inevitably be going up so I choose not to weigh.

With my first baby I gained 35 pounds (I saw the chart after). I bet I gained about that much with my last baby because I wore the same size maternity clothes and felt about the same. Almost all the weight comes off fast and I think it is because I gained on whole foods and keep up moderate excercise. Plus my babies were 8lbs 8oz and 9lb 12 oz.

I think I have gained 10+ pounds at 11 weeks...which is what always happens because I eat every 2 hours to keep from barfing. I cannot wait to start cooking, excerising, and eating healthier!
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I'm 8w3d, and I think I'm up 4 lbs.

I don't know how much I gained with my DD, because I wasn't weighed during my pregnancy. I know it was a lot, because the difference between my pre-pregnancy body and my post-pregnancy body was pretty substantial. When I got pregnant this time, I was still probably 35 lbs heavier than I would like to be.

I don't know that I want to limit my weight gain so much as I want to limit the consumption of really awful foods that contributed to my weight gain. I ate so much sugar and junk when I was pregnant before, and I was working a high-stress job and just eating to relieve my own stress. I'm REALLY trying to avoid that this time, because it's been really hard for me to snap out of that pattern. I have a self-control problem with sugar and refined carbs. And now that my DD is back at preschool, I'm planning to get into a good walking routine and get some other exercise at home, like yoga. I regret not getting more exercise when I was pregnant before.

So I'm trying not to obsess, but I'm trying not to get too out of control either. I'm trying to pay attention to what my body's telling me. And I'm trying really hard to worry less about how I look, and more about how I feel.
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I'm about 7w3d now (I think? Who knows at this point?). From m/s the last 3 weeks, I've lost about 5lbs and since I've been feeling a tad better (and therefore eating a bit more), I've gained back about 2lbs. But, I'm in the same boat with you - I gained too much with DD2 (50lbs) and had 30 left to lose when I got pg this time :-( I cannot afford to gain much, if any weight this time around. I am not starving myself, but I am trying to be at least somewhat attentive to my diet. I don't restrict fats either, but carbs are a guaranteed pudge-inducer for me, so I am trying to stay away.
As soon as my energy levels return, I have a pregnancy workout dvd I plan on starting and i'll get back to taking more frequent walks with my girls. Experience tells me I'll probably gain a lot of weight again (40 with #1 and 50 with #2...depressing odds), but I refuse to resign myself to it. ;-) What does Rose say on LOST? "There's a fine line between denial and hope and it looks a lot better on my side." :-)
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Well, I have to have gained weight, because my pooch is totally poochin'. At seven weeks, I needed to rig my jeans with hairbands today (remember that trick?). I just had some belly bands "delivered" today, so that should help.

I wish I know what I weighed when I conceived, but have no scale and therefore, no idea. I don't like going by weight anyway - when I'm trying to lose, I go by how my clothes fit. I am really happy, because in May I was LOWER than my prepregnancy weight (before I conceived DS). I only know this because I went down a dress size over Christmas break and things got looser from there.

So I feel I'm starting out at a healthy weight. That being said, I have probably gained between 5 and 10 pounds on that already! I think in my last pregnancy I wound up gaining a total of 40, which was more than I needed to gain but no big deal. I eat healthier now than I did then, but I have not been as good as I could be with the sugars right now. I'm hearing what people are saying, carbs help the nausea. I haven't "lost it" yet, but get nauseous like clockwork at 10am. During the teaching day, the easiest thing to grab is crackers, etc. I'm working on upping my protein intake though.

Sweets are a struggle right now too... I normally don't have a sweet tooth, but man, have I got a thing for dried mangoes! Seriously, they are nature's candy! I know, they're not gummy bears, but really, they are like candy. Turkish apricots too... yum!
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I totally need help with this subject! I too gained 50 lbs with DS and would like to avoid a similar fate this time (although I agree that the numbers are less important that being healthy). That's just the problem--with both pregnancies I have had serious aversions to that which is good for me--I can't stand the thought of most veggies! When not pregnant, I eat very well--mostly whole, local, and organic foods. But when pregnant, all I can manage to think about eating is bread, pasta, cheese, and (gulp) fruity candy! I have been forcing myself to get some veggies in and try to be sure I get enough protein, but man, it's a big challenge! I am a vegetarian and don't like to eat too much soy, so I mostly have been eating cheese, nuts, and some beans. Occasionally I can get some eggs in me, and although quinoa used to be one of my favorite foods, I pretty much have to force it down right now.

I'm sure it will be better when I get out of the first trimester, but for the last 8 weeks I have not been eating as well as I'd like. I also am not as active as I'd like (unless carrying 25 lb DS around all the time counts). We try to go for daily walks, but it's probably not enough...

I haven't weighed myself since I found out I was pregnant, so I don't know about my weight gain. I have my first appointment with the midwives next week so I'll get the news then
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9w2d here and I'm down a couple pounds. I haven't felt good this pg at all, and finding something that sounds good enough to eat is hard.

With my other kids, I usually put on 10 or less pounds by the 20 week mark and wind up with a gain between 25 and 30.

I'm starting out a lot heavier this time (thanks to thyroid problems), so I don't feel like I need to gain as much this time, but I will not restric tin order to make that happen. I eat much better when pg, only eating when hungry and always stopping when I am full and healthier things most of the time too, so I think that will help.
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