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Diastasis Recti- how to fix?

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My abs separated with my first baby and I don't think they ever fully reattached before I had my second. Now they're pretty far apart and I am wondering what I can do to encourage them to come back together. Are there exercises I can do? Anyone have experience getting their abs to reattach nicely?

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I had it with DS and I know I have it again with DC2. I think they did reattach in between for me. I didn't do anything special though I did do yoga when I could and general physical activity.

I believe the current wisdom for core strength in general is do NOT do sit-ups / crunches since that is an abnormal movement for your body and tends to cause other problems. Things that will help with core strength is carrying your baby, doing yoga or pilates, planks, and non-symmetric weight lifting (where your legs are offset or you do one arm at a time, etc) since you have to use your core to stabilize yourself. Of course these are not specific to healing diastasis rectii. There is an exercise video out there that is specific but I don't know enough about it recommend for or against it. And I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head.
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I've been using the Tupler technique (she has both a book and a DVD) and it's been bringing it together nicely.

Then DH had to try to pick me up in a funny way (he got it in his mind to hold baby and me at the same time) and undid weeks of work.
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Carrying baby? CHECK! I also run regularly, which helps my core strength, but my abs don't appear to be moving back at all. I'll look up the Tupler technique and I've seen some other exercises online that involve opposite sided leg lifting, weight lifting, etc. I guess that's supposed to help.
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I found this other MDC thread while googling more exercises! Good info here. I'm checking out Tupler's book from the library.
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