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thank you Maegen!! and thanks so much to everyone who drops stuff off! It sounds like there is still no box, but leaving stuff on the couch is fine. we so, so, so appreciate the support! I can't quite believe it's almost time to start getting packed up to go HOME!!!! I get a knot in my throat just thinking about it! of course there is still the small matter of visas to be obtained and flights to be booked, but those are just details...

good luck stemple!
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Tiffani, I was going to suggest to add your FB friends to the Baby shower, I'm glad you already did

Anyone in the North Shore that wants to contribute with something, but can't bring it over to Vancouver, please let me know and I could pick it up and then bring it along with my stuff :-)

Tiffani, I have a small food processor I can give you, do you think you still want it besides from the stick blender?
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Today I dropped off two large duffel bags and a medium box with things from Mamasan and Myself

I hope we can all get to meet the two youngest members of your family sometime soon!!


Edited to say:  items on those bags included:  crock pot, juicer and blender.... :-)

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Agggh, they've changed this all on me - I'm sure I'll come to love it, but right now I'm stuck in 'I hate change!' stage, and can't figure it all out.  Oh well....


Just wanted to say I'm missing you all these days, wishing I had a group of friends around to hang out with these days.  I'm sure it will just take time, but I'm feeling impatient!  House is plastered, plumbing is in, electrical soon and windows next week - then we should be moving in for the winter, VERY EXCITED!  It looks beautiful - y'all should come out for a week, sleep in our yurt and we'll have a big campout! :-)


Tiffani, wish we lived closer so we could pop down to meet your little ones, so exciting!  I'll try to pop a package or two in the mail.  I'm dreaming of a train trip across the country this spring, we'll see.  I'm not sure I have the energy to keep up with a 4 year old energetic boy stuck on a train for so many days, but we'll see!  I'm sick of flying, but it is so much faster (and ironically, much cheaper too)


Hope everyone is having a good Nov. and the rain is not getting you all down! xo

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Hmmm yes I'm in the 'hating it' stage too greensad.gif 

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Another forum that I'm on has a similar set up so I'm not too weirded out by this format.  I do like having an avatar though.smile.gif


Tiffani, I do have a Black and Decker breadmaker you can have but I'm not going to be able to get downtown anytime soon.  Is anyone from the Tri-cities area going, and can drop it off for me?

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Hey Everyone,

I am having a bit of a hard time navigating this new set up!  Can someone please tell me how to find my User Control Panel?  I can't find it anywhere!

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Hi Robug!  At the top of your screen on the right-hand side you should see your name.  If you click on it, you get to your profile page and can muck around in there, including adjusting your signature.  But I can't find many smileys to add into sigs ... anyone know how to see more than just that one page?

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I haven't found any smilies anywhere!


I don't like it much, so far. Maybe it will be enough to get me to stop spending so much time here...


I hate November, and this year is really bad. I want December to get here.

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I'm actually liking this new format, and usually I don't like change! I really like the Avatars, especially.


I spent yesterday and today digging holes and putting up fence posts. I'm building a fence around my garden to keep the critters out. I've never done anything like this before and I'm feeling rather proud of myself, lol. I'm using thick saplings for posts, we had tons lying around from when we cleared some land, and I'm using scrap lumber from the bunch of trees we had milled for boards. I'm using a pickaxe to dig the holes, then filling them with dry concrete. It's a true reflection of how damp our climate is that I can just put the dry powder in and it absorbs enough water from the ground to form concrete!


Part of me is looking forward to winter setting in - an excuse to stay indoors, make soups and bread, and have a tidy house. These days I'm taking every chance I get to be outside finishing my garden so housework has fallen by the wayside.


[b]tiffani[/b] I'll keep my eyes open for anything around here you might need. Unfortunately for you I am good at decluttering, do it regularly, and generally don't have much extra stuff around. But I will keep my eyes peeled!

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Okay, there is one thing I really dislike about this new format: I'm seeing Enfamil ads!! Why oh why is Mothering hosting ads from these companies? This particular ad is for some crappy supplement for when babies start eating solids. Like they need processed food...yuck! In the drug store the other day I actually saw something similar for pregnant mums, can you believe it? Formula for pregnant mamas! Blech!!!




(oh, btw, the smilies can be had by clicking on the happy face icon along the top of the reply window, where all the formatting buttons are)

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Sounds like Tiffani and Co. are in transit - Yay!!  Thinking of you all!

I dropped off an immersion blender and a bunch of toys for the 1-3 year old set today.

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Whoa!  I haven't been here in a few weeks, what the heck happened!  Not liking it at all yet!


Congrats on the new additions Tiffani, hope all is well.  Ellaine,if you can't get anything else figured out, if you wanted to drop the breadmaker off at my work (just let them know it's for me, they can stick it in the staff room, someone is there from 10am-8pm M-F) I can probably drop it off to Tiffani's place, I'm across the border every week or two, don't think it's too far out of my way.


Things are just crazy busy in life.  I agree that "home" schooling is a misnomer!  I've been trying to integrate my workout schedule with my daughter's activities... so she has swim lessons while I swim laps and next week I'm going to start lifting weights while she does dance class.  That helps to keep the number of "wasted" minutes to a minimum, but really, things are only going to get busier as they get older, how are we supposed to do it all!  No wonder people opt for the public school system. It doesn't help that we have also been trying to reclaim a bit of our social life back. It took a huge back seat when we started having children, I miss my friends!  So, also not really a "vetran" member here, but I suppose it's been almost 4 years now, wow, and I'm still sort of here, just checking in every few weeks instead of every day.

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It's snowing today! Finally turned on the central heating...looks like winter is here!

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Vancouver Waldorf School Christmas Fair this Saturday!


If you are on facebook, this is the event page:




It is from 10 to 3.  At least a couple of former MDC-Vancouver moms will be there selling hand made, beautiful stuff.  And there will be lots of other activities (not just shopping!) for the children. 


Hope to see some of you there!  The market place only will be also open tomorrow, Friday, for grown-up shopping only!


Piglet, I think the Duncan Waldorf Schools has their Xmas fair on Saturday as well.... it should be good...

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thank you so much to everyone who dropped things off, it has been so nice to go through everything for a few minutes each day -- like christmas!  we're so crazy busy around here (ok, I am crazy busy) and it is really nice to have so many things taken care of -- like winter gear, just in time for snow today!!! 


everything is going pretty well, hard to do much other than tend to the littles, so the house is a disaster, but with the weekend here, hoping we can get the house into some sort of order. 


little people need stuff, gotta run. :)


thanks again, and ellaine I think I missed your offer of a breadmaker -- we'd love to have it whenever it can be arranged!  I'll pm you in a bit, gotta run!!!

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hi mamas. tiffani, great that you're settling in now. i'm sure it will take lots of time to get accustomed to all the changes. we're finally settling too, in our new house in the english countryside. it's going to take some time! we went up to have a sunday lunch at the village pub, so great, and spent the day at home. we haven't ventured out a lot, i think it is a bit overwhelming for all of us. we're getting back to routines. homeschooling will be very much at home til the new year, when we'll get into some classes, but i'm looking forward to meeting the local group in a week, and heading up to london to see our violin teacher. mostly i just want to be at home and hope to go for some long walks this week, and hopefully start making some things we need for home. and prepare for the holidays in a month, yipe! it is nice that so many of us return here. even when they change the face of it so i don't know which way is up!! x

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Haha I thought it was different because I'm using a Mac.... long story but our house here in CR was robbed last week so I am down to the one computer they didn't find! It's an older Mac and I am still learning how to use it... I am liking it tho and maybe I'll get one to replace my stolen computer when I et back to Canada... do all you Mac people out there still LOVE your Macs? is it worth the extra dollars?


Tiffani... congrats! I am sure it is a blissfully busy time... enjoy and who cares about the mess!


I hear there is snow in Van in November! What's up with that! So glad I have people staying at our house to keep the pipes from freezing!!!!

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jen, i LOVE my mac. and iphone. and everything related. i live with mac boy though! also so great for children. intuitive. worth the money every time. so sorry you got robbed, that's miserable! we have icy cold weather here too, yikes! we're feeling the house's age. but the fire in the woodstove gets hot and we snuggle close in bed x


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Just subscribing...2whistle.gif blowkiss.gif

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