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Tiffani, it is so amazing to read about you and your family now, after all those years of waiting, it's finally happened! I'm so happy for all of you. What an adventure!


Speaking of rural living, woke up yesterday to about 18 inches of snow, no power (and therefore no heat or water, since the furnace fan runs on electricity and so does the well pump). Luckily there's a propane stove in our camping trailer so I trudged outside through the snow for that all-important morning cup of tea! The power's usually not off for long, so I bided my time by heading outside and joining our neighbours in digging their son's car out of the snow (he'd gotten stuck on our road). I've never had a real relationship with neighbours before, we're always helping each other out and it's really cool. Anyhoo, when I got back in the power was on, so having learned my lesson I went and primed the pump for our well and voila! running water. Never was a city girl so proud of herself! Eventually we're gonna have to pony up the cash for a backup generator, but for now we're winging it. It's all part of the adventure!

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It's good to see your update Tiffani!  I totally know what you mean about rural living not being the same if you don't have some ownership or freedom to what you want on the land.  We rented on a farm for a while, and we were allowed to have animals, but we would have done a lot more if we owned it... I was constantly thinking to myself all the stuff I would build/change if we owned it!


Mariah, if I woke up to all that snow and no power or water I would probably just cry :lol  You are awesome!  Can you use your atv to plow the driveway?

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I may try Eileen Dailly again - but it's a bit of a nasty drive in rush hour (when swimming lessons would be).  I'm pretty sure it's partially chlorinated, and I think Killarney pool (where we went recently) is the same kind of water system, so I'm not sure it'll make much difference - will have to check on that.  I may also have to look into Kitsilano.  Also a nasty drive in rush hour, but if it's mostly ocean water, that would totally be worthwhile... y'know when it stops being freezing and all.


Tiffani, keep us posted on your adventures!  I love hearing about your littles and how they're settling in and how everyone's doing.


I've been reading your blog Mariah/Piglet68, and I've been completely impressed.  I wouldn't even contemplate that sort of bravery!


I went to a gym "grand opening" last night and I think I may have got suckered.  Or it might be a good deal.  Dunno, but I need to excercise, 'cuz I can't afford to buy more fat yoga pants.  ;)  I had finally started running - despite always saying that it was against my religion - and I sort of liked it, especially the immediacy of it.  But then it make my plantar fasciitis (nasty stabbing pain in the foot) worse and I had to stop.  Bleh.

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Hi Sheila! We could use our ATV, if we had a plow attachment, which we don't, lol. But my car seems to perform very well in snow, and our driveway isn't too bad b/c half of it is covered with trees.


Lori, I loved running but having to keep up with a regular schedule proved difficult, and I only really enjoyed it when I was in peak condition, so I stopped running last year after we moved here. I get a fairly good workout when I'm outside doing farm projects. DH just bought a pedometer, as we're aiming for the "10,000 steps a day" fitness program. Turns out I get most of that when I walk the dog! ;-)


And thanks for the blog comments. It really hasn't required that much bravery - just knowledge, of which I am still sorely lacking when it comes to this country living stuff. But nothing like jumping in with both feet to make for a steep learning curve. It also helps that I just love this lifestyle, so none of it feels like a chore.

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Hi everyone!

Does anyone know of a class for children in Dalcroze Eurythmics in Vancouver?  I have searched online and found nothing!

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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Wow TIffani, its so great to hear updates from you guys :) Have you connected with any local homelearning families? Or do you know anyone else in the area that can help you out sometimes?

There's a house next door to us thats for rent. It's a 3 bedroom for $1500, near 29th Ave Skytrain.

Our old co-op (Alberni Coop) has rents going up to $1300 in June. 

Try out De Cosmos VIllage Co-op. Large share purchase but DIRT cheap rent. But its on 49th and Boundary in Vancouver. Seriously the 3 bedrroms are $691 a month http://www.chf.bc.ca/pages/directory-coop.asp?CoopID=67


Mariah, that is very cool! I love connecting with neighbors. Good on ya for finding out how to do things. Very inspiring!


Lori, how long do you and Calvin usually spend in the pool? I have found a normal swim is usually 1 hour to 1.5 hours. In that time, MANY people become sensitive to the chemicals. With a lesson its only 30 minutes, and the chemicals are often not so bad in that time. We haven't had a problem with Killarney. And yes Killarney and Eileen Daily are similar with Ozone and Bromine. I used to swim at Kits when growing up, but actually found the chlorine chemicals pretty severe. I always chose to just swim in the ocean.


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Wow - I haven't checked into this thread in a long time. It's been busier than it was for a while.


Good to hear from you, Tiffani. I still can't believe you actually have your kids!! It's been quite an adventure, and I'm sure it's just beginning (having the baby isn't exactly the end of the road with bio kids, either, after all). I wish I could help/advise on the housing front, but dh and I are still trying to figure out what we're going to do when ds1 graduates. I think he'll probably stay home for at least another year - he has dreams of attending an expensive private performing arts school in New York, but I don't think it's going to happen - but we only promised to stay here until grad. I like our neighbourhood (less than I did before our awesome corner store and the funky little video place closed) but I don't like our space that much. We are going to declutter and rearrange in a big way, though. Maybe that will help...


Rural life sounds interesting, but I can't even keep up with a 1250 sq.ft. townhouse, so I don't think I'd do well if we had land to look after. It's not very practical for us, anyway - dh really almost needs to be in an urban/semi-urban environment in some ways.

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So good to come hear and read new posts!  This board sure has changed in many ways.  With updates in facebook from some of you that I have as friends, I still feel connected :-)


Tiffani, it's great to hear about your adventures.  I'd love to see the pictures and at some point meet your new family in person.


Sheila, congratulations!  (based on the information on your signature belly.gif)


Mariah, where can one read your blog? orngbiggrin.gif

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Lori, we live near Eillen Dailly, so that's where we went, after confirming that with the ozone treatment, they use less chlorine than other pools. We had also done a set of lessons at CG Brown, which seemed to have the same effect. We know a nanny/lifeguard/swim teacher that we might get to do lessons at a lake or in the ocean, maybe this summer.
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Hi Len! Hope it's okay to post a link here, but my blog is ruralaspirations.wordpress.com


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Sheila!!!! I had no idea!!!! 

Congrats!!!! jumpers.gif

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Thanks Dawn and Len :)  

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congratulations sheila! great to hear your news t x

piglet, will be reading along, about forty steps behind you out here in the (english) sticks. if you like you can see at appleturnover.tv! i haven't quite got my head around the garden yet, it is totally overwhelming me for some reason! 

nice to see the friendly faces. aren't the tall kids getting old! 10, 11, do i hear 12? 






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Hello all.  I'm a Northern Mama living in the big city of Vancouver with my wonderful husband and our sweet little girl.  I'm super excited to have found this community and look forward to getting to know you all.

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Welcome, Stemple and Aithnea!  


I haven't heard of Dalcroze Eurythmics, so maybe you're the first to bring the idea to Vancouver...  What is it about?









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Congratulations Sheila!!  very exciting news!!


Welcome, Stemple and Aithnea! 

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Hi everyone,

Ksenia's sister here...I'm writing an article on the science behind a gluten-free diet. Can any of you offer anecdotes about going gluten free? Has it helped you or your kids?

Please PM me if you have any stories to share.


Adriana (Commercial Drive-based mother of Forest, age 3)

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

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WARNING...long rant & looking for help with 10 y.o. DD!


I'm needing some help & wondering if anyone here has any suggestions...

Dd is hijacking the whole household many evenings at bedtime.  Going on about being terrified at bedtime, fighting every step of the way to sleep...upsetting everyone, especially Ds, who sleeps with her because she's too scared to be alone, yet her freaking out often has us remove him to sleep elsewhere because he is so upset (usually crying).  We always stay in the room with her with lights on until she falls asleep and it just seems to get later & later, leaving us fighting with her & threatening to leave her just to get some space to breath.  

Right now we are in a hotel room (in Phoenix) and turning the light off over her bed (which was in everyone else's eyes & there are other lights on in the room) led to a complete melt-down including jaw shaking...and all she will say is that she's scared.  Doesn't know of what & doesn't matter that we are all in the room with her.

She knows logically that this is a story she is telling herself & that she could change it if she wanted to, but she doesn't seem to want to.  I gave her a mantra a while back, which helped at the time - I fall asleep quickly & easily - and told her to repeat it to herself now, so she can't think of anything else.  I think she might finally be doing it as the moaning & whimpering has let up a bit...ok, now every two minutes she is saying she can't fall asleep.

Oh, I don't think I mentioned that Dh gets even more frustrated than I do & ends up saying hurtful things to her, which don't help at all.

I am just at my wits' end because I feel like I have made every effort to take her bedtime concerns seriously and acted to eliminate all potential triggers.  It used to be that if we let them start the night in our bed (they always end up there) she would go peacefully, but she has recently started doing it there as well.  


Anyway, she obviously has something more serious going on than I know how to deal with & wonder if anyone has any suggestions for where to go next.  I hear homeopathy can help with some things like this or is this more a therapy thing?  I know the DTCM we saw for several years doing NAET was no help at all in this area.  BTW, this has been happening off & on since she was very small (didn't sleep well even as an infant) and she has other anxiety issues like sucking her lip (a LOT), chewing the skin on her fingers, being scared to be alone on a floor of the house if others are on a different floor, etc.

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hug2.gif Helen


Does she have any ideas about what can help her fall asleep? Maybe if you hear what she thinks might help, then you can find something that works for everyone. She might need more lights, more cuddles, or maybe more space, a special song before bed, etc. 


I find with sleep problems, it always helps to start the routine much earlier, since looking at the clock and seeing it's after 10pm, often leads to even more frustration for a parent. I was starting bedtime at 7:45 but am now starting at 7:15. Cayden still isn't asleep until 9:30/45...but at least everything doesn't feel so rushed.

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