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all of the sudden pump not working

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I have a new Medela pump in style. I work 3 days a week and also pump once at night to boost supply and because babe doesn't nurse much at night so I get really full. I have been pumping 4 oz off a breast. Last three nights, I have milk but can only get two oz off a full breast.

I bought new pump parts today, but no change. Usually, babe wakes to eat, I feed him from one breast then pump both, getting 4-5 off the non used breast and 2 off the used one. Now its 2 off the non-used breast and 1/2 off of the non-used one. I have have more milk (can feel it) but all of the sudden can't pump it. Worry when I go back to work on Wednesday and have to pump the 14 oz he drinks in 3-4 pumping sessions.

Any ideas?
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How old is your DS? It could be your supply is regulating. Also, when you're not nursing full time, you will be able to pump a lot more.

For me, the pump never gets out all the milk as effectively as a baby does, so I get that same "there's more in there!" feeling that you describe. Sometimes, if you have the time, you can keep pumping after the milk stops flowing and until you get a second let-down. That still doesn't get it all, but it does help and should also stimulate your supply, if needed.
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I assume you replaced membranes when you say pump parts??
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Does the suction seem good? Check your tubing for leaks, make sure all parts are fitted well, and double check that the membranes are laying totally flat.

Sometimes I find a breast massage of the "full" areas helps get more milk out. Obviously having a handsfree is necessary in order to do that, but it might be worth a try.

Finally, see if the milk is fore milk only, or a mix. Just leave it in the fridge for a couple days, and let the fat separate. Foremilk will have very little fat, but hind milk will produce a nice, thick layer. If it is a mix, it is just your supply regulating. If it is fore milk only, then you might have a pump problem. Good luck!
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are you using the right size flanges? that makes a HUGE difference.
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Call Medela. When my PIS died they overnighted me a new one. It made a huge difference and I'm still using it. They also do good trouble shooting over the phone.
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do you still have the manual? the front face plate pops off of the pis-- if it gets loose, it can affect suction. All you might need to do is pop it off, and pop it back on again.
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