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Curious about Southern MO

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My folks are trying to get me & my family to move out there with them, and I'm contemplating it. They live down by the MO/Ark border. Coming from a pretty granola background, I'm a little nervous about what to expect. I know (or I hear) lots of folks out there are into the back-to-earth lifestyle, which is bonus, but what about other lifestyle choices? Is there a network of AP parents? Homeschoolers/unschoolers? How about the LGBT community? I've heard from my folks that it's quaint, though pretty whitebread, even vanilla... I don't mind moving somewhere and shaking things up, but I wonder what life will be like for my kids and my DP if we go out there.

Anything at all you can share, I'd love to hear it!

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It is beautiful, but tends to be a bit conservative. There are pockets here and there though so it will probably depend on where.
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I agree with Greenmagick...in general, quite conservative to the point of 'tea party' types in abundance. But it's also where in some cases, 'left meets right' on various issues of 'self-determination vs gov't control'--so, homeschoolers, those who take care of their own health vs seeking med care for everything, homebirth. Small pockets of crunchy types.
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I'm really late to the party on this, so if it's no longer relevant, i apologize for dragging it up!  But i live in SW MO very near the border (a four minute drive, about 20 minutes from Berryville), so i thought i would add my two cents in case you're still thinking about it.


Back-to-Earth: Yes.  Though really, it's mostly people that never left that lifestyle to start with!  There are all types here, retired farmers and former city-dwellers alike.  And that's mostly a good thing.  You will see sprawling mansions next to 1970s single-wide trailers.  Pretty much anything goes aesthetically speaking.  Folk tend to be simple (in a good way) and don't like a lot of outside interference.  There is a good sense of community, and neighbors even sometimes talk and watch out for each other in the rural areas.


You will be able to find some AP and LBGT friendly groups in Springfield, MO (an hour north of where i am), but little to nothing outside of that.  Homeschooling, you will find plenty of support if you join a church.  There is a secular homeschooling group in Springfield, but it's not very active. 


Being queer and living here would not be easy.  It is a small town kind of area, very conservative, and people talk.  A lot.  The vacant house across the street was allegedly last occupied by a gay couple and the mother of one partner.  They are still talked about, and no one even knows where they moved to (probably with good reason).  Yet they are still the most interesting thing to talk about.


I don't mean to sound too grim.  There are plenty of decent and like-minded people, they're just very hard to find, and spread far and thin.  Mostly people keep to themselves, especially us 'stranger' types, so even internet searches turn up little.  It could just be really lonely if you're used to having a community of like-minded (and even generally tolerant) people around.  However, if you're used to or comfortable with keeping to yourself, it could be the perfect place, because few people will bother you.

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