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Thanks for the great update! 

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I just had my baby with WBWC 2 months ago and I don't think I would go back for the next one. For me the best part was the prenatal care-- they really sit and listen to all of your concerns and try to help. For a first-time mom, it's the best you are going to find I think. My birth ended up at UNC-- we transfered for "failure to progress" after I had been in labor for 30 hours. For the entire day I was at the birth center before the transfer, I relied mainly on my doula. The midwife who was there when I got there checked me and then suggested I take meds to sleep. She didn't notice/tell us that the baby had flipped posterior. I could have done some positioning right then and there to avoid so much back labor. My husband said that he felt we were somewhat neglected during the day. The midwife and nurses really only check in occasionally and you are pretty much let alone...so I strongly suggest a doula. I felt much more relaxed after we got to UNC. Their rooms are more "medical" but they are still very nice. They all have showers and tubs with jets (too small for water birth though). The nurses I had at UNC were very supportive of natural labor and were constantly checking to see if we needed anything. You still have the midwife from the birth center during your delivery (unless of course you need CS). I eventually needed an epidural for exhaustion, but my cervix finally opened after a couple hours of sleep. During delivery my midwife yelled at me to "PUSH," which I also thought they wouldn't do. I needed my asthma inhaler but couldn't ask for it and I really wish the midwife had read my chart to know I may not have enough air to hold my breath. I stayed at the hospital for 24 hours, which was perfect-- I can't imagine going home so soon from the birth center! Overall, I wouldn't say it was a terrible experience because I ended up with a beautiful baby and only one stitch, but I don't think that you will get 100% natural at the birth center any more than at UNC. Next time I think I will try the midwives at UNC. 

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Make sure to include all your issues on the survey they give you! 


I think some midwives are better than others, and they need to know.  I had some issues with one of the midwives, so I included that- who knows if it did any good.

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