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Ceramic Tile Floors??

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My entire downstairs minus the master bedroom is all ceramic tile. It adds up about 1100 square feet. I was wondering what kind of mop you guy would recommend for ceramic tile. I have one that I use but I am not sure if it is the best kind to use. I don't like the rag moms as I suck at using them. Does anyone use a scoomba on ceramic tile. I hate to purchase one and it not work on the floor.
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I ude a steam mop - the shark. It's really great at deep cleaning, but you need to do a good job sweeping up first.
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I also use a steam mop. We have about the same amount of ceramic tiled flooring as you, Warpedmom. It gets the job done...though it doesn't clean the grout very well.
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subbing so maybe if someone throws out a great option I will actually start mopping the tile floor which now, to my shame if I had any, only gets spot wiped between very infrequent professional cleanings.

re scoomba - a roomba that mops? We have a roomba, and I do love it, but it only postpones a real vacuuming, doesn't replace it. I wonder if the mopping version is so much better and would actually replace mopping any other way...
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Do they still make the 'hoover floormate'. When I was a homeowner and had tons of ceramic tile I loved my Floormate. If I was married, I probably would've been guilty of an affair with the darn thing LOL.
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If it's sealed tile with no nooks and crannies, the swiffer mopper works great! You can also refill them with your own favorite floor cleaner. I posted the link last week, I think. We had the shark, but it wasn't one of those "grab and go" type mops. I liked it. I liked the idea of cleaning with steam. But with such a large area to mop, the cord drove me crazy! Plus, I found the water chamber to run out too quickly so I'd have to stop and refill. When I'm on a mission, I just want to get it done. So, we got the swiffer and I like it much better.
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I found the swiffer to be junk, especially cleaning the grout. I have resorted to cleaning mine by hand every once in awhile to get the grout. It sucks, but I have yet to find something affordable and decent.
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