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Despite being from Massachusetts, where rumor has it toe-hair-shaving and general personal upkeep is SO out, I do shave my toes. I also shave the tops of my feet where a few hairs grow.

I don't recall anyone ever saying anything about this hair; it just seemed a logical thing when I was already shaving my legs anyway. I've never cut myself on my feet; knees and ankles are my problems.
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My hair is blonde and you can't see it and there isn't much there so I rarely shave my toes.
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Wow, this is a great thread. Perfect before-bed reading, and even got me to post. You guys are hilarious!

I shaved my toes for about two years. It never occurred to me (I live in the frozen north and no-one ever saw my toes) until I was living in Texas and went to a waterpark with a bunch of other girls, who were disgusted by my (at least 5) dark toe hairs and made a big deal of it. Insecure, I obsessively shaved my toes for a few years. Then I got together with my now-husband, who thought shaving body hair in general was a waste of time, and I stopped shaving altogether. Since I've gotten out of junior college, no-one has even mentioned that until just this year. I certainly don't think it's worth shaving my toe hair for other people's sake, if they don't even see fit to mention my leg and armpit hair. But if it bothered me, I would shave it.

I love the "only shaving the toes" thing, that's fantastic!
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Now I feel rather funny- am I the only one shaving toes, feet, legs (whole legs!), arms, pits, and everywhere else?
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Originally Posted by larablue View Post
Now I feel rather funny- am I the only one shaving toes, feet, legs (whole legs!), arms, pits, and everywhere else?
ARMS? Were you particularly hairy? I shave my legs, pits, and the big toes. I pluck my eyebrows underneath to shape them. I also shave my vulva if/when DH wants. It doesn't hurt, more of a time thing, so I don't mind.
did you sort of take it upon yourself ("lalala I'm shaving my legs, lookie there, holey moley, there's a hair on my toe. Goodbye to you."
Pretty much this. Or, I think I might have been sunning myself at a lake and realized my toes were my hairiest part, having removed hair from bikini area and legs and underarm. Something like that.
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Originally Posted by Nicole730 View Post
I shave my toe hair and top of my foot hair when I shave my legs - which is about once a week in the summer and once a month in winter.
this is what I do too, but sometimes I do my big toes/foot more frequently than once a month in the winter - I just grab the razor and do it dry when I cut my nails or whenever I think of it. It's such a small area that it takes no preparation to shave it.

I'd prefer not to shave at all but DH strongly prefers shaved legs/underarms. He's not the hippie I thought he was, long ago. LOL.
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lol no i dont
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Originally Posted by larablue View Post
Now I feel rather funny- am I the only one shaving toes, feet, legs (whole legs!), arms, pits, and everywhere else?
i shave my legs, pits and i wax my brows and all of my pubic hair. it has nothing to do with DH or society for me. i feel cleaner when i am hairless...

this has got to be the best thread ever!
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larablue - You're not alone. I do the same thing.
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I have never even thought about shaving my toes! That's news to me

I only shave my legs and keep everything else trimmed up. Which is probably why I never thought about toes or other places....
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I did, every once in awhile, as a teenager, because I had hairy hobbit toes. I thought I was really weird for doing so.

Now I don't shave anything (well, okay, I have this mole on my chin.... )
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The subject of women and body hair never ceases to amaze me... These tend to come up frequently on this forum and I am always surprised by *something* I read.... <shakes head and laughs>

I don't recall the first time I shaved or why. I do recall shaving my forearms as a teenager once. It was before visiting my mom for a month in Puerto Rico (I lived with my dad in NoCal at the time) and I recall the sun glinting off my then-golden hairs on my arm and somehow thinking it was unattractive. The one and only time I shaved my arms that I recall.

I recall as a young adult being informed about shaving breasts by a very forthright friend. She wasn't telling all of us to shave our breasts, but she unabashedly announced she had breast hair and how she took care of them. I was surprised, but found myself recalling it and doing the same thing years later.

I have shaved the hair off my toes a few times. I don't recall why or how it came about, though.

I've never shaved my pubic hair or back or butt or face or tops of my feet. Everything else has seen a razor at least once or twice. On a regular basis (several times a week), I shave my lower legs and under my arms. I have fair skin and med-dark hair. I shave around my knees and my thighs and belly more often than once or twice, but less often than several times a week.

I think that about covers my shaving habits, eh?
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Funny thread.. and no, it's never occured to me to shave my toes. I don't think they're hairy, but then again maybe I've never noticed. I'm almost curious enough to take off my socks.
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I don't shave much, but every once in awhile I'll decide to shave my legs or armpits. And sometimes I have shaved the hair on my big toe, just because there are only about 5 of them and they get long and look pretty dark. But I don't think I have toe hair anymore.
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Well, I do, but I'm a muppet. And I probably wouldn't bother if the baby didn't pull it and the big kids didn't make cracks about braiding it.
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I tweeze them when they get long enough. They are black and noticeable and I wear flip flops pretty much all year long so I try to keep my hobbit feet tamed.
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Yes, I do. Just did this morning, actually! Once I switch to closed toe shoes it will become less frequent.
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This whole thread makes me laugh so hard! you all are funny funny! I especially love the ladies who only shave their toes... !!!

Originally Posted by LauraN View Post
LOL! It had never occurred to me to shave my toes until I moved to NY and started having to wear stockings or socks all winter long. My toe hair has a way of getting caught in the fabric and getting pulled at all day so that by the end of the day the tops of my toes are swollen and in so much pain. When it finally occurred to me to shave them, the relief was amazing! From then on, I have shaved my toes only when it's cold enough to wear socks or stockings. (or if I have to wear hose for some occasion. Thanfully, I since moved to Miami and now Abu Dhabi, so I very seldom need to shave my toes anymore. Honestly, until this thread it had never occurred to me that anyone would shave their toes for aesthetic reasons!
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ZOMG!! I know!! The ONLY reason I shave my legs in winter time is b/c of the stocking effect. ouchie!

I am a really relaxed shaver. In my teens I was incredibly self-conscious about my body hair, and I started shaving my toes. I had a friend who shaved her arms which really wigged me out. Now, even though I live in a pretty image-conscious area (near DC) I barely shave. No more than once a week for my legs, preferably only once a month. Pits I do when I'm going sleeveless or my hubby starts cracking jokes. And toes, very occasionally, when I notice those hairs getting irritatingly long. Wish I'd never shaved them in the first place, they probably would have stayed fine and blond like my arm hair.

I trim the hair around my lady bits occasionally, but really, I like it wild and woolly down there.
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Never even heard of shaving toes til now.

So, do ppl who toe-shave also shave their fingers?
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huh.... It never even occured to me b/c I never noticed any hair on my my toes... but after reading this thread, I felt compelled to inspect my tootsies and guess what? There isn't one. single. hair. on any part of my foot. Not even light peach fuzz. Even on an up-close-to-my-nose inspection. OP, you might be weird for not shaving your toe, but am I weird for not even having hair on mine? lol
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