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umm.. no. I shave my armpits & legs in the summer fairly regularly (maybe 2x a week), and in the spring/fall/winter sporadicly if I feel like looking extra 'nice' for a night out or a party or something... but no, I have never, ever, ever shaved my toe hairs.
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I am a toe shaver, but fall into the coarse/dark/uncomfortable with socks category.

I shave my legs and underarms... Oh and my 'happy trail'... I used to shave my vulva but stopped when I lost sight of it during pregnancy and haven't since (talk about bushwhacking...it looks...overwhelming!)

This thread reminds me of being 11 and 'invited' to join mom in mustache bleaching. I remember dissolving into a fit of giggles with the two of us sitting in the bathroom with goopy white chemical 'stashes on!
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not even when I shaved.
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WHEN I shave my legs, I shave the couple of hairs that grow on both big toes, yes.
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Okay, the bit about breast/nipple hair completely threw me. I had to go check and see if I had any. I don't, in case anyone cares, but I had never heard of such a thing!

I never noticed hair on the tops of my feet or toes until about two years ago (I believe it was the year I turned 30). When I noticed it, it bothered me a bit until I got the bright idea of shaving/plucking. I don't shave it often, it isn't dark hair, it just bugs me a bit so I pluck it or shave if I see anything. I tend to shave lots of stuff, not arms or fingers though.

I was never taught that sort of thing either. I had to figure it out myself.

My DH doesn't care for body hair and he is the most unhairy guy ever. I have more arm hair than he does and I am not a very hairy person.
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ROFLMAO!! I was sitting here skimming MDC, and saw this thread. DH is sitting next to me, and I read the title, laughed and commented "yeah, I shave my toe hair too!". He started choking and almost turned purple - in the 10 years we've been together, he never once had a clue! It's just like 4 hairs on each, but it annoys me.
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Originally Posted by larablue View Post
Now I feel rather funny- am I the only one shaving toes, feet, legs (whole legs!), arms, pits, and everywhere else?
nope. only thing that doesn't get shaved I suppose is my arms. But then again, I'm a redhead and my body hair is either red or blonde. So even if I didn't shave it would be hard to find it. So I don't find the arms necessary to do, but everything else I pretty much keep up on weekly at least when I get the time(HA! I'm a single mom to 3. Time is a fleeting thing.).
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I pluck it out with tweezers. There are only a few hairs but they are dark and get fairly long.

I just recently stopped shaving my arms. I had been shaving them since I was 14. I was surprised to realize that my arm hair is fine and very light. I remember it being dark and thick. I don't know if it changed or if I overreacted at 14.
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A. Yes I do.

B. I thought I was the only one.

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I do if Im going to someplace really special like the Marine Corps Ball or the like. I get a pedicure maybe 1-2 times a year and if I remember I will shave my toes for that, just because I don't like people touching the toe hair (for some reason it is a sensitive area for me).

I don't consider it revolting or something that HAS to be done.. It is just something I do occassionally.
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Likie someone else posted on here--I too felt like I was the only one (besides my sister)and was a little embarrassed. I have really dark hair and am fair skinned. So I do shave my toes (and tops of my feet). If I don't you can see the black hairs adn that is not pretty. They only get shaved though when i shave my legs. I plan on waxing them though. Just so I can go long in between.
Although I think if i have fine very light hair i would not even bother with it.
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I shave my toes when I think about it or notice that the hair is getting unruly.  I do try to do it very carefully and have nicked my toes a time or two over the years.  A while back I switched from a conventional plastic women's razor (like a Venus) to an old fashioned steel safety razor.  I do find it to be a bit more challenging with the safety razor.

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Originally Posted by Eclectica View Post

A. Yes I do.

B. I thought I was the only one.

yeahthat.gif    I was made to feel very unattractive in my teen years b/c of my dark body hair.  As an adult I realize 1) it's not even that bad and 2) plenty of beautiful women embrace their body hair.  But I do still shave my toe and top of foot hair when I shave my legs (more in the summer less in the winter).  The sight of my toe-hair makes me cringe. . .I guess still a reaction to the old emotional stuff.  I used to tweeze them, but that was painful and caused ingrowns.  

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When I shave, I shave my toes, my ankles, and the tops of my feet.  When I approached 40, the hair stopped growing on my knees!  how weird is that?  It stops about where knee-high socks would stop.  


I used to shave just to right above my knee caps.  Never shaved my thighs, but when I was about 15, my younger brother (14) thought it was gross that I didn't.


I do have way more hair than I need at my bikini line, but I despise shaving that area.  Years of gymnastics and having to keep it shaved have made me into a swim-boy-shorts loving woman.


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I pluck the toe hairs. They are wiry and dark and nasty, otherwise.


Of course, I also shave my arms weekly, pluch my upper lip and nair my backside... my hair removal stance is NOT crunchy.

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I do. I have very dark body hair though. My older sister told me this is part of shaving your legs, when I was about 11. She said you start with the toe and work your way up.lol.gif


I do it out of habit now.

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I do too.  I don't do it very often, just when I or my husband notice that they are getting long.  It takes about two seconds and doesn't hurt. 

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Originally Posted by no5no5 View Post

My first boyfriend ever told me that most women shave their backs.

LOL  so glad he was mistaken!  And no....I don't shave my toes. 

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I shave mine when I shave my legs. I have tattoos on my legs and feet and like them to be seen! No hobbit feet for me! duck.gif

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Yes, every time I shave my legs, I do.. but only my big toes. shy.gif Unlike on my other toes, my big toe hairs are pitch black and get really long and coarse for some reason. I also have to pluck a couple black hairs off from around my left nipple every now and then (lol it's only the left!!).. again, because they get very long and are very coarse, too. Those things pop up in random places all the time. I have one that grows on my right arm in the exact same spot every time that I have to pluck at least once a month. By the time I notice it's grown back in, I swear the darn thing is an inch or so long and sticks straight up! The rest of my arm hair is fairly light and short (there's just lots of it).

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