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family cloth and herpes

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Yeah, good one right?

I have a large stockpile of cloth baby wipes that I would like to start using when I pee, mostly to avoid the linty girl parts and hopefully slow down on the massive amounts of tp we are going through. I do however have genital herpes with extremely infrequent breakouts (maybe once a year at this point). I was hoping to wash the cloth with ds's diapers, but I am concerned that the virus could survive washing and possibly infect him. Any ideas or experience/knowledge?

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i have no clue, but i am sure some mamas here will be able to help you.

what i do know is you are active with OR without and outbreak. very much more so with an active outbreak. so being sure to kill and virus at all times is a must.

what type of washer do you have? the one i have has a disinfecting setting that gets REALLY hot. i am sure something like that would kill most anything.

hope you get the advice you are looking for!

to MDC, by the way. you will find a wealth of smart cookies on this site. they are the best!
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Interesting question. A quick search tells me that the virus should not live through laundering. (But don't share wet bath towels etc.. with family)


"Washing towels, underwear, and other intimate articles with regular soap or detergent will effectively kill the herpes virus. No special antiviral disinfectants are necessary."

Several sources also said that hand towels that remain moist can transmit it, but that the virus quickly breaks down on dry towels.
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I would assume that being thoroughly dried (after washing, of course) would be the key. Possibly line-dried, if you can manage that. The sun is a great disinfectant.

A quick Google search shows that herpes does not live very long at all outside of the body. I imagine you'd be fine.
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