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Subscription Question

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Does a subscription to the magazine include a subscription to the site? Thanks!
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Yes. Paying for a subscription here will include the magazine and the special Subscribing Member extras if you pay for a Supporting Member III Package via the Paid Memberships link at the bottom left of the UserCP. Let me grab more info from MY MDC FAQ (in my siggy) for you.
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Supporting Member III (Ad-Free Browsing) Features
  • Place a 100X100 pixel avatar image below your username (no larger than 8 kb and non-animated)
  • Pink username
  • Use unlimited smilies within your two-line signature
  • Change your user title via your User CP
  • PM inbox capacity of up to 1000 private messages
  • Share up to 100 photos in your photo album
  • All supporting memberships entitle you to unlimited selling privileges in the
  • MDC Trading Post and posting ability in News & Current Events.
  • Subscription to Mothering Magazine (print)
  • Subscription to Mothering (digital)
  • Access to The Commune, a private discussion area for Supporting Member IIIs only
  • Please Note: Supporting Membership packages do not allow for advertising in signatures. Signature advertising must be purchased separately (see above). Once your membership has been processed and you see “S” under your username, go to your User CP, click on Group Memberships and turn yourself pink. Supporting Membership purchases are non-refundable. Thanks for your support of MDC!
  • Once your Paypal has cleared, you will receive an email from administrator@mothering.com with the link and information needed to activate your subscriptions.

Further info is under S for Supporting Memberships. If you do not have a Paypal account, alternative payment methods can be found under P for Paying Without Paypal.

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Thanks. I'm not sure if I did it right. I ordered a magazine subscription from the top of the screen thinking that gave me both but it doesnt look like it did
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Either the admins or the customer service: mag subscription department can look into that for you!! I'll flag this for them so they can come take a peek.
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The subscription does not come with a board subscription. To get both you have to order through your user cp here

They are working on a solution to that issue.

You can email me your receipt to administrator@mothering.com and I can help you with that.
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Thank you both so much! I sent you that email!
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