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Aah! The heartburn!

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It just started with a vengeance. I was wondering when it was going to happen.

Sadly, I think I'm going to have to cut out coffee. It started the old fires a-raging this morning and they haven't calmed down since.

Has anyone tried papaya for heartburn? It's first on my list of home remedies. I am very open to other suggestions, too.
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papaya didn't work for me. I had to go to zantac

I had killer heartburn last night....from of all things a banana! Ugh, when I finally took the zantac I started burping it up. Gah, I will never eat a banana again.
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Oh my goodness- bananas ALWAYS give me heartburn and it's even worse when I'm pregnant! I ate half of my daughter's banana at breakfast the other day and I was suffering until after lunch!
This pregnancy has been amazingly heartburn free and when I do get it (stupid bananas) I can usually drink some sparkling water and get rid of it. My last two pregnancies were non-stop heart burn!
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I carry chewable papaya enzymes with me everywhere I go! I get heartburn a LOT. It isn't fun, but the papaya pils help enormously, and sometimes I only need one instead of the recommended 3.
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I had never heard of papaya, but I will remember that! My heartburn has started the last couple weeks. It was pretty bad with DS, but not until well into the third trimester. I would welcome any other suggestions!
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No kidding! I had a banana at lunch today and horrible heartburn afterwards! It's been bad for me for about two weeks now. I HATE it!!!
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I have been eating papaya enzyme like it was candy since my BFP (an OB I saw reccomended it for m/s). It usually helps. I also put a little bit of baking soda in my sweet tea to help with the "bite" and it seems to help with heartburn too.
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I picked up some dried papaya today and have been munching on it. I read that papaya in any form is supposed to be helpful, so holding out hope...

I swapped out herbal tea for my coffee this morning. Sniff.

And I grabbed some goat yogurt at the store. I can't have cow's milk because I'm allergic, but I can handle small amounts of goat dairy, and I read that a couple of spoonfuls of plain yogurt after meals is supposed to help.

Now if my two year-old would stop going boneless whenever we go out, forcing me to bend over and pick her up all the time, maybe I'd get somewhere! The bending over? Ouch!
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I hear ya about the heartbearn. I have GERD so normally I take prilosec. I had to switch to prevacid because of the pregnancy but I still have to watch what I eat. I feel like my stomach is so small, even eating a banana makes me too full and sick.
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I feel you on the heartburn! I can't eat anything with tomato sauce (i.e. ketchup, pizza). I can't drink juice ( and i LOVE apple juice) or gatorade. I would be up all night because I couldn't even breathe the heartburn was soooo bad!! I had to start taking zantac if I would even think about eating or drinking any of those things....which never gave me heartburn before!
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