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Also worth noting - I've been to three fertility clinics, two in MA, and both times was told "Insurance won't cover XXX" by the billing/insurance people at the clinic.


Often, they don't want to run things through and just see what will be covered.  Every time I insisted they file things, it was covered, once they filed it correctly.  I never had to do a formal appeal, I just kept threatening to do so and kept mentioning "discrimination" and finally got my IVF approved.  Some things still weren't approved the day of my egg retrieval, but eventually it all got worked out.

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I just wanted to give everyone who was so generous with their advice an update --


After being told over and over by our insurance company and the office people at Boston IVF that there was no way we could expect to get coverage, WE GOT COVERAGE!


It was a huge pain in the ass slog in order to get in to see an actual doctor but, once we did, he turned out to be a godsend. The PA we saw at first strongly recommended that we try Dr O instead of Dr Ryley specifically because she thought we needed someone to buck the system and advocate for our weird situation and she was right. Dr O was just incensed about the insurance company and...truthfully, I think he may be committing fraud on our behalf. I know he came right out and lied on a form saying he had medical knowledge of our previous 12 attempts to conceive. He pushed all our paperwork through Blue Cross and the whole approval process only took four days. I was ecstatic. 


Now, we're on our second IUI cycle with femara/trigger and it's not working for crap but who cares! IT'S FREE!


(that is a lie. I totally care. thank goodness it turns out that TTC sucks slightly less when you already have an adorable kid running around calling you "Meme!")


ETA: I wondered if listing our doc would be against the UA and I'm afraid it is -- PM me if you want the full name of our RE

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What a terrific update! Let's hope that you're on the short track to being preggers!!!


Oskowitz did our lucky embryo transfer and also helped a friend get pregnant rather miraculously, so he's right up there in our book! smile.gif


Super congrats, and good luck with the next steps.

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